17 Shady Things The Fast N’ Loud Crew Had To Deal With

One of the biggest and most popular crazes that reality television has seen in recent years has been the rise of the automotive reality show premise. Usually, these television shows involve some kind of car shop that offers some kind of specialty. The show will follow the entire process, from getting a client or bid for a job, all the way through to completion.

While this reality show premise is often doctored to be presented as pretty far from the truth, they are good fun to watch. Often times, though, the reality of what happens to the stars of the show proves to be even more entertaining. In the case of Fast N' Loud, this is true. Let's take a look at 17 shady things the Fast N' Loud Crew had to deal with.

17 The Fourth Season Firebirds Were A Hoax

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Any fans of the show will know about the "prototype" Firebirds that were featured by the Fast N' Loud crew. Reality television is oftentimes not very close to reality, and for the sake of good watching they will often revise the truth. In this case, they actually weren't prototypes, and they actually bought them through eBay.

16 An Edgy Video That Led SEMA To Cut Ties With The Gas Monkeys

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There was also a video that was connected to the controversial photo the two posted in anticipation of a SEMA event, and the video, according to greeningz.com, was much juicier. For the most part it ended up confusing and upsetting fans, so much so that SEMA cut their ties with the Gas Monkeys.

15 Dodge Law Commercials

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When it comes to public embarrassment and perhaps questionable decisions, Richard Rawlings knows how to do it best. "Dodge Law" was a marketing commercial campaign that Dodge did to try and appeal to a "manly" audience, and it featured none other than Richard Rawlings. The commercials did terribly, which isn't surprising.

14 Fake Booze At The Gas Monkey Bar & Grill

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Following a sting operation that spanned many restaurants in the area, Gas Monkey Bar & Grill ended up failing for selling the wrong kind of booze to customers, claiming the spirits were high class and expensive, when they were a different brand entirely. Seems pretty shady to me.

13 Childish Rivalry With Jesse James

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Jesse James is pretty infamous in the automotive world, especially his place in reality television. He claims to be a direct descendant of the outlaw Jesse James himself, which has led to his popularity. Richard Rawlings, naturally, has a childish rivalry with him, and the crew does best not mentioning his name in the shop.

12 The Weird Behavior Of Tom Smith

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The crew of Fast N' Loud has plenty of things to say about Tom Smith, whether it's to say he's a slob, or just to complain about how weird his behavior is day in and day out. In any case, he was let go, so now the crew doesn't have to deal with him at all.

11 Firing The Fired Up Team

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While the crew of Fast N' Loud didn't have to put up with Tom Smith's shenanigans anymore after he was fired, he was such an engaging character that he was actually given his own reality tv show on Discovery, aptly naming their business the Fired Up Garage.

10 The Photo Of Rich And Aaron You Can't Unsee (No This Isn't It)

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According to greeningz.com, "Before Fast and Loud aired on the Discovery Channel, the Gas Monkeys were avid supporters of Hotrodders Forum. At one point, Richard and Aaron (pre-beard!) posted a picture of themselves wearing little more than sunglasses as a promotion for a SEMA event." For those who saw it, it's impossible to unsee.

9 Kaufman Leaving The Show

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One of the things that likely had one of the biggest effects on the Fast N' Loud crew was the day Kaufman decided to leave the show for good. He cited reasons including creative differences and a need to be able to do what he wanted with a build. He originally didn't want to be on tv, but Discovery made him a good offer and he has his very own show.

8 Rawlings Is Perhaps A Better Salesman Than Mechanic

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Richard Rawlings is nothing more than a great businessman. The Gas Monkey Garage has not been his first business, and it likely won't be his last, either. He has tried time and again to create something profitable, and this garage happened to be it. As soon as this started making money, he has set up many other entrepreneurial business ventures.

7 Misfits Garage Was A Marketing Tactic By Rawlings

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While it seems a bit counter-intuitive or illogical, this really points to just how cunning of a businessman Rawlings really is. In firing the members of the Misfits Garage, he actually had a detailed plan in place, to start up a whole other show dedicated to them. Talk about a pretty effective marketing tactic.

6 Richard Making Countless Appearances In Commercials For Money

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If there's one thing that makes Richard Rawling's life go around, it's money. Money and more money, he isn't a very complicated man, as to him it's all about the bottom line, will it make money. And when he needs money, he isn't afraid to take a commercial job on the side for a cash boost.

5 Gas Monkey Energy Drink And Government Contracts

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The enterprising entrepreneur known as Richard Rawlings has put much of his money into new business adventures in an effort to make even more money than just his immensely popular reality show. One of these businesses is Gas Monkey energy drinks, which have gotten him a government contract to sell on every American military base.

4 Richard Also Bought Street Outlaws

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Street Outlaws is another reality show that airs on the Discovery Channel and many people love it for it's thrills and illicit nature, as well as for the crazy cars that end up duking it out. It started with a guest appearance by Richard, but now he has bought the show and has all kinds of plans for it.

3 Controversy With His First Business Partner

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Richard Rawlings from a bit of research seems to be the kind of person that wouldn't be the most fun to work with, as he has his very specific dreams that he is working harder to reach than most people. This becomes clear when we understand that things didn't go the best for his last business partner, either.

2 Richard Rawling's Divorce

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Richard Rawlings is above all else a businessman. He has an extraordinary drive to be successful, and so his divorce was something a bit of a scandal, as they quickly divorced after they were married. This no doubt had an effect on the entire crew in the shop, especially just after it happened.

1 Insane Difficulties With The Shart Cat

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While most of it didn't get aired, there were all kinds of problems that revealed themselves the more that the crew worked on them with the Shart Cat, one of the most impressive builds by the Fast N' Loud crew. The irony is that the real issues all stemmed from the faulty computer.

Sources: Greeningz, Gas Monkey Garage & Motor 1

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