Thor's Hammer: 15 Secrets The God Of Thunder Wouldn't Want To Reveal

Definitely among the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe, Thor’s Hammer has been a key part of what makes the God of Thunder so powerful since the very start. On top of that, the fact that the weapon can only be lifted by someone who is truly worthy of its immense powers makes it an even more interesting item.

While Thor has never been shy about showing off the many strengths of his best-known weapon, that doesn’t mean that he is forthright about all aspects of his trusty hammer. Actually, when you learn more about Mjolnir, it becomes clear that he would want to keep certain aspects of it under his helmet. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 secrets about Thor’s hammer that the God of Thunder wouldn’t want to reveal.

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15 Wormholes At A Whim

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor has been shown flying after swinging Mjölnir around his head and throwing it so hard that it takes him along with it. Remarkably enough, in the comics, he can throw the hammer with so much more strength that it essentially opens up a wormhole that his allies can use to travel through time and space.

14 The Hammer Giveth, the Hammer Take It Awayeth

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For many years in the comics, fans of Thor not only got to know him as the Asgardian God of Thunder he could become while touching his hammer but also as the human he was most of the time. Unfortunately for him, the fact that he needed his hammer to become Thor also meant that if he lost contact with Mjölnir for more than a minute he would lose his powers.

13 The Cost of Its Creation

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Due to the fact that Thor’s Hammer is an incredibly powerful weapon that gives its wielder the powers of a god, it makes sense that its creation was a huge event. Still, the amount of destruction that was unleashed during its creation is amazing. After all, creating the mighty Mjölnir created a massive explosion that nearly destroyed the Earth and led to the mass destruction of the dinosaurs.

12 It Can Remove Things From Existence

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While Thor generally seems to hold back from unleashing his full abilities in order to avoid taking his foe’s lives, as it turns out his hammer has the ability to destroy things on a molecular level. This is the case because it can create antimatter which in the comics, means it can erase things from existence.

11 Thor Incarnate?

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During an interesting Thor related storyline, the God of Thunder was taken out only to have his body reconstituted. That only meant so much, however, as the new version of Thor was a husk. Fortunately, once he held Mjölnir his memories and personality returned which implies the hammer stored his essence.

10 Angry Red Unworthy Wielder

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Ever since Thor first debuted, it has been said that only the worthy can wield his mighty hammer but it should be noted that in comics rules are often made to be broken. For instance, in 2008’s Hulk Vol. 2 # 5, The Red Hulk uses the mighty weapon after Thor follows him into outer space since the lack of gravity allowed the big red guy to pick the hammer up.

9 A Froggy Knock-Off Exists

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During an infamous Marvel storyline, the real Thor is turned into a frog which leads to him meeting and befriending another amphibian who claims to also be a human in disguise. Years after that happened, it turns out that Thor’s former froggy friend somehow got his hands on a shard of Mjölnir and combined it with the hoof of an angry goat to create Frogjolnir.

8 Material Defence

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Obviously, an extremely powerful weapon, it often seems like Thor’s hammer can pierce anything it comes into contact with. However, in the comics, there have been several times in which things made of certain materials were impervious to its strikes. In fact, we know that items made of Uru and adamantium can withstand a blow from Mjölnir and it seems likely that vibranium can too.

7 One Man Unworthy Crew

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Throughout the years, there has been no doubt that Thor Odinson has been the character who is most associated with Mjölnir. However, all of that was undone when Nick Fury whispered into Thor’s ear, “Gorr was right” which alluded to someone the Asgardians failed to help. Incredibly enough, planting that thought into Odinson’s mind made him question himself so much that he was rendered unworthy.

6 Resurrections

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When most people think of Thor, the fact that he can be pretty naïve probably doesn’t come to mind. However, in the comics, it was revealed that Thor was tricked into fighting on behalf of the wrong side during World War II. In that role, he fought a British hero named Union Jack and took his life only to see the error of his ways so he used the powers his hammer gives him to resurrect the fallen hero.

5 It Can Give Others Superpowers

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In the previous entry, we touched on the time Thor took Union Jack’s life only to quickly use his hammer’s powers to resurrect his peer. What we didn’t touch on is the fact that once Union Jack was alive again he’d gained the ability to control lightning. If word got out that Thor can give people superpowers like that, we can only imagine how many people would be asking him to empower them.

4 Hammer in Disguise

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Given the amount of power that wielding Mjölnir gives to a person, keeping it away from the masses is of grave importance. As such, Thor would never want people to know that not only can his weapon turn people into Thor but that at various times in its history it has turned into a walking stick when not in use as a weapon.

3 Mjölnir Damaged Jane Foster’s Body

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For those of you who don’t know it, for quite a while Jane Foster wielded Mjölnir which gave her the powers of Thor but also led to her losing her life. This the case because, as it turns out, transforming into Thor eliminates all toxins and radiation from the body. That may sound great but at the time Jane was fighting cancer, so becoming Thor nullified her chemotherapy treatment which allowed that disease to destroy her body.

2 Its Sentient Form

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Once Jane Foster gained the powers of Thor in the comics, she discovered some amazing things about Mjölnir. For example, during a relatively recent storyline, her identity as the new Thor was in danger of being exposed. Thankfully for her, the hammer managed to project a sentient human form that looked like her human self and carried on discussions with people while she was in the same room as Thor.

1 Rewritten Enchantment

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During a recent storyline, a villainous version of Captain America from another reality managed to pick up Thor’s hammer to the astonishment of everyone. Baffling at first, it was then revealed that the reason this could happen is that a member of Hydra used the Cosmic Cube to rewrite Mjölnir’s enchantment to say only the strong could lift it.

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