18 Things We Didn’t Know About Ashton Kutcher’s Expensive Collection

Hollywood heartthrob Ashton Kutcher is probably as famous for his string of high-profile relationships as he is for his starring roles on the big and the small screen. However, the actor, who got his big break in TV sitcom That '70s Show has enjoyed a successful career both in front of and behind the camera and has even ventured into some unexpected enterprises.

After starring as the well-meaning but intellectually-challenged Michael Kelso in That '70s Show, Kutcher went on to star in big-screen comedies Just Married and Dude, Where’s My Car? as well as playing against type in the psychological thriller, The Butterfly Effect.

Kutcher created and produced TV show Punk’d, which targeted fellow Hollywood celebrities with bizarre pranks and hidden cameras, and he was even the mastermind behind some of the most outrageous episodes of the series. He has since co-founded a venture capital firm, called A-Grade Investments, which provides funding to tech start-ups.

Although now happily married to his That '70s Show co-star Mila Kunis, Kutcher has dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and was for many years in a relationship with Demi Moore, who is fifteen years his senior.

Not many people know that Kutcher also has an extensive collection of cars - although he does seem to spend a lot less on his vehicles than many of his fellow Hollywood celebrities.

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18 Kutcher's Venture Capital Firm Invests In Scooters

Via time.com

Given that Kutcher is best known for his comic roles, and his outrageous antics on his TV show Punk’d, it may come as a surprise to his fans to learn that there is, in fact, a serious side to the Hollywood star. He has even co-founded a multi-million dollar venture capital investment company with entertainment manager Guy Oseary, and billionaire Ron Burkle, which provides funds to start-up firms which are developing new technologies.

One of the companies which A-Grade Investments has funded is Bird, which is currently developing electric scooters for people to use to get around towns and cities.

17 And He Also Owns An Extreme Truck Built By Navistar

Via topsimages.com

The actor even owns his own racing vehicle, although it is about as far from a Formula One race car as is possible to get! Kutcher’s car collection also contains an extreme truck built by Navistar – the same kind of vehicles which are used in truck races around the world. The model which Kutcher owns is a Navistar International XT, a super-size pick-up truck which looks more like a semi!

He is far from the only celebrity which has splashed the cash on a Navistar International XT, including basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, boxer Roy Jones Jr, and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

16 His Collection Includes A Classic Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Via dailymail.co.uk

However, Kutcher’s car collection doesn’t just contain over-size trucks; the actor has also been known to ride a motorcycle from time to time and owns a classic Harley Davidson. In fact, He was seen out and about on his motorcycle a lot in the days and weeks after his marriage to Demi Moore ended. Something of an early mid-life crisis perhaps?

Kutcher liked to share the Harley Davidson love too, as he bought one for the father of actress Judy Greer after the TV show she was making for Kutcher’s production company was picked up for broadcast by the ABC network.

15 Kutcher Tried To Save His Marriage To Demi Moore By Buying Her A Lexus

Via knownetworth.com

When most guys need to apologize to their wives, they go out and buy flowers or chocolates. When you’re a Hollywood celebrity who wants to try and make up with their better half, you go out and buy her a $100,000 Lexus LS 600h L. When the two were having difficulties in their marriage, with Moore saying that she wanted to separate, Kutcher tried to win Demi back by going all out to impress her with a luxury hybrid car.

Sadly, it was not enough to change her mind – though both Kutcher and Moore are now happier having moved on with their lives.

14 Kutcher Likes To Drive Green Vehicles

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Like many of his fellow Hollywood movie stars – and indeed many ordinary motorists – Aston Kutcher and his wife, Mile Kunis, have started to drive more environmentally friendly cars. Hybrid vehicles, which rely on a combination of electric batteries and gas engines and all-electric cars which have cut out the need for gasoline altogether are becoming an increasingly common sight on the streets of Los Angeles, and this is one fad that Kutcher has embraced with open arms.

He is an ardent climate change campaigner, even going so far as to offer to donate his body to whoever could find an alternative to fossil fuels!

13 Including A Tesla Model S

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One of the green cars in the Kutcher/Kunis garage is a Tesla Model S, the classy ride for climate change campaigners. This all-electric vehicle was launched by Elon Musk’s company in 2012 and has become quite the Hollywood sensation in the intervening years. Kutcher was one of the earliest Tesla converts, buying his Model S back in 2013. The actor was convinced to buy a Tesla Model S when he took a friend’s model out for a test drive, heading for the showroom the very next day.

He was so impressed with the car that he also bought stock in Tesla – a very wise investment as the company has gone from strength to strength in the meantime.

12 Which Was Involved In An Accident With A Scooter-Riding Teen

Via people.com

However, just because cars are good for the environment doesn’t mean that they are safe around all road users, as one scooter-riding teenager found out in September 2018. Leo Marenghi was riding his scooter through Los Angeles on his way to a babysitting job, when he was hit by a Tesla Model S, driven by none other than Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher.

Luckily, the accident was only a minor one, and neither of the guys was hurt. Marenghi got a cool story out of the incident, and even managed to grab a selfie with Ashton for his IG, by way of an apology!

11 He Also Owns A Toyota Prius - Like Most Of Hollywood

Via zimbio.com

The all-electric Tesla Model S is far from the only environmentally friendly vehicle which Ashton Kutcher has owned. When he was married to Demi Moore, the couple owned a Toyota Prius, the best-selling hybrid car in history, and one that is a big hit with Hollywood celebrities who want to be seen to be doing their bit for Mother Earth.

The Toyota Prius may seem like a low-key choice for stars of stage and screen, but that hasn’t stopped a whole host of famous faces, from Natalie Portman and Jennifer Aniston to Leonard DiCaprio and David Duchovny from being snapped by the paparazzi behind the wheel of one.

10 Sold His Lexus LS Hybrid When Kunis Announced Pregnancy

Via justjared.com

Ashton also drove a Lexus LS Hybrid while he was married to Demi, a much more luxurious and stylish way to save the planet than the more functional and economical Prius! He even kept hold of this car after their marriage ended in 2011, and only traded it in when he fell in love with the Tesla Model S he borrowed from a friend.

However, in 2014 Kutcher went back to Lexus when he and his then fiancé, Mila Kunis, found out they were expecting a baby, and they were apparently looking for a more roomy and comfortable family car.

9 Added The All-Electric Chevy Volt To The Collection

via Charged EVS

Both Ashton and his wife have been spotted scooting around Hollywood in the all-electric Chevy Volt – a much more compact (and cheaper) model than their stylish Tesla Model S. Although its smaller size does make it perfect for city driving and parking! Sadly, if there are nay Mila or Ashton mega-fans out there who want to copy their heroes and buy a brand new Chevy Volt, then you have already missed the boat.

Poor sales led to Chevy canceling production on the Volt in February 2019, after eight years in production – although it is unlikely to be the last electric car the company manufactures.

8 Highlight Of His Collection Is The Fisker Karma Electric Sports Car

Via fiskerbuzz.com

While the Tesla Model S may have stolen Ashton’s heart, real motoring aficionados know that the highlight of his car collection – at least when it comes to green vehicles – is the Fisker Karma hybrid sports car which he drives. The Fisker Karma may look like a supercar, but it is quite a bargain at around $120,000. But where did Kutcher get the inspiration to buy this environmentally friendly set of wheels?

Well, his character on sitcom Two and a Half Men drove a Fisker Karma, and soon after Ashton took over from Charlie Sheen on the show, he decided to buy his own version.

7 However, Kutcher Doesn't Just Collect Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Via popsugar.com

Ashton Kutcher and his wife may be keen climate change campaigners, as well as supporting a number of environmental charities and good causes, but that doesn’t mean that their lives are whiter than white. Open up those garage doors, and you might just find a few dirty little secrets hiding away.

Yes, the Kutcher-Kunis family don’t just own environmentally friendly vehicles; they also have a sizeable collection of regular, every day, gas-guzzling cars. To be fair, these do seem to get fewer outings than their green counterparts, but they are still sitting there ready to be driven….

6 He Also Owns A Gas-Guzzling Ferrari California

Via justjared.com

One of Kutcher’s gas guzzlers is a stylish Ferrari California sports car, and there isn’t a driver in the world who wouldn’t forgive the actor for being unable to part with this exquisite piece of automotive engineering. Compared to his fleet of green machines, however, the Ferrari California’s fuel efficiency numbers are far from impressive; the car gets just 14.9 miles to the gallon on the highway.

Still, there is no denying that the Ferrari California is a good-looking car – even if it is bad for the environment – and is a perfect choice of car for a Los Angeles-dwelling celebrity.

5 And A Classic Impala SS

Via zimbio.com

If you wanted to choose a car that was going to do the maximum damage to the environment, you couldn’t pick a better (or maybe that should be worse) option than a 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS.

These cars drank gasoline, and their exhaust systems were made well before the introduction of laws and regulations regarding emissions! Kutcher, however, seemed to have a whale of a time when he had to drive a 1966 Chevy Impala for his 2010 romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, and the car certainly turned a few heads on the set, thanks to its pink paint job.

4 Kutcher's Wife Isn't As Environmentally Friendly

Via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

These days, Kutcher very much comes as a double act with his wife, Mila Kunis, who he first met when they both starred in That '70s Show, although they didn’t marry until many years – and many relationships – later. Mila is often spotted behind the wheel of the family Lexus, but she also has her own cars and is a big fan of the Range Rover Sport SUV.

The classic British vehicle has undergone a radical transformation in recent years and is now one of the most popular cars in Hollywood, thanks to its size, style and a wealth of extra features to make driving a pleasure rather than a chore.

3 The Actor Has Driven Some Iconic Cars On The Big Screen Too

Via elle.com

The pink Chevy Impala SS may not be to his usual taste, but sometimes actors have to drive cars that they hate for a TV or movie role. Luckily, Ashton has managed to get behind the wheel of some exciting and iconic cars during his career – not least the Fisker Karma which he liked so much that he went out and bought one for himself!

Not all of the cars Kutcher has driven while filming movies and TV series have made such an impression on him, however. And sadly, actors don’t usually get to drive home in the cars they have been using on set…

2 The Hollywood Star Is Also A Big Motorsport Fan

Via twitter.com

Ashton isn’t just interested in developing transport solutions for the future; he is also a big fan of some of the most advanced vehicles in the world – Formula One racing cars. The Hollywood star has been to several Formula One Grand Prix races over the years and even managed to get onto the starting grid at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2017.

It is only drivers, team members, and the most famous celebrities who get to walk the start grid before the race, so Ashton was in fine company and later watched the race from the paddock at the Hungaroring track.

1 VW Bus In His Iconic Role On That '70s Show Sold For Six-Figures

Via newatlas.com

Perhaps one of the most recognizable vehicles that Kutcher drove on screen was the Volkswagen Samba Van his character, Michael Kelso, drove in That '70s Show. The VW Samba Van was an integral part of Kelso’s personality and an important part of many of the show’s storyline. The vehicle they used on the show was actually a 1967 VW Samba Van, and long after the show ended it was sold at an auction in Palm Beach.

In fact, thanks to the model’s history as a star of a successful sitcom, the VW Samba Van which Kutcher had driven sold for over $120,000.

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