'Three's Comedy' Interview Exclusive: Joe DeVito Discusses Good Problems For Comedians

In honor of the new comedy album, Three's Comedy being released on August 10th, TheThings recently had the opportunity to talk with three stand-up comedians, Joe DeVitoVicky Kuperman, and Kyle Ocasio. DeVito, Kuperman, and Ocasio are break-out comedy stars who joined hilarious forces to record their comedy album which is available now on iTunes or Amazon. We decided it was best to get our questions answered by each of these jovial artists individually.

A former journalist and advertising writer, Joe DeVito is living his dream as a comedian who performs nationwide. He's best known for his dead-on timing as well as dramatic and unexpected twists in his stand-up routines. His signature style of comedy has made him one of the most craved acts at well-known comedy clubs across the country. DeVito has over 150 television appearances... and counting!

Please enjoy our interview and the laughs that are sure to follow with this popular jokester!

TheThings: How did the three of you meet and decide to team up for your 2018 comedy album Three’s Comedy?

Joe DeVito: We’ve all been friends for years from bumping into each other at shows in NYC. I wanted to put out a follow-up to my album First Date but I was in the mood to do something different. When Kyle contacted me and brought up the idea of doing a collaboration and I thought “This is perfect - one third the work!”

TH: The name Three’s Comedy is very clever. How did you decide on that name?

JD: We kicked around a lot of ideas based off the number 3, but they all sounded too sexual. Kyle and Vicky already shot down my idea of recording the album naked - or even meeting me naked at an undisclosed location - so we figured we should keep things clean.

TH: Do you each relate to a particular character from Three’s Company, Jack, Janet and Chrissy and in what way?

JD: I’m more of a Mr. Furley. Let’s keep the noise down, young people!


TH: Can you tell us how your comedic styles are similar and different from one another?

JD: That was one of the best parts - we knew there wouldn’t be any overlap in our material. We’re at different points in our lives as far as relationships, kids, etc. Plus we didn’t want it to be like so many shows in NYC where a bunch of comics who look different all have the same complaints about Tinder.

TH: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a comedian?

JD: The pathetic grab for attention started in childhood, but it never occurred to me to get onstage until I was in my 30s. I’ll have to thank the coworkers at my suffocating corporate job for talking me into it.

TH: Can you tell us a little bit about your first time on stage?

JD: I signed up for a class where we met twice, then they threw us onstage in front of friends and family. Somehow I made it through my 5 minutes without fainting or soiling myself and thought, “I would like to do this again!”



TH: What advice would you have for some of our readers who might be aspiring comedians but have reservations about speaking in public/rejection, etc?

JD: Set a deadline and don’t give yourself a way to weasel out. I tried it as a goof and it changed my life, so you never know what could happen for you.

TH: Where do you draw inspiration for your acts?

JD: Just pay attention - the world will give you more material than you can handle. At first you won’t know what to talk about, but after a while you’ll spend all your time writing in a notebook muttering, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

TH: Can you briefly walk us through the process of preparing for a performance (writing, rehearsal, booking, etc.)?

JD: For Three’s Comedy, we chose The Duplex because it’s given us great memories. It wasn’t until before the show when the sense of history sunk in - looking at the posters of Joan Rivers, Woody Allen, Rodney Dangerfield on the walls. The crowd that night was so hot I remember telling my first few jokes and thinking “There’s no way this is going to sound real on the album.” That’s a good problem to have.


TH: Do you have any funny or interesting rituals for good luck that you perform before going on stage?

JD: My stage fright used to make me vomit before shows or even open mics. Filthy comedy club bathrooms cured me of that.

TH: Do you each have a favorite bit from Three’s Comedy and if so, what makes it your favorite?

JD: After hearing the final edits of all our sets, I was impressed with how the album worked as one piece. It’s a good recreation of a kick-ass live show.

TH: Besides your comedy album Three’s Comedy which can be found across all audio distribution platforms, can you tell us about any new upcoming projects you are working on or where you’ll be performing at next?

JD: All posted at www.joedevito.com and twitter.com/joedevitocomedy

TH: Finally, can you tell our readers what your favorite book is or the book you’ve most recently enjoyed?

JD: Reading is for nerds. Buy our album!

Thanks so much for your time, Joe!

You can get more info about Joe DeVito by visiting his website and don't forget to treat your earbuds to the group's new album on AudibleiTunes, or Amazon. It's available now!


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