20 Shady Things The Counting Cars Cast Had To Deal With

Counting Cars started as a spinoff of Pawn Stars, then went on to become a sensation all on its own. The History Channel program, which consistently earns high ratings, focuses on Count's Kustoms, a Las Vegas shop owned by Danny Koker, that deals with restoration and customization of classic automobiles.

Count's Kustoms has become a hot spot for people wanting some serious high-end restoration and customization jobs, but Koker also searches for rare cars he can buy, restore, and flip for a profit. The show is loved for its great selection of vehicles and the entertaining personalities of the crew.

Still, no matter how popular the show and its characters are, there are some shady things the Counting Cars cast have to deal with. Let's check it out!

20 The Rumors Surrounding Why Scott Jones Left

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Scott Jones was the manager and bookkeeper, but he didn't return for the third season. They never explained why he left, causing fans to speculate what happened. One theory was that he was fired for embezzlement, another that he wasn't good at his job, and some said he was just tired of being on camera. Apparently, he left Vegas and moved back home where he's opened his own garage.

19 Roli's Trailer Getting Stolen

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Roli Szabo is the shop's detailer - cleaning and polishing the vehicles that come through the company's doors. And he's exceptionally good at his job. A specially-designed trailer containing a large portion of his detailing equipment was stolen in early 2017. Szabo was obviously unhappy, having lost thousands of dollars of equipment.

18 A Former Employee Stole From The Shop

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Former employee Joseph Frontiera was accused of stealing $75,000 from the Count's Kustoms. To make matters worse, he was in charge of making sure the company's income taxes were paid on time, and he didn't do that either. Apparently, what he did do was spending a lot of the money on airplane tickets and a Range Rover.

17 Huge Chaotic Production

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It probably isn't all that fun to be part of a reality television show. There's a huge production crew following you around all the time. Danny once said: “As far as production is concerned, they've gotta keep rolling on all this stuff, or they're going to miss something vital on an episode.” Imagine if you were being filmed all day at your job. Not a lot of fun!

16 Car History Lies

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The stories of how they got their hands on a car, who they get them from, and other details about the exact origins and destination of the cars featured is often muddled in the realms of deception. Though the work is real, that doesn't mean anything else has to be.

15 Plenty Of Errors

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The show presents Koker as someone who knows pretty much everything about cars. The thing is, though, sometimes, he's completely wrong - which of course gets pointed out on car forums. Danny does actually know a lot about cars, but at the same time, this is meant to be entertainment, and they can't let facts get in the way of that.

14 Danny Doesn't Care If His Politics Hurt Business

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During the 2016 election, Koker openly supported the current President, even if it meant potentially hurting his business or driving down the ratings for Counting Cars. Citing a belief that he would lower taxes on businesses like Count's Kustoms and roll back regulations that negatively impacted them, Koker wasn't the least bit worried that left-leaning Americans would stop tuning into his show.

13 Danny's View On Environmentalism

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Danny told said on The Morning Show that he has “no use for” greener cars like the Prius because they don't have enough power. Continuing, "If it gets four miles to the gallon and has 800 horsepower, I’m thrilled. We’ve got more oil than we can shake a stick at.” He went on to say that politicians just kind of make this stuff up as part of some big game.

12 Someone Robbed "Doc" Duggan's Home

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Joseph “Doc” Duggan is the tech guy. Duggan found his house robbed in 2015. After returning from a Thanksgiving trip, he came home to find the door unlocked and the place empty. Only a few piles of clothes and some dishes remained. Strangely, though, the robbers ran those dishes through the dishwasher before leaving. There was also evidence that they used his bathroom.

11 Fakery

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There's so much fake stuff going on in Counting Cars, in fact, there's probably more scripted fake stuff in an episode than there's actual reality. The conversations are fake, the build time is fake, the budgets are fake, the customers are carefully selected, the drama isn't real, and so on. Once you strip it all away, there really isn't much left.

10 Bad Experience On Shop Tours

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There are several negative reviews of the shop tours where fans of the show can come visit and see how things are done. Most of the bad reviews are complaining about lackluster service, pricey coffee, and the bad neighboorhood that made them feel unsafe. They weren't the only ones getting bad reviews though, the Pawn Stars shop didn't do any better.

9 Lawsuit

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A couple who thought their car would be featured on Counting Cars sued Count’s Kustoms to get their money back. Claiming Count's Kustoms “have continued to fraudulently withhold” the $50,000 the couple paid for the classic car restoration and “never had any intention of delivering the vehicle by the date promised.” Understandably, they want their money back.

8 Over-Ambitious Projects

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Low budgets, lots of work, a short time to get the car ready, with everything coming down to the last few hours before the customers arrive to pick up their car. Sounds familiar, right? It's the formula for every single car show, and it's either fake or they're just horrible at planning. Whichever it is, it's kinda shady.

7 Rumors Of Fake Restorations

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There's no doubt that there's a lot of fakery on the show. However, they do actually build the cars - even if the timeframes don't add up. It's easy to understand how these rumors came to be, and we have no problems understanding that it can be difficult to stay motivated when people talk trash about what you do.

6 Questionable Taste

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While there are plenty of cars that leave the show looking absolutely smashing, there are also some that look like they were designed by a 10-year old. For a shop that has attained that level of fame and claims to be one of the best at what they do, they sure build a lot of questionable cars.

5 Timeframe

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A real restoration can take weeks, months, even years - but on Counting Cars they're seemingly done in no time at all, with a couple of weeks being at the higher end. There are two possible reasons for this; One, they work under extreme pressure and have all the tools and parts needed for any job. This is highly unlikely. Option two, it's all fake.

4 Getting Harder To Make Deals

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Ironically, the show has made the business more successful, while also making it harder to do some of the things that are vital to keeping it running. In a 2013 interview, Danny said that people now know how successful his business is, and they also know he gets paid handsomely for the show, so the act of haggling suddenly becomes more complicated than it used to be.

3 Asking Strangers About Their Cars Is Kinda Creepy

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The series makes it appear as if Danny just spots a car on the street, goes up the owner, and, after a few minutes of haggling, a sale is made. Obviously, these “random” meets are planned in advance, with the deal already worked through. A random person wouldn’t be thrilled having a camera crew show up on their doorstep to buy a used car.

2 Danny Being Friends With Vince Neil

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Kevin Mack, Scott Jones, and “Horny Mike” Henry were on the radio show On Air with Robert & CC, saying they didn't like Neil and brought up how he had been arrested a few times for instances that involved violence against women. Jones, in particular, said Vince should “stop hitting girls” and “come down to the shop if you have a problem with anything."

1 The Count

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This is probably the shadiest thing on this list. Back in the day, Danny used to play a vampire as the host of a cheesy horror show, he was known as "Count Cool Rider". Danny would come on stage, where they even had a coffin, speaking in a bad Transylvanian accent wearing a cape and talk about the movie people were about to see. Cheesy!

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