Tiger And Puppy Play Together At Russian Zoo

Amazing things have been happening in Russia as of late. And if you're a soccer fan, you'd know that as you've probably been keeping an eye on the World Cup.

It's been a tournament full of surprises. The defending champion, Germany, has been sent packing, while the likes of underdog sides Japan, Sweden, and Mexico have been wowing the crowds.

Apparently, Russia is the place to be these days, and even the animals are getting along just fine - maybe they have some World Cup spirit too. While hardly synonymous with peace and tranquillity, the entire country seems to be on its best behavior lately, and it's filtering all the way down.

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Would-be enemies in normal circumstances, in accordance with nature, have formed an unlikely bond and look to be enjoying each other's company in a video you'll see below. A tiger cub and a young puppy had the frolic of their lives playing in a Russian zoo, and footage of the adorable pair has since surfaced online.

Apart from being surprising, the sight of the two animals simply enjoying a session of tail-tugging and a pretend fight was indeed heartwarming. It's possibly the cutest play-fight you'll ever get to see. The Vladivostok Zoo in Russia currently houses these two lovable, young animals and they were the ones who put the video online, giving us a glimpse of how amazing these unlikely animal friends could get along, even if just for few seconds.

What's even more amazing is the fact that the tiger is named Taigan and the dog is named Alabai. "What's so special about that? " you may ask. Well, Taigan is actually the name of a dog breed, albeit one not officially recognized by the FCI (the biggest international federation of kennel clubs).

Alabai is also the name of a breed of dog, specifically the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. It's not that amazing as this young pup is a dog (duh) and more than likely an actual Alabai. But the tiger cub being called Taigan is quite the cool factoid.

Whether Taigan was named before or after he/she began showing a liking for puppies is unknown. But we're really hoping the folks at the zoo give us another update on the pair of friends when they're a bit bigger.

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