'Three's Comedy' Interview Exclusive: Kyle Ocasio Discusses Why She Tells A New Joke At Every Show

Recently, The Things had the chance to chat with Kyle Ocasio, Vicky Kuperman, and Joe DeVito, stand-up comedians who teamed up to record the newly released comedy album, Three's Comedy which is available now on iTunes or Amazon. We took this opportunity to get some of our questions answered by these break-out artists, one by one.

Kyle Ocasio moved to New York City when she was just 18 from Ohio. Since then she has been making people laugh in New York as well as all over the country, performing stand-up and touring for well over a decade. Recently, Ocasio hosted Optimum TV's Soccer Mom Goals where she hilariously commented on the 2018 World Cup.

Ocasio has also been featured on the Fox News satirical political comedy show, Red Eye and has been a panelist on Fox & FriendsIn 2015, Rooftop Comedy released her debut album Tell Mommy Your Name Again which you're likely to catch on Sirius XM. Her sophomore album, Three's Comedy, is shaping up to be just as, if not more, successful.

Enjoy our interview with this uproarious gal!

TheThings: How did the three of you meet and decide to team up for your 2018 comedy album Three’s Comedy?

Kyle Ocasio: I met Joe my first year in comedy and he was always sort of a mentor that turned into a friend and we worked together a lot in recent years. Vicky, I knew but got to know better at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser where protesters were yelling at us. We were like, we just came here to tell jokes and collect a check not get pictures of fetuses thrown in our face. Then we went on tour together in Europe. Since I had been working with them both I thought it would be great to dive into a collaboration.

TH: The name Three’s Comedy is very clever. How did you decide on that name?

KO: We played around with so many titles and this one came from I think, Vicky. As soon as I saw it written, I was like "YES!" I could envision it and it summed up what we were about, three comics making people laugh. With the obvious homage to one of the best and stupidest TV shows of all time.


TH: Do you each relate to a particular character from Three’s Company: Jack, Janet and Chrissy and in what way?

KO: I'm more like one of the reoccurring characters that would hang out at the Regal Beagle.

TH: Can you tell us how your comedic styles are similar and different from one another?

KO: Well I guess we are all funny? I mean that's the point right? The material is unique but many similar themes. I talk about how hard it is to raise kids and be in a difficult marriage (that has since dissolved) but while those specifics are different than what Vicky and Joe talk about, the material carries the same frustration of dating in your 40's that Joe touches on or the chaos of having a younger husband and dog children that Vicky shares.

TH: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a comedian?

KO: When I realized how stupid everything is and the only cure is to comment on it and spin it differently. Also having an emotionally unavailable father kind of kicked the desire into high gear.

TH: Can you tell us a little bit about your first time on stage?

KO: It was at The Comic Strip Live on a bringer show where I'm pretty sure I brought 20 people. I was funny but talked way too fast because I was nervous. There was such an immediate high after that first laugh and you just keep chasing it.

TH: What advice would you have for some of our readers who might be aspiring comedians but have reservations about speaking in public/rejection, etc?

KO: Don't overthink it. If you want to do it, just go for it and stop your brain from giving you reasons not too. If you aren't nervous about something then it's not exciting!

TH: Where do you draw inspiration for your acts?

KO: Mostly my family, particularly my children, but in recent years I have been drawing from memories of my own childhood. I also talk more about getting older and as a woman how that feels scary sometimes, how it affects your idea of self-worth.

TH: Can you briefly walk us through the process of preparing for a performance? (writing, rehearsal, booking, etc.)

KO: In a perfect world I have an hour to journal and then I write out a set list. In actuality, I only spend about 20 min a day (in the morning) journaling and then on the subway to the comedy club I write out my set list. To keep myself from getting bored I always make sure I do one new joke every set. Sometimes they tank, sometimes they are keepers.


TH: Do you have any funny or interesting rituals for good luck that you perform before going on stage?

KO: Most of the time I am running late and just run in and go up the adrenaline really works for me. But if I'm on the road you usually have to get there with plenty of time so I try to talk to the other comics if they are interesting. Sometimes in my head, I say to myself "You are a funny a** b****." The mix of abusive positivity really helps me in an odd way.

TH: Do you each have a favorite bit from Three’s Comedy and if so, what makes it your favorite?

KO: I should say one of my own tracks, but I love Joe's bit about "cutting a deal" you will have to listen to hear it! I am proud that I got more personal. It's not always easy to be vulnerable AND funny but I think I accomplished it on this album.

TH: Besides your comedy album Three’s Comedy which can be found across all audio distribution platforms, can you tell us about any new upcoming projects you are working on or where you’ll be performing at next?

KO: My schedule is on www.kyleocasio.com or on my Twitter @ocasiokyle.

TH: Finally, can you tell our readers what your favorite book is or the book you’ve most recently enjoyed?

KO: My favorite book is Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like A Skank. It's a hilarious collection of essays. And if we are getting deep, The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. But Three's Comedy is really funnier and deeper than both of those!

Thanks for chatting with us, Kyle!

You can visit Kyle Ocasio's site for more info on this very funny lady and don't forget to check out their hilarious album on AudibleiTunes, or Amazon. It's available now!


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