20 Times Blizzard Lied To Us

There was a time when Blizzard was synonymous with the highest level of quality, where almost everything they touched virtually turned to gold.

This is the company that birthed the literally perfect RTS, StarCraft, the definitive dungeon crawler, Diablo, and the text book definition of an MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

However, Blizzard’s reputation slowly declined as time went on. Among their sins was Activision hivemind’s influencing them, their questionable design choices, lack of transparency, bizarrely smug attitude and, perhaps worst of all, the endless flood of blatant lies.

To be fair, they had been lying for years, but it’s finally reached a point where it’s overtly offensive, and with our list of the 20 Times Blizzard Lied To Us (And What They Did Instead), we’re discussing the company’s worst betrayals.

20 They Deny The Existence Of Certain Games

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Recently, insider sources reported that a Battlefield-esque shooter set in the StarCraft universe had been cancelled.

When pressed on the matter, Blizzard diverted from answering the question directly, and basically denied such a project had ever existed.

This is a bummer, because the StarCraft universe is increasingly looking like the last bastion of old-school Blizzard, and we want to see more of it.

19 Diablo Is Family Friendly

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Anyone who has played the Diablo series knows that they are dark, gothic, grimy, gory, and eerie horror-themed games that you’d have a lot of difficult attempting to describe as “family friendly.”

Blizzard, on the other hand, has essentially made that exact claim by toning down the world of Diablo for future installments, which betrays the entire aura of the series.

18 “Play However You Want”

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One of Blizzard’s biggest talking points regarding Overwatch was that you could pick whatever character you wanted, get into any kind of team you wanted, and play whatever way you wanted to, and you’d still have fun.

That’s a lovely sentiment, but it’s not true now, and it wasn’t true then. Instead, there were very clear optimum team make-ups, and if you weren’t part of them, you were left in the dust.

17 They Promise To Actually Implement Feedback

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Daemon X Machina’s developers released a demo for the Switch, and then asked for feedback from those who played it. They then took that feedback and implemented it into their game, making everyone happier in the process.

Blizzard claims that they’re happy to implement feedback into their games, too, but, as history shows us, they rarely do, no matter how much the majority of their players beg them.

16 They Flat Out Denied Hacking Exists For StarCraft II

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As the long-awaited sequel to arguably the greatest RTS of all time, StarCraft II was a great success with players new and old, casual and competitive.

Unfortunately, like many other online multiplayer games, StarCraft II had its share of hacks, cheats and unauthorized modifications to give unscrupulous players an edge.

However, when prevented with replays and screenshots as evidence, Blizzard dismissed them, claiming that such exploits don’t exist.

Why they’d say this, despite the proof, is beyond our comprehension.

15 They “Learn From Their Mistakes”

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Part of a larger problem that we’ll be discussing later on, Blizzard’s adamancy that they truly learn from their mistakes is one of their most perplexing lies due to just how absurd the statement is.

We can probably count the number of times they've genuinely seemed to “learn their lesson,” and no matter how many times they say they do, the statement will never be totally truthful.

14 They Claim Multiple Projects Exist

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Like a parent giving candy to an unruly child to get them off their back, anytime Blizzard faces criticism for bad decisions or upsetting news, their go-to method for calming down fans is to assure them that they’re “working on multiple projects of x, y or z.”

They say this fairly often, and it’s sounding more and more like empty promises, since we’ve seen little-to-no proof of these “other projects.”

Admittedly, this is a little bit of speculation on our end, but there’s currently no reason to believe Blizzard regarding these matters.

13 Garrosh’s True Nature

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The Warcraft series, World of Warcraft in particular, has dense and increasingly complicated lore. So much so, in fact, that Blizzard themselves have occasionally been corrected by fans.

However, sometimes Blizzard just straight up lies about upcoming stories or character arcs. Take Garrosh, for example: multiple people repeatedly claimed that he would not become a villain. Guess what? Garrosh became a villain.

12 Throwing Lower Ranked Players To The Wolves

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Matchmaking isn’t an exact science, and it’s far from being consistently reliable or perfected by just about every modern day multiplayer-focused developer, including Blizzard.

Back in 2017, though, Overwatch’s matchmaking broke some of the most basic rules of the concept, and betrayed the trust players put into Blizzard’s system.

In short, high ranked players were getting a few first-timers within their competitive team, and the results weren’t pretty.

11 Sylvanas’ Story Arc

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Earlier, we spoke about the World of Warcraft character, Garrosh, who Blizzard swore up and down would not become a villain.

Spoiler alert: he did.

Unfathomably, Blizzard recently pulled what is essentially the exact same scam, this time in regards to Sylvanas.

After multiple straight denials, Sylvanas (unsurprisingly) turned heel, and the fans didn’t take it well.

10 The Lazy Lie Of Omission

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Heroes of the Storm’s matchmaking was suffering from lengthy queue times due to a system in which Quick Matches would require teams to have a Support, Tank and Ranged character.

Eventually, this “requirement” was altered in order to alleviate the queue times, but Blizzard failed to ADEQUATELY inform the player base of this change, with the on-screen tips still proclaiming the strict rules.

To be fair, this wasn’t an intentional lie, but one borne out of failing to make a proper announcement and change an in-game message.

9 The Promise Of Increased Communication

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Public opinion of Blizzard has violently plummeted from the heights they enjoyed in their earlier years, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the company.

Hoping to restore some faith and trust, Blizzard promised that they would dramatically increase their communication with fans.

Sadly, they’ve basically done the exact opposite, and you can easily find pages after pages of unacknowledged cries for help on their support forums.

8 Diablo Immortal Is A "Real Diablo Game"

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To be fair, Diablo Immortal isn’t out yet, but there are quite a few reasons to be concerned about its design and quality, thanks to it being a mobile game by a notorious microtransaction-happy company.

In an attempt at damage control, Blizzard has adamantly stated that Diablo Immortal will be a genuine Diablo game.

However, if recent track records are anything to go by, that simply won’t be the case.

7 Offering “Rewards” (That Are Meaningless)

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When it comes to Overwatch, many fans believe that Blizzard has a bad habit of only paying genuine attention to the hardest core competitive players, aiming to build the game around their desires.

Because of this, it can be hard to find success in the competitive arena for more casual players, so Blizzard decided to entice them with a worthwhile reward.

Turns out the “reward” wasn’t worth the effort, leaving countless rookies fried from the foolish pursuit.

6 Balancing Attempts Do The Exact Opposite

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Balancing games is incredibly difficult, especially when you don’t want to extensively alter fundamental concepts.

Like many other popular competitive games, Overwatch was in need of some tweaks in order to ensure a more even and fair experience, and Blizzard claimed they were doing exactly that when it came to balancing.

In reality, though, their “balancing” attempts created far more imbalances, and Blizzard tried to play it off like it was part of the plan.

5 The Swore They Wouldn’t Censor Cards

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Blizzard’s competitive digital card game, Hearthstone, has captured the hearts of a multitude of players, and continues to be one of the more popular games in their stable.

Very recently, however, Blizzard threatened the gravy train by inexplicably censoring some card art.

Many assumed this was done to get around cultural differences in the Chinese market, but Blizzard strongly denied the accusation… clearly forgetting that they had more-or-less admitted to the tactic at a previous Blizzcon.

4 They Promised To Support Heroes Of The Storm

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Heroes of the Storm was Blizzard’s half-hearted attempt to break into the ultra-popular MOBA market, and it was almost immediately clear that they weren’t firing on all cylinders in terms of focus, resources or care.

Heroes of the Storm ended up finding only middling success, but Blizzard reassured players that they would continue to support the game.

… and then they suddenly (and sloppily) cancelled all HOTS eSports, ruining the careers of multiple professional players.

3 “StarCraft: Ghost Isn’t Cancelled”

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StarCraft: Ghost was intended to be a third-person stealth/action hybrid taking place in the StarCraft universe. It was repeatedly delayed and would eventually fall completely into the shadows.

So, most people would assume that StarCraft: Ghost was cancelled, and they did.

But Blizzard? “No, it’s not cancelled.”

… except it was, and it took them nearly a decade to finally admit it.

2 Pretending That Loot Boxes Are Ethical

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Microtransactions are hated by basically everyone, but Loot Boxes are especially loathed. Loot Box controversy did irreparable damage to Star Wars Battlefront II, and has even caught the attention of governments, who are beginning to see the feature for what it is: gambling.

Blizzard doesn’t agree, though, defending the game's practices. They think that Loot Boxes are “deliver overwhelming value ethically.”

That’s the sorriest attempt we’ve ever seen at making trash seem like anything but.

1 They “Listen To Their Fans”


The most despicable lie that Blizzard has ever uttered (and continues to utter) is that they truly appreciate and “listen to their fans.”

At this point, such a claim is nothing more than soulless corporate PR, as the majority of their disgruntled fan base will happily tell you.

Truly, this particular lie is the core cause of almost every entry on this list, and the fact that they continue to spout it despite reality eternally proving them wrong shows that they’re basically just as blatantly evil as Diablo himself at this point.

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