8 Savage Rules Vince McMahon Follows On The Road (And 7 His Employees Abide By On His Plane)

At the age of 73, most fans would assume McMahon might be stepping off his throne sooner rather than later. However, that still doesn’t appear to be the case. Even former WWE star Dean Ambrose admitted as such during his recent revealing interview on Talk Is Jericho. Dean stated that everything still goes by McMahon.

He has a wacky system within WWE, though we can say the same for his travel habits. In this article, we’ll discuss some of his outrageous routines such as working out in the wee AM hours. In addition, we’ll also look at the rules his employees must follow when on the WWE plane. As Chris Jericho admitted, it’s always a tense environment on the plane when the boss is around.

Enjoy the article folks, let’s get started!

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15 Road Rule – Workout No Matter What Time

via WWE

Triple H was the one that revealed this savage rule with TMZ. When asked if he trains with his father-in-law, Triple H admitted that he simply can’t keep up with the old man.

According to The Game, Vince McMahon gets in a workout during the wee hours of the AM when he gets back home from a show. And oh, he’s up shortly after ready to start the day at the WWE HQ.

14 Plane Rule – Healthy Eating Only

via Twitter

McMahon is all about healthy eating habits and he expects the same out of his employees. According to former WWE employee Jim Cornette, McMahon basically views food as fuel.

A picture surfaced via Twitter show McMahon’s alkaline water bottle on the WWE plane. The plane even has a private kitchen, one we can only assume is stacked with healthy foods and beverages only.

13 Road Rule - Limousines To The Arena

via Twitter

Vince is an old school type of guy that likes to keep his routines intact, especially on the road. Now some fans might argue that he should break some old habits, like letting Hollywood writers write his shows... however this one is a little less alarming. McMahon always uses a limousine service to get to the arena.

His son-in-law Triple H prefers the modern blacked out Escalade.

12 Plane Rule – Get Ready For An Awkward Mood

via Twitter

Riding the WWE plane seems like such a cool scenario for many diehard fans. However, it isn’t exactly like that, at least according to Chris Jericho who got a ride on the plane in the past.

Y2J stated on his podcast that the ride was very uncomfortable with a tense mood onboard. Chris admitted he would have rather taken a regular flight...

11 Road Rule - Wacky Pit-Stops At The Drive-Thru

via Twitter

McMahon sees food as fuel so basically when the tank is on empty, steer clear of the boss. Heck, Chris Jericho admitted that he would always wait to talk to the boss after he was done a meal.

Jim Cornette recalled McMahon shifting restaurant kitchens into turmoil back in the day with his specific orders at the drive-thru. A regular meal isn’t enough for the boss!

10 Plane Rule - No Sneezing

via WWE

This one sounds ridiculous and sadly, it is true. McMahon doesn’t like when his wrestlers or backstage employees show any signs of weakness. In McMahon’s eyes, sneezing is viewed as a weakness.

A WWE star might be better off running to the back of the plane if this is to happen or maybe even try to hold it in if that’s even possible.

9 Road Rule - Must Have Private Office At The Arena With Essentials

via WWE

Once McMahon arrives from his long trip on the road, he must have an office waiting for him backstage.

Not only that, but the office must be stacked with McMahon’s essentials – those include various types of protein bars, protein powders and an endless supply of water bottles and various healthy snacks.

8 Plane Rule - Show Up To The Westchester County Airport

via Twitter

The plane doesn’t come to you, you go to the plane – that’s a rule. McMahon has the WWE plane stored nearby the WWE HQ in Westchester County. It is believed that he’ll eventually change the location to the greater New York areas.

Once a WWE star gets back, it is entirely up to them to find their way back home – that usually means hopping on yet another flight.

7 Road Rule – Uses Bentley While Putting Additional Hours Of Work In Connecticut

via Twitter

Back in the day, McMahon would use a personal chauffeur – Cornette admitted McMahon would use the private service for something as simple as a haircut.

It seems like the times have changed, McMahon now drives himself to the WWE HQ with his blacked out Bentley. The boss was involved in a dangerous collision as reported by TMZ in 2017. Although the car was badly damaged, thankfully Vince was okay.

6 Plane Rule - No Sleeping

via WWE

Another ridiculous rule but yes, sleeping is frowned upon. It is said that the talent has the right to sleep, however the same doesn’t hold true for the backstage employees.

Jim Ross revealed on the Ross Report that McMahon wants the backstage employees to stay awake, at least as a sign of respect to the wrestlers. Again, McMahon might think that sleeping is a sign of weakness... especially considering that he rarely sleeps.

5 Road Rule - Arrive Hours Before The Show

via Twitter

McMahon is all about the WWE, 24/7. Even in his 70s, the same holds true today. Vince always has to arrive before anybody else. This means McMahon gets to the arena hours before the show begins.

However, finding the boss really isn’t the easiest. He’s usually in meetings with the writers all day or cooped up backstage in his office.

4 Plane Rule - Talk More Business/Everything WWE Related

via Twitter

As we stated, McMahon is all about WWE, 24/7. During the Chris Jericho podcast, even former WWE employee Dean Ambrose admitted as such. Vince won’t be leaving WWE any time soon.

Given his love for the business, those that ride the plane can expect more business-related talk and everything WWE related. Heck even on the weekend McMahon holds phone conferences with writers and executives.

3 Road Rule - Private Jet Between Shows

via Twitter

Either he’s riding the WWE plane or a private jet. Vince usually heads to either SmackDown following RAW or back home to Connecticut.

Vince has the VIP treatment of getting from A to B very quickly with his private jet or WWE plane. There’s a reason he can be at so many places in such a short amount of time.

2 Plane Rule - Get Ready For Promotional Work

via Twitter

This is the sad reality of riding the WWE plane. If a WWE Superstar does get the privilege to ride in it, that usually means it is due to promotional work and not just for pleasure.

Just ask Charlotte and Roman Reigns who used the plane after their WrestleMania victories, making a PR appearance on the Today Show in New York and then headed back to Dallas, Texas for RAW the same day.

1 Road Rule - Never Goes Commercial

via Twitter

You won’t catch McMahon on a commercial flight, after all, he is a billionaire. When it comes to shows overseas, WWE stars usually have no other choice but to fly commercial, heck that was even the case with Triple H during his flight to Australia.

However, the boss always has VIP access. McMahon along with a handful of others always fly private no matter where the show takes place.

Sources – YouTube, WWE & Twitter

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