17 Things Toyota Owners Do That The Rest Of Us Can’t Stand

Toyotas are good cars: they’re affordable, reliable, durable. They’re great first cars to get your newly-licensed child or your elderly mother. The problem, it seems, is that every Toyota owner seems to share certain qualities that drive other drivers crazy. Whether it’s the “holier than thou” Prius owner, or the distracted Camry owner, or the Highlander owner with dings and dents all over his bumpers, there’s just something about Toyota owners that annoy the heck out of everyone else.

It isn’t all their fault, either. The Toyota commercials have a way of making you seem “less than” for not driving a Toyota. Like, if you’re not getting 50 mpg and driving a Prius, you’re automatically destroying the planet and causing chaos for the rest of us.

No one is perfect. But it seems like Toyota owners are a lot less perfect than everyone else—or maybe they’re just blander.

Here are 17 things Toyota owners do that annoy the rest of us.

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17 Acting High And Mighty

via HuffPost

We get it, you’re saving the planet because you drive a Toyota Prius. You’re getting 6,300 miles per gallon, can make it to the moon and back on a single tank of gas, and you’re better than anyone NOT driving a Prius. That’s the way it comes across sometimes—from the Hollywood elite to real estate moguls to soccer moms, it seems everyone drives a Prius these days. And just like vegans, they want you to know about it.

16 Driving Incredibly Slow

via Road & Track

For whatever reason, many Toyota owners seem to think they’re the only ones on the road. Especially Prius owners—these guys are notorious for driving below the speed limit, stopping far behind a stop sign or stoplight, and taking their sweet time when it’s finally time to go. Maybe that’s the price Prius owners pay for saving the planet?

15 Overinflating Their Claims

via CleanMPG

We’re back at it with the Prius owners here (which, by the way, consumers have said is NOT the top hybrid, according to Chron.com). Anyway, this one goes back to the “high and mighty” routine that many Prius owners partake in. They claim 50 MPG and above, which can be true in a combined city/highway setting. But do they have to be so smug about it? And can we make fun of them for their 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engines that only puts out 99 horsepower?

14 Act Like They’re Tech Savvy

via MotorTrend

Priuses are not tech savvy. Teslas are tech savvy. Just because your engine in your hybrid vehicle has two outputs—one powered by gasoline and one powered by electricity via a series of batteries—does not mean your car is high tech. Until your Prius can drive itself to you (like new Teslas can) out of the driveway, then Toyota owners need to stop acting like they have the most technically advanced machines on Earth.

13 Not Paying Their Fair Share

via Used Cars Coming 2020

This isn’t really a Prius owner’s fault, but we can blame them anyway. One thing that’s true is that gas guzzlers and sports cars are paying far more into the taxes used to build infrastructure and maintain roads that everyone uses. Since hybrids and EVs are so popular, we’re probably going to start seeing a “per use” tax to make up for the less money these cars are bringing in.

12 Disapproving Other People’s Cars

via The New York Times

Just because you own a hybrid doesn’t immediately make you the authority on other people’s lives. It’s one of the smugness factors that people complain about, when Prius owners say, “Why would you buy a Jeep? Don’t you know they get terrible gas mileage?” or something like that. Hmm, maybe it’s because the Jeep owner wants to drive off-road and get over 70 mph once in a while. Every thought of that, Negative Nancy?

11 They Can’t Get Out Of Their Own Way

via ChangeIP

Many Toyotas are severely underpowered, because they’re economy and commuter vehicles, hybrids sometimes, made for families. Back to our favorite driving group to bash, Prius owners, it seems that these cars are so underpowered sometimes that they can’t even get out of their own way. Good luck being behind one on the freeway—and if they manage to get the car up to 80, watch out for rods and parts flying off the thing.

10 Showing Hatred Toward Others

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This is along the lines of disapproving of others' vehicle choices, but it can get pretty bad and annoying in the hands of a hybrid owner. Not only will some hybrid owners chastise you for your car choice, but they’ll downright single you out for being a menace to society if you aren’t driving an environmentally-friendly, 50-mpg, 99-hp, green vehicle on the road.

9 Giving Opinions When It’s Not Warranted

via Prime Motor Group

Toyota owners are extremely loyal, which can be a good thing, but sometimes that can go off the deep end and enter the realm of self-aggrandizement. Many Toyota owners seem to want to give people opinions on what kind of car they should buy (hint: their car, obviously), even when that person might not be in the market for a car. Unless you own a Lamborghini or something truly spectacular and worth talking about, we hope you’re not talking about your Toyota in everyday conversation.

8 Scared To Live

via Cnet

This is a huge generalization, so take it with a grain of salt, but it does appear that many Toyota owners seem to be by-the-book people. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it can rub some people the wrong way. Many drivers behind the wheel of a Toyota just seem like they’re bland and underwhelming, perhaps even uninteresting—like they’re scared to live.

7 The Shape Of The Cars

via Jalopnik

This is a bit nitpicky, but it seems like Toyotas are some of the blandest cars on the road—no matter what model it is. Priuses, especially, shouldn’t need to look like they do to power their hybrid technology, but the truth of the matter is that the Prius has some of the lowest Cd (aerodynamic quantifier) of any cars out there, which is half the reason they get the great gas mileage they do. So, yes, the technology for that car actually demands it looks so stupid.

6 Getting Personal

via Popular Mechanics

When a Toyota owner remarks about someone driving a gas guzzler or sports car—or something that’s generally not very environmentally friendly—not only does it make them look “holier than thou” and pretentious, but it is a quick judge of character. And it’s not a good look. Badmouthing someone’s car can often be paramount to badmouthing their choices in life, or their girlfriend/boyfriend. It’s just something that should be kept to yourself, unless you want to raise the ire of everyone around you.

5 Tailgate Theft

via Car and Driver

This is more annoying FOR Toyota drivers, but it turns out the Toyota Tacoma has recently been noted as a favorite among thieves. This hot-selling vehicle has caught the attention of criminals because of their easy-to-remove tailgate. In Hawaii, the Honolulu Police Department is fully aware of the new trend of tailgate thieves targeting the Tacoma, but it doesn’t seem like they’re too worried. This is just poor building, and a recall should happen shortly.

4 First Car Drivers

via Consumer Reports

Toyotas are affordable and reliable, there’s no doubting that. And for those reasons alone, they’re often the first cars that parents get their kids. Which means many Toyota Camry, Corolla, and Prius owners on the road have owned their licenses for less than a year and are not very good drivers. That can irk other drivers on the road, but it’s just the way of the world.

3 Fidgety Drivers

via Jalopnik

This is an offshoot of the entry above: that a Prius or Camry or other midsize Toyota is often a young person’s first vehicle. As such, they’re not used to focusing on the road for extended periods of time, and can’t go more than a few seconds without checking their text messages (extremely dangerous), or reaching for their center console or glovebox (extremely dangerous), or just constantly fidgeting inside their vehicle. This quality definitely doesn’t reinforce the driving capability of a person.

2 Overall Bad Driving

via The Balance Small Business

“Irwin’s Random Thoughts” is a blog with a hilarious anecdote about Toyota owners: “Ever wonder why the lane you’re in is moving 10 mph slower than every other lane? Chances are you’re following a Corolla. Ever wonder why you are not turning left despite the green left turn signal? Chances are a Camry driver at the front of the line is not paying attention. Every notice that almost every Camry and Highlander you see on the street has a dent in the bumper?” That about sums it up: Toyota drivers seem to be worse than every other group of drivers on the road.

1 Inconveniencing Others On The Road

via SpeedHunters

This might sound like a broken record, but this is what most of the entries were building up to: many Toyota owners seem to have one purpose in life, and that is to inconvenience others on the road. Whether it’s naysaying your buying choices, to driving erratically, slowly, or badly, to being distracted while driving, all of these things inconvenience everyone else on the road and makes people think less of Toyota owners as a whole. It’s that Us vs. Them mentality at work.

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