10 Things To Store In Empty Mint Containers

When you think of storage space, a mint or gum container is not the first thing to come to mind. But, these small containers can be used to organize office spaces, provide storage for DIY crafts, or house your pesky bobby pins that tend to go missing. While these containers are a benefit to you, re-using them is also a benefit to the environment. With an abundance of plastic waste washing up on the shores of beaches, reusing your mint containers helps to minimize the waste that goes to garbage plants. So here are 10 things to store in empty mint containers!

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10 Storage For Arts And Crafts Materials

You can use some of the leftover mint boxes that you may have laying around as storage bins. This is a great trick if you’re someone who is into DIY projects and similar activities.

All you need to do is take all of the small art supplies that you have laying around - like beads, buttons, or glitter- and put them into the empty containers. You can either mark the container over its original label or you can take the label off.

9 Great Place For Headphones

Another great use for a mint container is to keep your headphones minty fresh! As we all know, headphone cords get mysteriously tangled up, no matter what you do.

Instead of spending all your time untangling them and fussing around, why not keep them in a tight space where they’ll (hopefully) stay put? All you’ll need is to put two holes at the opposite ends of your mint container and slide the ends of your headphones through.

8 Missing Bobby Pins

If you’ve ever wanted to find all the bobby pins you’ve lost in your life, all you need to do is move houses. They’ll magically turn up under or between your furniture. We’re sure that every girl has had this problem since she started putting her hair up.

If you want to keep both your home and your bags clear of bobby pins, a mint container is a great place to keep them. Just use one of the mint boxes and put every single bobby pin that you find in there.

7 Children's Activity Box

Okay, this might not be a mint container, but hear us out. If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic or on a trip with small kids, we feel bad for you. However, there’s no need to feel bad any longer, thanks to this great tip! All you need to make one of these activity boxes is to go to your local crafts store and get the basic supplies.

Either get yourself some Legos and a Lego building plate, or a piece of chalkboard and some chalk. Stick it all together with a glue gun, and the next time your kids are bored during a trip, pull it out!

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6 Get Your Ribbons In Order

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or not, you must have some ribbons around your house. It could be a supply for your next project or leftover ribbons from last Christmas.

All that does matter, is that you can pull all of the ribbons in one place and to store them neatly. Which you can do by using an old Tic Tac box. Roll up the ribbons that you have and stick each of them in a separate box.

5 Cute Q-tip Storage

This is a similar storage idea to the one we previously shared with the bobby pins.  It’s great for the home and for bags. All you need to do is take some of the cotton buds that you already have at home and put them in a mint container.You can either store all of the q-tips in a single mint container or you can take some of them to go. This way, if your ears are ever itchy and you’re outside, you’ll have the solution in your bag, ready to go.

4 Matches Container

This trick is great if you go on camping trips and need to have your matches handy. All you need is to repurpose an old mint container by painting over the entire thing and labeling it. Then add a strip of super fine sandpaper on it with glue, and make sure that there’s plenty of it to use.

Put all of your matches inside and take it with you the next time you decide to go camping. Just don’t put any sandpaper on the inside, or you’ll cause a fire when the box gets shaken up.

3 Keep The Change

Who knew there were so many different uses for a mint container? Then again, if it’s good enough to store your mints, it should be good enough to store your change, right?

You can keep your car or your bag organized, just by storing all the loose change that you have in a mint container. Or you could even use it in your home as a recycled piggy bank. It’s great for safekeeping and it’s great for easy access to some loose change!

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2 Store Your Jewelry

Another great idea for repurposing mint containers is to store some of your jewelry. The mint container can be used store your earrings, necklaces or your smaller bracelets.

This is especially great to keep in mind when you’re traveling or moving, as small pieces of jewelry can easily get lost. Just stick all of your small earrings in a mint container, put it with the rest of your jewelry in your bag, and you are good to go!

1 Office Supplies

The final thing on our list of things you can store in a mint container is small pieces of office supplies. Instead of keeping every random thing that you find on your desk in the designated junk drawer, take ownership of your working space and reorganize it!

Take all of those paper clips, put them in one mint box. Then take the tacks and put them in another box. Sort out everything on your desk and in your drawer so you can win the "most organized" award.

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