10 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

You have downloaded a Bitcoin wallet, stocked full with the Bitcoins you recently acquired. They are burning a hole in your virtual wallet, begging to be spent on something you definitely don't need, but you deserve a treat. You ask around at different stores, but no one accepts the bitcoin you just spent your entire life savings on. What frivolous things can you buy?

There are actually a lot of unnecessary things you can purchase, either dependent upon your location or the availability of internet access. The possibilities are endless if you know where to look. Your spontaneous plan wasn't a bust, just not particularly budget-friendly. Keep reading to learn about ten things you can buy with Bitcoins!

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10 Martial Arts Classes For Defense Against The Haters

People might mock you after spending your life savings on Bitcoin, but these martial arts classes will give you the greatest defense against the haters. Your cool new moves will stun them into silence as you take down anyone who gets in your way, defending your honor like a true warrior.

You might even stop a robbery at your neighbor's house with your super martial arts skills, making the papers, and earning the envy of all of your family members and friends who doubted your decision-making abilities.

9 Plan Ahead For Your Funeral

Death is nothing new to us as we watch family and friends ride the magical rainbow over to the other side. What about the burden it leaves on the living? The living is stuck planning a funeral and taking care of details according to the deceased's wishes, but it doesn't have to be that way.

You can use your Bitcoin life savings for good, by planning and paying for everything beforehand so your family doesn't have to. It will be an act of kindness and a gift to your family which your few remaining dollars or Bitcoins would have been put towards anyways.

8 Tinted Windows are the Best Renovation

A little home renovation never hurt anyone, especially when your Bitcoin wallet is overflowing with unused currency. You can spend your Bitcoins on tinted windows for your house, car, or the commercial building you may or may not yet own.

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No one likes awful glares penetrating their eyes with harmful UV rays or screen glares that make it hard to watch TV, but with your Bitcoin, you can prevent that from ever happening to you again. Say goodbye to harmful sunshine and hello to pain-free sight.

7 Ride in Style With a New Tesla Model 3

Ditch your garbage dump car and reserve a brand new Tesla Model 3 with your Bitcoins today. You deserve the luxury of a Tesla with its 15-inch touchscreen and all-glass roof. You can amaze your friends by pulling out your smartphone to unlock your car, rather than a key.

Your popularity level will skyrocket in your hot new ride as the money you spend on gas each month plummets to zero. This is a treat worthy of any Bitcoin enthusiast, such as yourself, who accepts only the finest things in life.

6 Don't Drive Drunk, Use A Taxi

When you go downtown to blow your Bitcoins at the club, don't get a DUI on your long drive home. Instead, you can call for a taxi.

Taxi drivers in certain areas are now accepting Bitcoin as payment for their services, saving you the hassle of driving under the influence or walking the two miles back to your house. You didn't spend your life savings on an enormous amount of bitcoins just to die behind the wheel of an automobile.

5 Airplane Tickets to Begin Your Vacation

You can wave goodbye to your jealous family as you hop on a flight to somewhere new. Your Bitcoins can buy you an unlimited supply of airplane tickets, you just have to choose a destination.

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You could visit Italy or France or wherever else you fancy because your Bitcoins will get you there. You could purchase first-class tickets to fly in style in the most comfortable plane seat you have ever sat in, as you eat delicacies and drink until your heart is content.

4 Become A Millionaire By Winning PowerBall

The Bitcoins you have will only last so long, but playing PowerBall is a foolproof way to win them back. You can buy Powerball tickets in Minnesota and New Hampshire with Bitcoin to try your luck at the lottery.

You are bound to win eventually so what could go wrong with spending more than half of your life savings on tickets? Nothing at all. Go online today and start testing your luck by purchasing tickets with your Bitcoin to see if you could be the next big winner.

3 Gold Bars Make Fantastic Door Stoppers

Do you have doors in your home that constantly swing shut even after you have tried propping them open? If the answer is yes, then you need to spend your Bitcoin on gold bars, because nothing works better or looks more stylish than having these litter the doorways of your home.

Their silky golden exterior will take your home decor to the next level, as your Bitcoin works to help you in ways you had never anticipated.

2 Go Back For the Useless Degree You Always Wanted

Choosing a major in college can be scary, especially as you weigh factors like job stability and job outlook. You don't want to waste your money, but what if you could buy an education with Bitcoin instead?

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Your life savings could be put towards the degree in art or communication you always wanted. Swiss Public University announced they are accepting Bitcoin as payment, so now is your time to shine. Your savings will be put to good use as you learn about things which interest you and drive your ambition, pushing you to become a better person.

1 Pamper Yourself With a New Haircut

Men and women alike enjoy being pampered, especially at the hairdressers. You can use your Bitcoin to upgrade your look with a new haircut and possibly a conditioning treatment to pamper your roots because you deserve nothing but the best.

Maybe you might even splurge on a radical color change or a unique perm, no matter what you decide you will end up looking fabulous. When the makeover is complete you will look like the Queen or King you are, matching your status as a Bitcoin guru.

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