20 Things We Didn’t Know About Floyd Mayweather’s Bugatti Collection

Floyd Mayweather is one of the richest sports-persons of all time. He earns millions of dollars for each fight, and his status as an undefeated boxing champion earns him even more with each successive fight. Now that he’s retired, he has a net worth of over $650 million; more money than he can probably spend for the rest of his life. He got this by avoiding making a big-money signing with a major brand; instead, he built his own brands from scratch: Mayweather Promotions and The Money Team (TMT). When the money started rolling in, he was the main beneficiary; this is how his net worth skyrocketed in such a short span of time. Mayweather always wanted to be his own boss, and now he’s living the dream.

So, what does someone like him, who has plenty of free time, do for fun? He gets a hobby: a pretty expensive one. Like many other celebrities, he buys luxury cars. But where he stands out is the value of his cars: he owns dozens of Rolls Royces, Bugattis and various other exotic cars. They span all over the United States, from New York to Los Angeles.

His Bugatti collection is probably his proudest. He buys each one for millions of dollars, has it customized just for him, and adds it to his ever-expanding collection. Many of the cars are already special editions, and he sometimes gets one-of-a-kind cars.

Still, there are some things we don’t know about Mayweather’s Bugatti collection, like how much he spends on maintenance or the problems he has had with them. So, let’s get started!

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Via CafeJunky.com

Anyone who thinks a Bugatti is more affordable to maintain than it is to buy is sorely mistaken. These beautiful, costly machines not only require $300,000 in annual maintenance and incur property tax in some states; they also require serious cash to maintain the tires.

For most other cars, tires cost between $400 and $800. But the Bugatti isn’t most cars. Mayweather spends $33,000 on new tires, and the tires have to be changed every 2,500 miles. For most other drivers, this a good enough incentive to only take the Bugatti out once in a while and avoid long trips.


Via Super Cars - Agent4Stars.com

For Bugatti owners like Mayweather, tires alone are already soaking up a lot of money. But it doesn’t stop there. According to Secret Entourage, the entire wheels need replacing every 10,000 miles. This is a $50,000 cost.

For most owners, it should take several years before reaching that 10,000 miles mark. However, Mayweather isn’t most drivers. He can take his cars wherever he wants, and when he does, it’s usually two or more Bugattis. When you factor in all the other maintenance costs, and the fact that he owns several Bugattis, even Mayweather must feel the slightest pinch at how much these cars are costing over time.


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Despite the extremely high, almost exorbitant, asking price of a Bugatti, they still sell out pretty fast. That’s the beauty of being a status symbol. Celebrities like Mayweather don’t want to join a queue for the latest model.

Instead, the boxer goes to the guy who can organize a deal for almost any exotic car; not just Bugattis. Called Obi Okeke, he’s referred to as “Doctor Bugatti” because of the seeming ease with which he can acquire these rare beasts for celebrities. He has worked with Mayweather for years, and based on his success rate, they’ll be working together for many more years.


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With dozens of cars all across the country, Floyd Mayweather would be spending most of his waking hours just maintaining them and keeping them in pristine condition. That is obviously not a thought he can even entertain, so he did what most celebs would do: he got himself a driver.

Commonly known as Bruce the Driver, Mayweather hired him to take care of his massive fleet of vehicles. His work is to ensure that they don’t collect dust or rust and that they are always maintained and serviced. Thanks to Bruce, Mayweather can rest easy knowing he can take out any of his Bugattis for a spin without fearing engine trouble.


Via Twitter (Doctor Bugatti)

For most cars, maintenance is usually a few thousand dollars a year. But not for a Bugatti; especially those owned by Floyd Mayweather. His cars are all top-of-the-line with numerous customizations, so maintenance requires more effort and precision than most other Bugattis. This shows when it’s time for service; each Bugatti that Mayweather owns requires annual maintenance of up to $300,000.

If you look at the number of Bugattis the boxer owns, his maintenance costs total to over $1 million. If he wasn't worth over half a billion dollars, this would have been an expense he couldn’t support over time.


Via NBC News

Mayweather owns a $25 million mansion in Los Angeles, along with a large assortment of his cars. In California, though, there’s a special tax that Mayweather pays for his Bugattis: property tax. That’s right, these cars are so expensive and prestigious that the state slapped an annual property tax of up to $50,000 for each one.

When you add this to the already high cost of just owning a Bugatti, plus the $300,000 annual maintenance, Mayweather is spending a small fortune just for bragging rights. He probably doesn’t care, but other Bugatti owners with smaller fortunes are probably considering moving out of the state.


Via Money

When it comes to Bugattis, the more customized you can make them, the more you will stand out from other wealthy individuals. Mayweather has known this for years, and it’s only two cars that he hasn’t customized. Everything else has been fairly unique.

The boxer likes arranging cars by color, and he loves the color white. So, it’s no surprise that he has a collection of white cars. This includes a few Bugatti Veyrons, some Rolls Royces and even Ferraris. Seeing a Bugatti is already rare, so seeing a white one is definitely head-turning; this is something Mayweather clearly enjoys.


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Mayweather, like Michael Jordan, enjoys intimidating opponents before a fight; or he just does something nice for himself to get him in the zone. In the boxer's case, he usually buys an expensive car before a fight, and sometimes even after. His most famous pre-fight purchase is the Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible. This car became Mayweather’s daily driver for a while after the fight.

On the other hand, the most prestigious car he bought after a fight is the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, which he bought after his fight with Manny Pacquiao. If he ever fights again, he will almost certainly buy another prestigious car.


Via Daily Record

Back in 2016, Mayweather bought a pair of Bugatti Veyrons for a total of $6.5 million. One came in a Pearl White finish, with red carbon fiber accents and a red and white leather interior. According to Art of Gears, it was powered by a W16 8.0-liter engine which produced a massive 1000 bhp. The other Bugatti, a Satin Black Grand Sport Vitesse, was finished in satin black. Its engine produced 1,200hp which allowed the car to go from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.4 seconds.

Mayweather couldn’t sell either car at a profit, and he was mad when the highest bid came at just $1.9 million.


Via Motor1.com UK

Because of the immense price of purchasing a Bugatti, not to mention the service fees, the technicians and engineers have to fix any problems with the cars as soon as they pop up. Thanks to the data they receive remotely from the cars, they can quickly discover a problem. As soon as they know what’s wrong, they send a “flying doctor” on a plane to come and diagnose or fix the problem.

However, this requires Mayweather to host the mechanics if it’s not a scheduled service. Mayweather probably doesn’t pay attention to these flying doctors, but his driver certainly does.


Via Motor Authority

Mayweather isn’t a stranger to extravagant spending. In fact, with how much he’s worth, it would be strange if he didn’t splurge now and then. But here’s the thing: he spends a lot on his cars, especially his Bugatti collection. If the regular $300,000 annual maintenance wasn’t jaw-dropping, how about this: the boxer spends roughly $25,000 on oil changes.

With most cars, even the costly exotic ones, oil changes are among the few affordable maintenance costs, ranging between $75 and $200. But according to Floyd’s dealer, “Doctor Bugatti,” he spends $25,000 on an oil change and fluids for his cars, especially the Grand Sport Convertible.


Via Hotcars

Mayweather owns dozens of super-exotic cars in different locations. But like many collectors, he prefers the novelty of owning a piece of machinery most of the world envies rather than actually driving it himself. To Mayweather, these cars are simply “toys.” So, despite spending millions of dollars on each one, he can take it out for a ride or two and then forget about it.

What makes this more likely is that he’s not satisfied with his current collection. When Bugatti announces a new car, he’s usually among the first people to ask about them. By buying newer and more powerful cars, it’s unlikely that he will pay attention to his older ones.


Via Autoevolution

With his cars worth over $20 million in total, we can be sure that Mayweather is not afraid to purchase the top-end models of his cars. They often come with all the bells and whistles. However, before he became insanely rich and was just rich, he bought two basic Bugatti Veyrons. They were the lowest-spec Veyrons at the time, and he made no modifications or customizations to them. Despite this, the cars still cost him over $1.6 million. This just shows how Bugatti cars are only for the elite.

Mayweather has not repeated this, as every Bugatti he has bought since then has been chock-full of features that would make even other Bugatti owners jealous.


Via Bugatti

When Mayweather buys a Bugatti, he knows that he’s giving up on his privacy whenever he’s driving it. Bugatti keeps tabs on its cars straight from its headquarters, which some would say is a blatant invasion of their privacy. Bugatti technicians track up to 10,000 signals remotely, all of which are connected to major parts of the car.

In addition, the technicians receive data from the car in real time; this means that sometimes they might get some information which the owner would not have wanted to be known. Considering the number of Bugattis that Mayweather owns, it’s clear that he doesn’t mind this.


Via Dailymotion

For Bugatti owners who want to stand out from the rest, just owning a custom-made Bugatti isn’t enough. Yes, it costs millions of dollars, and yes, it will always turn heads. But that’s not enough.

One of the unwritten rules is that owners should buy multiple Bugatti supercars to really stand out. Mayweather is one such person. He owns numerous Bugattis, all of which are custom-made. They look good, especially when he takes them for a ride with his entourage. But the cost is something few people can stomach just to stand out when being compared to other Bugatti owners.


Via Motor1.com

Bugatti cars send data to their headquarters in France. They do this so the technicians can detect any problems with the cars, whether it’s something minor like deflated tires or something major like a problem with the engine.

According to Motor Authority, as soon as the technicians find a problem, they always call the owner to alert them of the problem. Since this might concern the safety of the owner, it is always frowned upon if they do not pick up. With the number of Bugatti supercars that Mayweather owns, he probably gets a lot of calls from these technicians. However, it’s likely that his driver, Bruce, is the one who addresses them and resolves these issues.


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A Bugatti is an extremely expensive car. And it’s worth the asking price. Most models go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds, and the Chiron can reach a top speed of 261 mph. This puts them in the league of superbikes rather than other supercars, which takes between 3 and 4 seconds to reach 60 mph.

So, with such amazing power and performance, Mayweather is required to let loose wherever it’s legal, especially on a race track. After all, doing 20 mph an hour in a Veyron is okay for the first few miles, but it gets dull pretty fast.


Via Auto Trader

Bugatti cars turn heads wherever they are, whether it’s Los Angeles or Dubai. And whether they are current or old models, they will always draw a crowd. So, it comes as no surprise that Bugatti owners are expected to flaunt their cars whenever they can. This doesn’t just give the owner bragging rights; it also helps to cement Bugatti’s reputation as a brand worth dreaming of.

To Mayweather, this rule comes naturally. He loves to flaunt his Bugatti collection, often driving slow with his entourage for maximum impact. His customizations also make his cars hard to avoid, and he always gets attention.


Via Power 98.3

Bugatti base models are already pretty expensive, costing over a million dollars. But with a plethora of customization options, it’s almost mandatory that the cars be customized. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend a million dollars and find out that everyone else has the exact same car. This is the case with celebrities, many of whom can easily afford a Bugatti. They have to modify their car to make it stand out.

For Mayweather, customizations are his bread and butter. He has had almost every car in his collection modified in some way. And the Bugattis are among the most stunning customizations he has.


Via YouTube (Mo Vlogs)

Floyd Mayweather’s cars already have numerous enough customizations that they easily stand out from other Bugattis. However, he sometimes goes a step further and gives them a truly personal touch. This, of course, is his own TMT (The Money Team) branding. He often places the logo somewhere on his cars, usually above the license plate, and sometimes he even replaces the car’s original emblem with them—this is the case with some of his Maybachs and Bentleys.

That’s probably more personal than most celebrities are willing to go. But Mayweather is proud enough of his accomplishments that he doesn’t mind.

Sources: www.artofgears.com, www.dailymail.co.uk & www.motorauthority.com

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