Time To Make The Chimichangas: 15 Deadpool Memes To Get Us Ready For The Sequel

Deadpool succeeded despite warnings that it may not do well (because it was an R-rated superhero film). Statistics proved that Wade Wilson/Deadpool's story was compelling enough that it was a big success in the box office despite the R-rating! In fact, we're sure that some teens most likely snuck into the theatre.

Unlike other superheroes whose vigilante activities sour their mood, Deadpool managed to keep his sense of humor. Fans of his film are aware that no one would have been able to do this after everything Wade Wilson went through in order to stay alive. Despite the fact that many complained that the plot was riddled with too many tasteless jokes, the rest of us know that Deadpool's fourth-wall-breaking moments were some of his best.

Needless to say, we're looking forward to the sequel! Here are some memes that show us why.

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15 The many faces of Deadpool

Via Guioteca

Deadpool requested a costume that wasn't green when he was made into the antihero we all know and love. This was a clever joke thrown in to make fun of Ryan Reynolds' previous role as Green Lantern several years earlier (in case you didn't know, that film did terribly). Since he doesn't take himself seriously, we can bet that Deadpool himself would love seeing this!

This meme shows Wade Wilson/Deadpool from a variety of universes and compares him to his squeaky clean counterparts. It's evident that he can pull off being Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain Deadpool, and even a Transformer! His costume can even double as Green Lantern's even cooler counterpart.

Take a closer look and you'll notice how the artist of this meme even turned Deadpool into a manga. Who can resist watching him fight in such an alternative universe? After all, Deadpool's skill with the sword and his wit would be appreciated in the complex worlds we often see in anime films.

Regardless of what Marvel says, we feel Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool would excel in any of these iterations of this hero. Since we know Deadpool is part of the X-Men universe, we wonder whether or not he'll eventually make an appearance with our favorite mutants. Perhaps Deadpool 2 will clue us in!

14 Finally, a hilarious hero with abilities!

Although we love the X-Men, we can't help but notice how relatively serious most of the mutants are. Then, along came Deadpool, who proved that enduring harsh treatment and acquiring mutations doesn't mean you have to be gloomy all the time.

We still love traditionally squeaky-clean heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Captain America. But on the other hand, we admire the writers of Deadpool for giving us an R-rated antihero at long last. It just wouldn't have been right if the "merc with a mouth" wasn't allowed to spew his vulgarities, y'know?

The offensive jokes and playful banter between Wade and his best friend, Weasel, gave us a more human character. Though Pool-boy's smart mouth often gets him into trouble with villains and heroes alike, it also added balance to the film. Other filmmakers credited Deadpool for opening the door for R-rated superhero films and TV shows that adults can enjoy as well.

Plus, Ryan Reynold's stance and body language in this image is hilarious. This meme uses Deadpool's own sense of humor and speaks for anyone who enjoys telling jokes that push audiences to their limits. Deadpool 2 promises plenty of action and additional wisecracks. We can't wait to have new hilarious one-liners to repeat at parties and other suitable (perhaps unsuitable?) occasions.

13 Teasing the Empire...

Via Pinterest

The Jedi never had the nerve to crack jokes around Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, or Supreme Leader Snoke. Deadpool has already lived through some horrific things in order to beat cancer, and he'd never be afraid to challenge someone from the Dark Side. With every Star Wars spin-off film coming out, it only makes sense that someone thought of this here meme. Those who follow DC, MCU, the Arrowverse, X-Men, and other famous geeky universes know that we can expect Deadpool to throw in some hidden jabs at fellow superheroes. Maybe he'd make fun of Darth Vader for having a traffic-cone for a head?

We could see him making fun of Kylo Ren's "scar" and then laughing over the entire exchange at Mos Eisley along with Han Solo.

After all, their desire to work alone and penchant for getting into trouble would probably make these characters great friends! Plus, this meme is reminiscent of all the times a different character infiltrated the Empire. Let's face it: Deadpool would probably feel cool dressed as a stormtrooper. but he'd probably complain about how uncomfortable the suits are. We know we would! When Deadpool 2 is released, we'll have to pay attention to any jokes that make fun of the many Star Wars films coming out these days!

12  Who's Captain America?

Fans are obviously into the Deadpool/MCU mashups. This genius found a perfectly timed scene that turned Deadpool into Captain America for just a few seconds. Although, we're sure this car rim doesn't provide the same amount of protection as Steve Rogers' vibranium shield. But that's why we love Deadpool! He always finds a way to mock someone else in a cocky and sarcastic way!

Though Steve Rogers is known for being a bit squeaky-clean, we think he may appreciate Wade Wilson's good nature. How can Captain America not appreciate someone who drops at least 10 profanities in one sentence? Plus, both men know what it's like to feel different.

Perhaps someone at Marvel can make something happen between Deadpool and the MCU that would show us how the Avengers would react to his antics. But hey, one thing we're grateful for is that Deadpool doesn't need a vibranium shield. He can regenerate so quickly that there'd be no need for one! His weapon skills are also on par with that of other superheroes we know and love.

As the film is released, we can't wait to see what fans mash up with Deadpool. We've already established that Wade Wilson could pass as any character, and he'd help us come up with ideas, too!

11 That Time Tony Stark Found a Kindred Spirit

With his genteel manners, we can see Captain America going head-to-head with Tony Stark quite often. It's only natural that, once again, fans notice how this would be the case with Deadpool if he and Stark ever met. On the upside, Tony Stark and Deadpool would get up to some great trouble. Though their senses of humor are different, we can see them getting together and making Pepper Potts feel nervous with their antics. Even though Wade isn't exactly up to speed when it comes to science, we really feel that he and stark would bond.

Especially when it comes down to ganging up on Captain America.

We've all yelled out curse words or made crude jokes. Keeping Captain America's moral code is a bit tougher for those of us who prefer a slightly less strict approach at life. Here, we see how Captain America gets left behind after Iron Man and Deadpool decide that they're each other's snarky soulmates (sorry, Spidey!). It's all in good fun, though. Captain America has grown a lot since his last films, so he actually might just favor some of Deadpool's jokes. At least once in a while. We can't wait to see what other "adventures" Deadpool will go on with other members of the Avengers. Thank you, Internet!

10 Dogpool Adventure Time!

If you read his comics, Deadpool's got several different versions of himself. Such as Dogpool, Lady Deadpool and Squirrelpool. But, more importantly, each version of Deadpool is always as delightful as Wade Wilson himself. One must also keep in mind that many geeks out there are great at meshing various universes together.

Someone clearly loves Deadpool and Adventure Time enough to fuse them together in this adorable combo. We know that TV shows often make references to current pop culture trends. As such we're sure the characters from Adventure Time have referenced Deadpool.

After all, Cartoon Network is probably in full support of Deadpool's colouful language and biting sarcasm, right? Not only does this image remind us why the film is so great, fans and artists have had a lot of fun turning Deadpool into countless hilarious memes. The guys is a meme-machine!

This piece of fanart reminds us that we can look forward to many mash-ups, references, and nods from fellow TV shows and films. As fans of the X-Men universe, it's always fun to see how TV and film writers are big geeks just like us! Is it too late for Deadpool 2 to include references to Dogpool? Or is that going to have to wait until part 3?

9 Battle of the Chimichanga

Via CBR.com

Deadpool makes references to chimichangas quite often. While most Americans understood the joke right away, fans from other parts of the world  had to Google the word. Including Mexico, because chimichangas are an American thing. Many were baffled when they discovered that a chimichanga is just a fried burrito! It turns out that Wade Wilson just likes saying the word, though. His apparent love for chimichangas is in line with his well-publicized love of tacos and pancakes. Fans who read the Deadpool comics already knew this.

This could be a way to satisfy fans who want to make sure that the film version of Deadpool matches the comic version.

More to the point, watching Deadpool battle with Spider-Man would be hilarious! Tom Holland's portrayal of Spider-Man is gentle, kind, and witty. Fighting Deadpool would force us to see how Spider-Man can dish jokes, and this generation's Spider-Man shows some serious potential in that arena. Plus, this meme shows us that some fans may feel that there are too many superhero films in the industry today. Perhaps they're clamoring for a more practical approach to the type of fights they'd get into? Hey, it can't always be the end of the world in a superhero film. Sometimes, a fight just comes down to who gets the chimichanga.

8 You know that's really hard on your knees

Fans have been comparing Spider-Man to Deadpool ever since they realized that each superhero depends on humor while in battle. Plus, the costumes sort of look alike. Also, both heroes show a heightened sense of agility despite the different ways they've obtained their abilities.

We can forget about the fact that Spider-Man and Deadpool belong to a separate universe; fans obviously have no problem putting these universes together in order to make us laugh.

Here, we see a few carefully selected scenes from Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War. Though this exchange isn't real, the power of the Internet knows no bounds!

Someone took the time to put these together to get a chuckle out of us. We can't picture Deadpool actually fighting Spider-Man once he realizes that they're both good guys. They'd both have fun challenging each other once they learn how their powers came to be.

What we know so far is that Deadpool 2 includes a team called the X-Force, and this could shed some light on Wade Wilson's leadership style. There's a chance that he may indeed resort to wisecracks in order to help his team improve. It'll be interesting to watch Deadpool's followers deal with his comments.

7 The only guy insane enough to troll Thanos

Via Pinterest

If you're reading this, then you know that Deadpool is based on a Marvel character. However, he is not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means that, yes, X-Men are also Marvel characters who aren't part of the MCU. Regardless of the different universes at play here, only Deadpool would dare to jump universes just so he could use a whoopie cushion on Thanos. You know, Thanos? The huge purple guy that has all Infinity stones at his disposal? That Thanos? Thanos seems to have a twisted understanding of balance in the universe.

Though the X-Men and other heroes that appear in their universe deal with plenty of evil doers, none are as stubborn as Thanos.

With all the jokes and Easter eggs we can expect to find in Deadpool 2, we're sure Wade Wilson has something to say about Infinity War. A practical joke would certainly throw Thanos off-guard and make for a pretty funny scene. We wonder whether or not Deadpool and the X-Force may rely on humor to distract the bad guys. Who're we kidding. of COURSE they will! Anyways, many teenagers have used this technique to obtain laughs. If they can succeed, then so can Deadpool.

6 Why can't I hold all these tacos?

Via Pinterest

Fighting off forces of evil can definitely make a guy hungry. Even one that is as good-natured as Deadpool (well, good-natured in a sarcastic way) is bound to get hangry. Deadpool can quickly regenerate his body, which is why he can seem so unstoppable. Unfortunately, having to heal serious wounds at a fast rate can wreak havoc on your metabolism.

We can see how just one or two tacos might not be enough for him, especially after kicking some serious butt. Back to Deadpool's love of chimichangas, we wonder if this meme is a foreshadowing of a new food that he's bound to crave in the sequel.

A superhero has to grow and evolve in order to stay relevant. Exploring different foods is key to one's refinement! It builds character! Bottom line is, although we love Deadpool's devotion to chimichangas, it might be high time for a change. One never knows.

Wade Wilson seems to really love tacos and pancakes very much. We agree he has excellent taste in food. This meme also shows us that superheroes still have very human concerns despite the large tasks ahead of them. Carrying a large number of tacos is a very serious concern, than you very much!

5  True Love never fails

Via Pinterest

The origin of Wade and Vanessa's relationship is a bit more risqué than that of romances we've seen in other superhero films. Wade Wilson loves Vanessa so much that he wants to spare her from the pain of dealing with his experimentation symptoms. In the end, though, Vanessa proves to be understanding of the circumstances surrounding their break-up. After all, Wade had good intention! True love has a way of keeping people together despite their circumstances. However, One fan noticed that Vanessa never truly let go of Wade while he was away. She kept his jacket the entire time as a souvenir!

Despite looking disheveled after Deadpool rescued her, they both look happy to be reunited.

We learn that, eventually, Wade and Vanessa reconcile their relationship after so much time apart. Deadpool makes us laugh and gives us the story of someone who can overcome all obstacles. The film shows that even the most foul-mouthed anti-hero can find love despite what he's been through. This is one of the more endearing scenes of the film. it shows us how the director really thought about how subtle props can still say a lot about a character. We can't wait to see how Vanessa and Wade's relationship progresses in Deadpool 2.

4 Green Deadpool Lantern

Where Deadpool is considered a great film, Green Lantern didn't have as much luck. One good thing that the film did give us is the power couple of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. It just goes to prove that good things happen even on the set of bad films.

Fans have had a great time with pointing out how Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool proves that second chances do exist! That doesn't mean that they'll right the wrong of a past mistake, though. We'd be willing to bet that Deadpool would enjoy flying around space with the Green Lantern's awesome ring. He could conjure up anything he wants with that thing! think of the destruction and chaos! Or he'd create food with it.

Space chimichangas sound like they'd be delicious. Deadpool would also have a great time messing around with others in space. Plus, nothing would be cooler than being able to procure your suit just by using a ring. With Deadpool's skill level, he'd actually be able to do great things with the Green Lanter's power ring.

Perhaps a mash-up of these characters will help Ryan Reynolds prove that he can truly play both characters? Who knows? But fans of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are sure to keep some great memes coming.

3 Of course...

With his signature brand of jokes, we know that Deadpool would hold a can of Raid if he ever saw Spider-Man and Ant-Man. Never mind that he'd need a much bigger bottle in order for it to have an impact. Spider-Man would probably have a good laugh over this attempt at a prank! Though Deadpool is a mutant, it's clear that fans are clamoring for some sort of crossover between him and the MCU. They do sort of fit in together since the MCU could totally use the equivalent of a class clown.

Deadpool has given something fresh to superhero films that many producers thought they couldn't get away with before.

Deadpool showed us all that it's still possible to innovate large-budget superhero films. We're looking forward to Deadpool 2 because it may prove that there's more where that came from. Wade Wilson is constantly regenerating. That means that those responsible for bringing him to the screen have to keep generating  new ideas as well! Plus, real fans know and understand that Deadpool would never actually kill a fellow superhero. He'd just engage in friendly banter or use a fake can of Raid to get his point across. Duh!

2 Wade can show you the world

Via imgur.com

Fans went crazy as soon as Disney purchased Marvel. There were jokes about MCU characters as Disney princesses and princes galore. Naturally, fans had to insert Deadpool into several scenarios that he normally wouldn't be a part of.

Princess Jasmine looks a bit perplexed at Deadpool's appearance, but anyone would be confused if someone rode to their house on a flying carpet. We sure would be! Not to worry, though. We think that even Deadpool has some limits and would be a perfect gentleman to the princess.

With her desire to see the world at any cost, we assume that Jasmine would probably be okay with getting a text from Deadpool every now and again. The creator of this image took some great pains to make the animated version of Deadpool truly look like he belongs in the world of Disney.

It's clear that everyone loves Deadpool so much that they don't mind spending the time to create carefully-drawn memes. We can't decide whether or not this is a great meme or a feat of animation. As Disney gains control of more of the Marvel Universe, we wonder what the Internet will come up with next!

1 The circle of life

Now that Disney owns Marvel, it makes sense to combine MCU with Disney classics such as The Lion King. There's also no reason to get offended at this ceremony because Deadpool is technically old enough to be Peter Parker's father. Plus, he's showing the world that Spider-Man is worthy of respect. Respect and protect this sweet boy! We can't help but laugh at this meme because Deadpool is a lot of things, but he's not as wise as Rafiki. The entire idea of superheroes standing on Pride Rock shows us that there was at least one fan with a lot of time on their hands.

The attention to detail is impeccable.

Plus, Spider-Man does make an adorable Simba! We do know that Deadpool 2 includes a teenage mutant who will probably end up taking orders from Deadpool or working with him somehow. Does this mean that we can expect some dad jokes from Wade Wilson for this character? Perhaps he'll share some pearls of wisdom? Deadpool is certainly no father figure, but we still think he has a lot to teach youngsters who think that people over 30 can't be cool. Ryan Reynolds and various other actors have proven that this isn't the case, and he's going to prove it again in Deadpool 2. We can't wait!

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