This Is What Happens When 15 Different Artists Reimagine Disney Princesses

Whether we like it or not, Disney has become a cornerstone in every American childhood. We all have sung “Let It Go,” we’ve all wondered if “our prince would come,” and every single girl has had a moment where she’s fantasized about being a princess like Belle at least once in her life. What I’m saying is that we all know what Disney princesses look like and what they’re about.

But, what if Disney princesses were different? What if Ariel was a zombie, or Snow White a pinup girl? Or, what if they all were just hipsters living in Brooklyn? Some artists began to wonder what it’d look like, and they decided to draw it up. Take a look at some of the coolest examples of Disney princesses, reimagined in a ton of awesome new universes.

15 Princesses As Fine Art

Via Nerdist

Can you recognize the book-loving lady in this gorgeously done painting? It’s Belle! Artist Heather Theurer had decided to take a peek at what the princesses would look like if they posed for fine art oil paintings. Her series of museum-quality alternative universe paintings include some obvious choices like Cinderella, Mulan, Meridia, and Elsa...as well as a very cute rendition of Lilo and Stitch.

This might be one of the few princess art series that we could see in a rich uncle’s mansion – and for good reason. She’s a professional artist who’s known for selling fine art paintings. Theurer regularly sells her paintings and artwork online, and at the time of the publication of this article, it seems like her Disney Princess line had sold out. Oh well...at least we can look at the pictures online, right?

14 Princesses As Vintage Pinups

Via ViralScape

Back in the 1950’s, the king of painted pinup had to be Gil Elvgren. His paintings were infamous for featuring all-American girls looking as adorable as possible with just a little bit of spice thrown in. Considering that Disney princesses have become just as all-American as pinup artwork, it was really only a matter of time before someone would mesh Elvgren’s art style with the princess personas.

DeviantArt user KittRen had decided to take a swing at what Elvgren would have done if he had been asked to paint princess pinups, and she did it using her snappy PhotoShop skills combined with his original artwork. Along with Snow White, KittRen also included Tiana, Mulan, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, and quite a few more in her series.

13 Princesses As Warhammer 40K Space Marines

Via GeekTyrant

Out of all of the alternative universe princess art we could find, this one had to be one of the most unlikely out there. Warhammer, for those who don’t know, is a tabletop game involving lots of warriors, armies, and lore. Even more shockingly, the idea behind the Warhammer Space Marines Princess line came from artist Emre C. Deniz as a commentary on the bad behavior of some Warhammer 40K players who were going out of their way to harass people they felt “threatened the lore” of the game.

He explained, "The images were a symbol of merging the two most extremes of gender representation, Disney and Warhammer, into one single statement; that anyone can be a ‘Space Marine' and no one can stop that.”

Very cool, Emre. Very cool!

12 Disney Princesses As Moms

Via BoredPanda

Okay, this one isn’t completely a reimagining, depending on which princess you’re talking about. There have been sequels to the movies, after all, and at least one of those princesses has had kids in the second film. (We’re looking at you, Ariel!) Even so, the princesses that Disney had as moms in sequels weren’t momming it up in modern style, and they definitely weren’t as realistic as the ones portrayed by artist Isaiah Stephens.

Stephen’s rendition of Tiana and Naveen as new parents is totally spot-on and absolutely hilarious. What’s even cooler about this painting is that there’s still a subtle nod to Disney magic going on. After all, most babies don’t have pee that seemingly glows in the dark...or the light, in this case.

11 Disney Princesses As College Students

Via College Humor

Let’s just face it, we’ve all kind of wondered what it would be like to have a Disney princess as a friend when we were growing up. Comedy site CollegeHumor decided to take things just a bit further (in a funny way) by showing what the princess squad would be like if they were your college roommates and friends.

The series of seven snaps includes scenes like Cinderella angrily having to clean up after sloppy frat roommates, Tiana grabbing her heels and doing a walk of shame, as well as Mulan “jumping at the chance” to play dressup for a campus 80’s party. So far, we’re still 100% sold on being friends with the princesses, since they apparently would be pretty cool to hang around with.

10 Disney Ravers

Via Tumblr

If there’s one thing that’s kind of hard to imagine, it’d be what a Disney princess would be like if they attended a rave. Thankfully, internet artist Skirtzzz had decided to try her hand at depicting what each Disney princess’s rave outfits would be like. She ended up creating three series of awesome Disney characters rocking rave fluffies, skirts, and kandi with all the flair of a true princess.

Along with more popular characters like Rapunzel and Tinkerbelle (and let’s be real, we all know Tink would be a raver), she went pretty far to actually get some more obscure princesses in there too. Our favorite of the bunch? Wreck-It-Ralph’s own Vanelloppe Von Schweetz. Those leg fluffies and the old-school kandi just speak for themselves, don’t they?

9 Disney Fighters

Via The Mary Sue

A lot of parents are getting sick of seeing Disney princesses that just sit by and wait for a prince to save them – and who can blame them for getting upset over that? Well, one artist by the name of JoshWMC decided that the princesses definitely needed to gain a little bit of more of a fighting spirit. So, he drew an entire series of princesses that are armed to the teeth, looking for trouble, and still as princess-y as ever.

This kick-butt rendition of Jasmine looks like she would be an amazing cosplay project for the right person, but he’s also covered quite a few more girls in this series. Others featured in the collection include Tiana, Cinderella, and Pocahontas. You can see the rest of his work on his nifty DeviantArt page, or by just searching his DeviantArt handle on Google.

8 Anime Princesses

Via BoredPanda

There have been quite a few artists out there who wanted to combine their love of anime with their love of Disney. One of these includes Pakistani artist Maryam Safdar, who had decided to share her creations with the world via Deviant Art. Her work had gone viral earlier on in the last year or so, with many portraits ending up on major sites.

The series of drawings, which have a very “shojo” look to them, could totally be mistaken for an official Disney anime magazine, couldn’t they? Maryam’s series of doe-eyed princesses include Rapunzel, Belle, Meridia, and Snow White. But, she also didn’t stop at just ladies who had the princess title, either. Alice, from Alice in Wonderland fame, was also included in the set.

7 Modernized Disney Princesses

Via Bored Panda

It’d be so easy to be a Disney princess if you were stuck in the 1800’s, you know? There’s no social media to worry about, no need to take selfies, and definitely none of that Tinder garbage. Anoosha Syed is an artist who wondered what it would be like if Disney princesses had to actually lead a normal life in modern days. She decided to figure out what each one would do by painting a portrait of each princess in normal clothing, and then, she also added a backstory to each one.

In Syed’s storylines, Snow White has become a social media aficionado, Jasmine became a jetsetting travel writer, and Belle has become a fangirl. No joke, though, Belle in this series totally looks like someone who we’d want to watch Big Bang Theory with.

6 X-Rated Disney Princesses

Via Bust

Most Disney princess renditions are generally family-friendly, but one graffiti artist by the name of Dillon Boy decided to throw that standard out the window when he painted the princesses in his DIRTYLAND art series. All of the princesses were scantily clad, provocatively posed, and one was also smoking a cigarette.

However, this wasn’t an art series that was meant to be grimy and perverted. It was a series that Dillon Boy tried to make a statement about mainstream media regarding the way it portrays girls.

The reason why Dillon Boy painted the princesses this way was simple – he wanted people to rethink the way that media tends to portray women and call attention to how insane the double standards women face are. The entire series really speaks about how objectified and hypersexualized women are in modern media. And, the paintings also look darn good, too.

5 Walking Dead Survivor Princesses

Via ChipChick and DeviantArt

The Walking Dead was one of the biggest smash hits in the world of horror TV and comic books in recent years. After watching an episode or two, it’s hard not to wonder what you would do in a zombie apocalypse. Would you allow the disease to kill you, would you die on the spot, or would you survive? Kasami-Sensei of DeviantArt fame wondered just that about how our Disney princesses would fare.

His artwork of the Walking Dead princess mashups had gone viral shortly after Season 6 aired, and we can totally see why. Anna and Elsa have a surprisingly rugged edge to them that we never would have been able to see coming! (Psst! Who thinks that Alice would have gone insane from seeing all the mayhem during the apocalypse?)

4 Disney Princesses Rebelling

Via Artist's Personal Site

With all the prim and proper behavior that they are supposed to practice, it’s hard to imagine how hard it must be to constantly be perfect and pure. Artist Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros probably thought so too, when he made his Profanity Pop art series. The series depicted Disney princesses getting plastered with Frida Kahlo, Alice painting the roses red with Bob Ross, and Disney villainess Cruella De Vil rocking a pretty awesome punk outfit.

The series didn’t just touch on Disney princesses, if you can’t tell. It also featured quite a few shots of Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and one of the Aristocats all posed in some pretty provocative ways alongside famous pop icons and cultural references. The artwork was well received when it went on tour.

3 Hipster Disney Princess Selfies

Via DeviantArt

I don’t think there’s a person alive that hasn’t taken at least one or two selfie pics in their lifetimes, so why not let Disney princesses in on the fun? Savvy DeviantArt user RNZZZ took a truly hipster turn at making their own fanart of the Disney princess squad by having them posing for Polaroid pictures with the occasional edgy twist to poses.

Some of the photos included one where Belle and Cinderella get #wasted on booze, Pocahontas doing a cute mirror selfie, and Jasmine looking just a wee bit unkempt while she’s chilling out in her apartment’s bedroom. While not all the “photos” appeared to be selfies, they often got branded as such when they were circulating on internet forums. Selfie or not, the princesses’ outfits totally slay.

2 Swag Princesses

Via Behest

Disney princesses are all about being proper, ladylike, and just very princess-y...which is why it might be so hard for people to think about what they’d be like if they were into hip hop, swag, and tattoos. Cartoonist and artist Nata St.Art decided to depict what they thought the princess posse would look like if they had a little more swag.

One of their drawings in particular caught the internet’s collective eye, and it’s a piece that’s been nicknamed “Gangsta Disney Princesses” on Pinterest boards, Tumblr, and other platforms. Some are saying it’s a little bit offensive to see Ariel, Jasmine, and Pocahontas thugged out like that, but others are saying it’s making a powerful statement about media’s cultural influences. Do you think this picture is going too far, or is it just too awesome for people to understand?

1 Cyberpunk Disney Princesses

Via DeviantArt

Rounding out this list is a Disney princess look that we never saw coming – cyberpunk. Daring DeviantArt user mothbot bravely merged the gritty, dystopian, 80’s comic era look of typical cyberpunk lit with the Disney princess crew to create a single portrait that shows what they’d look like in a world where corporations took over everything and hackers are trying to subvert oppressive regimes.

This drawing is super cool for a number of reasons, including the android-cyborg version of Alice who seems to be on the verge of having a meltdown. We also can’t help but love the subtle details of Snow White’s coffee mug having a picture of Dopey or Cinderella’s two pet lab rats sitting on her shoulders. Subtle? Yes, but that’s what makes this piece so darned awesome.

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