This Cereal Cafe In London Is What Dreams Are Made Of

For all the cereal lovers out there, you better book a plane ticket to London ASAP. London is home to its very own cereal cafe. Known as the Cereal Killer Cafe, this cereal paradise was founded in 2014 by identical twins from Belfast, Alan and Gary Keery.

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14 Here are Alan and Gary in all of their cereal beard glory

The cafe offers every type of cereal imaginable including cereal imported from all over the world and even limited edition cereals.

13 Don't believe me? Just check out the wall of cereal below.

The store also has some pretty wacky decor, from retro cereal boxes to vintage milk bottles.

12 One of their locations even has beds so you can feel like a true kid!

The concept is sort of DIY in that you can create your own cereal masterpieces all on your own. You can choose up to three types of cereal, the type of milk (yes, chocolate milk is an option), and toppings that range from milk duds to Lucky Charms marshmallows. If you're not feeling creative so early in the morning, the cafe also offers a list of incredibly tasty cereal combinations. Oh, and in addition to cereal, the Cereal Killer Cafe also has every flavour of Pop Tart you can think of and some crazy delicious hot chocolate.

Sadly, the cafe currently has only two locations, both of which are in London.

11 Check out the Camden Market location

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If you're still not convinced that this is the cafe of your dreams, take a look at the pictures below.

10 Mint chocolate cereal? Yes, please!

One of Alan and Gary's fine creations, the Mint Choc Chipster is a bowl of cereal made with mint flavoured milk, mint chocolate milk duds, and plenty of chocolatey cereal.

9 The best Easter breakfast in history

This unbelievably festive Easter treat contains honeycomb cereal and cocoa pebbles and is topped with Cadbury Mini Eggs and an entire Kinder Surprise. Oh, and you can't forget about the Easter egg-flavoured milk! I have a feeling I would want to drink that all year round.

8 Celebrate St. Paddy's with cereal

Go all out on St. Patrick's Day with the Luckiest Charm cereal. Upping the ante, this simple bowl of Lucky Charms cereal is made with green milk. Move over green beer, this Irish bowl of cereal is 10x more festive.

7 Chocolate explosion

Eating this cereal would definitely have me belting out songs from The Lion King. Made with Coco Caramel Shreddies (don't know what those are, but they sound amazing), Lion Bar Cereal, and actual Rolos, this is a chocaholic's dream cereal.

6 The perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee

Thanks to this dazzling creation, cereal and coffee are going to be the new peanut butter & jelly. There's no better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee alongside this Bowloccino cereal made with Nesquik cereal, Coco Pops, a crushed Flake chocolate bar, a wafer cookie, AND espresso milk. This will be the best sugar + caffeine high of your life.

5 We all live in a marshmallow submarine

Whether you're a Beatles fan or not, I think we can all appreciate this inventive bowl of cereal. Made with Golden Nuggets cereal, Marshmallow Mateys, whole milk, and an entire Twinkie, this cereal is to die for.

4 Better than porridge

This Sticky Monkey cereal combo looks tasty AF. Combining every Brit's love of banoffee (banana + toffee), this bowl of cereal contains toffee crisp cereal, fresh banana slices, whipped cream, crushed digestive cookies, toffee sauce, and banana-flavoured milk.

3 Oh, and did I mention the Cereal Killer Cafe sells other non-cereal items?

These Lucky Leprechaun Cookies, aka double chocolate cookies with the best marshmallows in the world, are all I want in life.

2 They also make cakes

Didn't you ever notice that Red Velvet cake was getting a little boring? The Cereal Killer Cafe has taken this beloved cake up a notch by decorating it with Franken Berry Cereal. Amazing!

1 They also make hot chocolate that is absolutely insane

Move over freakshake, there is a new craze in town! The stacked hot chocolates offered at the Cereal Killer Cafe are enough to satisfy your sweet tooth for a month. Dibs on the stacked Nutella hot chocolate!

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