This Pizza Pocket Hoodie Will Keep Your Slice Warm And Close To You

The company ScrapTownUSA has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its incredible new hoodie that features a built-in pocket to keep your slice of pizza warm. With this hoodie, you don’t have to carry around that one slice of pizza in a bag and let it get cold; you can keep it warm and close to your heart, where pizza belongs.

The Pizza Pocket Hoodie is perfect for all on-the-go pizza lovers. Sometimes it can be difficult to carry around a hot slice of pizza on your way to work or to a friend’s house. You also run the risk of letting your pizza get cold (unless you’re into that) in your rushed frenzy. But fear not. Now, you can put the pizza in your pocket, where you know it will be safe, and it will still be warm and delicious when you’re ready to eat it.

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The hoodie has an insulated, food-grade, washable pouch built into it. The pocket will keep any pizza slice warm for hours, and you don’t have to worry about food stains because the pouch is washable. On your chest is the zipper-sealed pocket with a cute graphic design of a pizza slice, which is where you put the pizza pouch in for safe keeping.

Other than the pizza pocket, the hoodie also has insulated hand warmers in the pocket, so your warm hands can hold your warm pizza. The first 25 people who pledged on Kickstarter will get their hoodie for only $49, while everyone else can get it for $55.

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This hoodie isn’t the first item of clothing geared towards keeping pizza slices close to you. Food and Wine reported that in 2017, the company Supididiotic sold a portable pizza pouch. That is, a clear pouch for a pizza slice attached to a lanyard you can wear around your neck. Popular restaurant chain Pizza Hut also released a parka made from the same material their insulated delivery bags are made of.

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With the Pizza Pocket Hoodie, you no longer have to worry about that one extra slice left in the box. You likely can’t stuff too many slices inside the pocket, but the hoodie isn’t designed to carry an entire box of pizza. It might also not be a good idea to fall asleep in this comfy hoodie. After all, no one wants to wake up with a bunch of marinara sauce all over their chest.

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