20 Things That Were Deleted From Skyrim (But People Found Anyway)

It's been almost a decade since Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, a massive open-world game that stole the hearts of fans worldwide. Although it's been such a long time, Skyrim still holds up years later, becoming something of an icon for RPG fans.

Underneath all the lore of Skyrim, all the side quests players uncover years later that they missed on their first playthrough, all the characters and their backstories, and every interesting and unique mod out there, there is a plethora of game content that never made it into Bethesda's final cut for the Elder Scrolls V. However, all this deleted content is available through console commands, and you can bet that players, modders and fans found the remaining traces that we wouldn't have had the chance to experience otherwise.

Here are the 20 amazing things that were deleted from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that we wish would have been part of the game. Are you ready to uncover Skyrim's secrets?

20 Pelagius' Inner Demons (There's More!)

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The "Mind Of Madness" quest is probably one of the most mysterious and creepy mini-quests within Skyrim, one where you find yourself transported into another realm, the strange and mad mind of Pelagius. In this quest, the Dragonborn has to act as something close to a "therapist" and fight Pelagius' inner demons inside his own mind, all of it while Pelagius hosts a tea party of his own.

Surprisingly, Bethesda cut some very interesting content from this quest. If you remove the invisible walls in Pelagius' mind with console commands, you'll find yourself facing a mysterious door, seemingly leading to nowhere. Step inside, however, and you'll find yourself spawning in a house with doors leading to strange locations, tunnels, shrinking houses and abnormal phenomenons.

19 An Alternate Ending Never To Be

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Bethesda originally had planned to add a quest called "Supply Line" to the game, where two twins, Rundi and Bovir, would have opened a meadery and asked you to deliver their mead around the world.

Ah, but don't think it's that simple... what makes this quest so epic is that it was actually supposed to be an alternate ending! However, Bethesda decided not to add it to the final cut, shattering these characters' dreams of producing the best mead in the world. Instead, you can find their bodies, telling a story of an awful demise.

18 Fight For Freedom In A Colosseum

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This one reminds us of the classic Mount & Blade's Arena with a more Roman inspiration. Bethesda had originally planned to build a Colosseum in Windhelm, featuring some of the iconic architecture from ancient Rome, that you can still experience in the city due to being the oldest city in Skyrim with a story of its own. This Colosseum would have been called the Windhelm Pit and we're still wondering exactly why it wasn't added to the final game.

The premise is interesting: instead of wasting time in prison, you could fight for freedom in a pit with other recluses. It would have been an incredible addition to the game.

17 More Werewolf Action

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We're all probably left with many questions about lycanthropy in Skyrim, particularly why does it exist? Honestly though, it's a great addition to an already epic game, giving the players multiple options of what they want their character to be. After going through the whole quest to be part of the Companions, becoming a werewolf comes naturally, making one much stronger and fearsome.

Bethesda deleted quite a few conversations between the Companions, such as your ability to ask them how they feel about their experiences of becoming a werewolf. For Kodlak, it's a heavy burden while Skjor believes it's a blessing. Aela the Huntress thinks it's a thrilling experience and she feels reborn after each transformation.

16 Magical Missing Apprentices

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The College of Winterhold is a place to learn how to make the most of your magicka and cast spells that will aid you in your journey. You'll meet a variety of magic users just like you, eager to learn, but in a deleted quest, the Dragonborn would have been able help their fellow classmates, locating four missing apprentices who previously worked with Phinis Gestor.

However, during this quest, you'll find that the apprentices have all perished and you return to inform Phinis of their fates. Despite the quest having been deleted from the original game, you can still find the apprentices' remains around Skyrim, all due to magic mishaps. Magic can be a dangerous thing.

15 The Missing (Or Is It?) Wintersand Manor

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Nazeem, adviser to the Jarl of Whiterun, an arrogant noble who looks down on all others that he deems not worthy, sleeps in a common inn with the rest of the people he so despises. But why is that? Does he not have a place to live? If you pickpocket him, you'll find quite a peculiar item, a key to Wintersand Manor. Such a place doesn't actually exist though, so we're left wondering exactly what this all means.

If you use console commands you'll find the answer to this: Bethesda programmed a location titled "Wintersand Manor" but it was never actually finished and inserted in the original game. They probably forgot to remove the key from Nazeem's inventory when the plans for the manor flopped.

14 Becoming A True Bard

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Let's face it, the Bards College doesn't give us much content to admire and enjoy, does it? In this deleted quest, Bethesda originally planned to send Bards College members on a mission to learn the entirety of the Poetic Edda from bards around Skyrim, preserving the legacy and ancient history of the bards, while learning about Skyrim and, of course, becoming a true bard!

13 College Of Winterhold's Darker Mysteries

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There's a lot of mistrust among people towards the College of Winterhold, and maybe with good reason, considering many of its attendees have powers that we just can not fathom. Some members of the college practice necromancy, while others just downright disappear without a trace.

In a deleted quest called "Rogue Wizard", you could have a chance to hunt down an “Insane College Wizard.” Having gone mad, quite possibly from the knowledge he possessed, the College of Winterhold decides to send someone to slay him to preserve its reputation. It's as dark as it is sad.

12 More Weapons And Armor Than Ever Before!

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Skyrim is one of those games that contains a whole lot of armor, weapons, tools, clothing and other items, to choose from, but Bethesda deleted so much content that would have made your character much more interesting, that it's hard for us to forget that there could have been so much more.

However, with console commands, you're able to access these deleted items, including some items that are unattainable, like the armor worn by Daedric Princes or the robes of an Executioner. It's a whole new world!

11 Fighting Alongside Giants In Civil War

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We all know, giants are probably some of the strongest creatures in Skyrim, and wouldn't they be such a huge help in the Civil War? Bethesda originally planned quests that would allow you to recruit giants into your army. Giants are the only species they removed from the quest line, but we're still bummed we didn't get to fight alongside a giant who could knock out an entire city in seconds.

10 M’aiq, The Liar's Private Room

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M’aiq the Liar is a gem in Skyrim, a character with incredible dialogue and hilarious jokes that just make them undeniably one of the best to encounter in all the land. When he isn’t wandering Skyrim, he lives in a room named after the Khajit’s homeland: Elsweyr. You can only enter this tiny room using console commands and you'll only find no windows, no doors, and... well, nothing. It's a void. We find it particularly interesting that after so many outrageous stories from M'aiq about his room, this is what we find.

Hey, we're still thankful we got to see his room in the first place!

9 Witness Ghost Hauntings

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In Skyrim, there are quite a few lost souls you'll find along your extensive journey, all part of the story, whether you're helping a little girl find who burnt down the house she lived in with her parents, or encountering (and possibly fighting) the Headless Horseman.

Bethesda had originally thought of, occasionally, NPCs coming back to the world of the living in the forms of spirits, only to haunt their families. If this would have ever come to be, the Dragonborn would be able to seal them away permanently or just watch from the sidelines. We think the latter is the best choice, by far.

8 Rivalry Between Thieves

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Throughout Skyrim, the tension is palpable. Nirya holds a grudge against Faralda and we're not quite sure why yet. It's almost taken out of a soap opera! However, in the College of Winterhold, drama isn't accepted and nothing ever truly happens when it comes to this rivalry.

Well, Bethesda may be hiding a little bit more... they actually deleted a quest titled “Research Thief” in which Nirya asks you to steal Faralda’s research notes. You could have the option to help Nirya or tell Faralda of Nirya's plans (we're curious to know what happens in either case). Sadly, this was never part of the original game and we're left with just a shell of what it could become.

7 Secrets Of Ragnvald To Uncover

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In Ragnvald, you must defeat two Draugr Deathlords in order to reach Otar the Mad, a Dragon Priest. Each Deathlord carries a key (Torsten’s Skull Key and Saerek’s Skull Key) that unlocks Otar’s tomb. In deleted content by Bethesda, there was a book called "The Secrets of Ragnvald" that further added to Skyrim's already extensive (and wonderful!) lore.

The deleted book held a poem depicting the history of these characters, telling the tragic story of how King Otar went mad from voices in his head. He caused destruction until Torsten and Saerek rebelled. Since the Nordic heroes couldn’t end Otar, they sealed him away, or so the legend goes.

6 A Headless Ghost Enemy

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If the name "Ancient Traveler's Skull" rings any bell, you're probably a true Skyrim explorer. This skull is set in Wayward Pass, with no body in sight, just alone amidst the snow. We're left to wonder exactly where's the body it belongs to... is it buried six feet underground in the snow? Was it stolen?

Bethesda actually had a plan to include the spirit of the Ancient Traveler as one of your many enemies. However, we don't really know whether it was supposed to be part of a quest, if the spirit would be guarding his skull, or why exactly the spirit would exist in the first place. Only one thing we're sure of... it would have been very interesting to have more ghosts to fight in Skyrim.

5 A Darker Quest

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This isn't as dark at first sight as one would think, and it's actually quite a simple side-quest that was removed by Bethesda at the last second and could have probably added to the enjoyment of the game, but we still think there's quite a dark side to it.

One of the college's mages, Sergius, would have asked you to fill up some soul gems for them, a simple process that involves slaying a creature or person, then cast the soul trap enchantment on them to fill a gem. It may seem like not a big deal, and we're more than okay doing it once or twice, but asking to slay so many people or creatures just to fill up some soul gems doesn't feel like a side quest we want to waste too much time on.

4 Uncovering Letters About You

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There's deleted game content that makes us wish it was part of the original game due to it giving us more quests to do, more NPC stories to unravel, more weapons to try... and then there's deleted content that just makes us downright curious! One of those was Bethesda's many deleted letters, notes, and books - including two letters written about you!

These two letters tell the tale of someone trying to convince the Stormcloaks to recruit you while the other trying to convince the Imperials. It may be something minor, but it leaves us incredibly curious about what other secrets and interesting letters that could have added to the immersion and depth of Skyrim.

3 A Secret Invisible Chest

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If you've been exploring Dawnstar and just so happened to encounter an invisible chest, fear not - it's not a bug!

If you open it, you'll find what could match the inventory of a Skyrim merchant, and fans theorize that one set it up just outside of Dawnstar. In the process of programming and deleting the character, Bethesda either forgot about this chest or wildly underestimated that fans would be able to find it. Either way, it's a great surprise for explorers across the land!

2 A Collection Of Regrets

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We personally really like Runil, despite him being somewhat of a minor character in the game. He seems to live a life of regret, having turned into a priest of Arkay after fighting in the Great War. Although players only play a minor quest where Runil asks for you to retrieve his journal, which he calls his “collection of regrets", this particular item reveals that he mysteriously fears the Thalmor and actively avoids their radar. Why, you ask?

In a deleted quest, it is revealed that Runil used to be Thalmor! He would ask you to keep it a secret but it's up to you (and your character's personality) to decide whether you want to tell everyone of his dark past or not.

1 The Room Of NPCs

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What did you think would happen to all the NPCs you fought?

This is downright one of the creepiest and weirdest things about Skyrim. Accessible through console commands, Bethesda designed a room, sort of like a dungeon, for all the bodies of NPCs that are deceased in the game, thus keeping track of them while safely storing them away from mind and sight of the player. However, if you would dare venture this room, it would be a sight you wouldn't forget!

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