This Is What Happens When Kids Are Allowed In The Kitchen...

Being a parent is like an exciting adventure — you never know what your kid will do next. This includes causing all kinds of trouble in the kitchen. For some reason, kids just love being in the kitchen, which isn’t always a bad thing. There’s plenty for them to learn and play with while in the kitchen, but sometimes kitchen play time can get a little messy. From exploring cupboards and utensils to making angels in flour dust, kids can get into all kinds of mischief if left unsupervised in this popular room of the house.

These kids are lucky they’re so cute, because they sure caused a lot of trouble! Whether you’re parent or not, you will have to agree it’s better not to allow these kids back in the kitchen without an adult nearby!

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15 The Littlest Baker

What a mess! I don’t know if this is cocoa powder or something else, but I’m sure it took some time and effort to clean up. At least the little one looks like he had an amazing time playing in this baking disaster! He seems to have had a nice snack while creating the kitchen mess of the year, too! Ugh, you know all that powder fell between the stove and counter, and I’m more than willing to bet it was a chore to sweep. I’m all for kids exploring and playing in the kitchen, but I don’t know if I would be down to let my kids play in the flour, or whatever this is.

14 Batter Boys

This is super cute, and you know these boys had a blast playing in and eating this chocolate batter! But it was definitely bath time right after this photo was taken! Kudos to these parents for having the foresight to let the boys go crazy outside. Just imagine how fun it would be to have to clean cake batter from the floor and cupboards in the house! It seriously looks like they had a mini food fight with the batter leftovers! But moments like these are priceless, so it’s well worth it. I wonder if they were able to get all that chocolate out of their clothes though?!

13 Playing In The 'Snow'

What is it with kids who love to get into the flour?! I can’t stand getting out the flour container, because I just know it’s going to lead to a huge mess. And all moms (and dads) know cleaning up flour is one of the worst things ever, and this kid is playing in it! I would probably have a small anxiety attack if this was my kid! Luckily, it’s not, and it looks like his parents found the humor in this snowy white mess. I guess you gotta pick your battles as a parent, and raging against spilled flour isn’t one you necessarily need to rally the troops for.

12 Twin Trouble Makers

A new meaning to 'terrible twos!' Who needs fancy — and overpriced — princess plates when you can eat from the floor? Not these twins! They were like “forget this” and opted to savagely eat lunch straight freestyle. Those tiny compartment plates are slightly annoying when it comes to portion control on your gold fish crackers. Maybe next time their parents may want to buckle them into their chairs at the kitchen table, though, so all that macaroni doesn’t go to waste! I don’t think eating lunch with your feet is all that sanitary, either. Hopefully these girls will learn how food is supposed to be eaten after spending all this time in the kitchen!

11 Late Night Snacking

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This little boy doesn’t know how close he came to giving his poor parents a heart attack as he reached for that open wine bottle! Boy, that would have been bad! It looks like they have some healthy veggies on that eye-level shelf, so maybe this isn’t the first time the late night snacker struck. It’s a good opportunity to teach your kids to eat fruits and veggies as nightly snacks instead of chips and cookies. Who are we kidding? Nobody wants a salad at midnight. This little one is on the hunt for the good stuff! And no, not the wine.

10 Cereal Sneakers

These little sneakers thought they could quietly help themselves to some early morning breakfast by scaling the cupboard as if it were Mt. Everest. What they didn't plan on was how futile their mission would be! We adults make getting a bowl of cereal look so easy, but cereal pouring expertise only comes with practice. And these toddlers seem to not have any! Okay, I may be over exaggerating how difficult it is to get a bowl of cereal, but it seems the task was a bit too much for these little ones to handle. At least their parents realized the mess before stomping through it and making it a thousand times more awful to clean! Ugh, cereal crumbs. Cereal crumbs everywhere.

9 Pantry Playground

Uh oh. No more leaving the pantry open. #mess #almostone #kitchenmess #baby

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Little kids love playing in the kitchen. There’s just so many off-limits things to get into, as this baby girl quickly discovered. Parents, if your kids are mobile, then they’re probably going dive into the cupboards like they’re a toy box. All it took was the mistake of leaving this pantry door open for this baby to completely destroy all her parents diligent organizing. Those cereal boxes didn’t stand a chance against this mini-Godzilla! While it’s super adorable that babies can have this much fun trashing…err, I mean playing… with pantry items, it’s also another thing for parents to add to their to-do list. Seriously, kids are so lucky they’re so cute while completely destroying mommy and daddy’s kitchen!

8 Tastes Like Chicken

How in the world did this baby get in this drawer?! She’s climbing from one to another while methodically emptying all their clean content onto the dirty kitchen floor, and this happened while supervised! Just imagine what takes place in this house when baby is left to her own devices. I typically think it’s cute when kids explore random things— like kitchen drawers, but this is kinda scary. It’s a great lesson on why parents don’t (or shouldn’t) keep sharp objects in lower drawers! Now, this mom has a sink full of dishes and utensils to re-wash, so hopefully it’s nap time for this little stinker!

7 Adorable Cookie Monster

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The package says it makes about two dozen cookies, but that’s when no kids are ‘helping!’ This adorable cookie monster made sure to taste-test all the dough before putting it in the oven. So don’t be surprised when only nine cookies end up actually being baked! Kids make great little kitchen helpers, but better cookie dough eaters! And how cute is the hashtag “muffin man?”! That obviously adequately describes this cutie. I bet his mom stayed up late re-baking all those muffins in order to have enough for the bake sale, though! That’s just part of having a little kitchen helper! At least he didn't make a mess...

6 When Disaster Strikes

Oh boy, that trail of destruction is long! As this Instagram parent said, “life with boys” can get a bit messy. That includes total and ultimate destruction of the kitchen. This little boy was too curious and just had to find out what was in all those boxes and cupboards his momma was packing! Unfortunately, that means this busy mom will have to re-pack! From a kid’s perspective, there is so many strange and curious things tucked away in the kitchen, and why would mom and dad want to hide such fun?! Leave it to your curious kids to get into trouble when you least expect it…like when you’re packing up the kitchen gadgets.

5 What A Helper

Mister sou chef here was supposed to be helping make dinner, but it’s obviously way more fun to play taste tester! As cute as he is, this is not what sou chefs are for, but I’m willing to bet his momma changes her mind and un-fired him! After all, someone needs to teach this kid that bowls do not belong on your head. But hey, while he’s down there he can help sweep up all the crumbs he didn’t eat! Only kids can make dinner time more work but even more fun!

4 Taste Test

This photo gives me slight anxiety every time I see it! I just hope whatever is in that measuring cup is safe to drink. Yikes, can you imagine having your little helper get sick and have a messy kitchen to clean at the same time?! See, that’s where the anxiety kicks in. It’s important to keep kids interested in learning new things— like cooking and baking— but having them get food poisoning in the process is probably not the best way to go about it. Only kids can be this cute and messy at the same time, and it seems like this blue-eyed baby is having fun ‘helping’ make cookies.

3 Licked Clean

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Mom wasn’t done using that spoon, but it’s cool. As long as baby is happy, everyone’s happy. Right? And this blue-eyed boy wasn’t going to be happy until he got his chocolate brownie batter! In his defense, he is pretty darn cute even with batter all over his little face. Let’s just hope he agreed to bath time following his messy snack! And just look how content he is after eating all those extra carbs! Sigh, if only stuffing our faces full of chocolate was as guiltless for us as it is this baby! I bet those brownies were totally worth it, too.

2 Flour Tracks

This. This is why I hate having to cook with flour! It gets everywhere and is such a pain to clean! Seeing it scattered on the carpet is pretty much my worst nightmare. These poor, poor parents. I'm sure the kids enjoyed their little Bisquick party, but now someone has to deal with the aftermath. What is it with kids and flour, or in this case, Bisquick? It’s like they find the messiest thing in the entire kitchen and decide to create their own winter wonderland. I just hope these little troublemakers had a good time, because I’m sure their parents found a new hiding spot for the Bisquick!

1 Self-Serve

It's so darn cute when kids want to be grown up and get things for themselves. It almost makes up for the fact that it usually leads to spills and messes. Almost. This little one started her day off with trying to be self-sufficient and get her own snack. It looks like she had some luck, but her parents not so much. They'll be spending their Saturday morning cleaning up the crumbs they just walked through while their tot enjoys her floor food. At least it seems her parents are pretty chill when it comes to accidents!

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