This Bunny Is Part Of A Sheep Flock

Peter the rabbit spends most of his afternoons playing with a flock of sheep, and they have accepted him as part of the family. This story seems like it came straight out of a children’s book, and it’s almost too adorable to believe.

Rabbits are social animals, so they require a lot of time with others; whether this “other” is another rabbit, a human, or a sheep doesn’t really matter. As long as the bunny is played with, given attention, and loved, it will happily hop along. People who want to keep a pet rabbit must keep this in mind: they’re not pets you can just leave in a cage. Without proper interaction, a bunny can get lonely and depressed, and this makes them more likely to get sick. For Peter, he gets to play with some bigger, fluffier companions.

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Via: Pixabay, castleguard

Peter lives on a farmhouse in Dihewyd, Ceredigion, where there’s plenty of farm animals for him to play with. Every morning, he hops from his house to where a sheep and her triplets are grazing and plays with them. He spends the whole afternoon being chased, cuddling, and bouncing around the sheep, and they all love his company. At the end of the day, Peter’s owner will come pick him up, whether he’s done playing or not.

Peter and his sheep friends are not the only unlikely relationship to form between animals of different species.The BBC  has reported many instances of a bonding between two different animals. This magpie and this whippet became best friends after their family rescued the bird. In another part of the world, an owl and a husky puppy live happily together with their owner. After all, we as humans easily form bonds with our pet animals, so perhaps it’s not so strange that animals create relationships with each other even when they’re of different species.

It’s important to note that these bonds were not forced, and there’s a likely chance that most relationships won’t turn out so well. Peter just so happened to be accepted by the sheep, but he could’ve been rejected and chased away. The bonds have to form organically, and the love cannot be forced.

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