15 Times Careless Celebs Lost Their Cars

Despite the fact that celebrities have turned into modern-day idols, the fact is that they are definitely still human. From musicians to athletes, actors to reality TV stars, the lucky few who manage to reach the pinnacles of fame in today's society are often as flawed as the rest of us.

The problem that celebrities face, however—that the rest of humanity doesn't have to worry about—is that their lives are subject to scrutiny for the rest of time. Unfortunately, many stars haven't learned to keep their behavior in check and are often caught during public outbursts, getting involved in untoward relationships, and making terrible financial decisions.

The poor choices of celebs can also be pretty entertaining. Keep scrolling for 15 stars who were careless enough to lose their cars.

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15 Akon: Ferrari 458 Italia

via Toni Payne

Akon has a voice that's solid gold in the music industry and his talent has led to a net worth estimated around $80 million. But back in 2014, Akon owned a Ferrari 458 Italia that got him wrapped up in a loan dispute. The Ferrari was repossessed, though surely, Akon can afford to get himself a couple of new cars as consolation.

14 Mike Sorrentino: Bentley Continental GT

via DUB Magazine

Mike Sorrentino became famous for being one of the stars of Jersey Shore and TMZ claimed that the man known as The Situation was number two on the list of highest-paid reality TV stars in 2010. However, Sorrentino soon got caught up in some tax evaion charges, and a towing company claimed that his Bentley Continental GT was repossessed.

13 Lil' Kim: Bentley Continental GT

via Getty Images

Lil' Kim's career has spanned from the 1990s all the way through to today. However, the entirety of that time hasn't been all fun and roses. Lil' Kim became famous for having to file for Chapter 11 but before she went through that indignity herself, her ex-boyfriend Scott Storch also had financial woes. He had bought her a Bentley Continental GT which was subsequently repossessed.

12 Nicolas Cage: Entire Garage

via NinjaJournalist

Nicolas Cage was one of the biggest names in Hollywood during the 1990s and early-2000s. He still cranks out film after film, though the quality of his movies has definitely declined. Part of the reason he seems to never turn down a role is probably because he lost all his money by living lavish and owing massive back taxes. His entire car collection went down the drain along with his career choices.

11 Nene Leakes: Bentley Continental GT

via Rolling Out

Nene Leakes sprung to reality show stardom thanks to her role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her dramatic personality may have been perfect for the scripted content of reality TV but in real life, she's had her fair share of struggles. Once, while out having a meal in Atlanta, her Bentley was repossessed before her very eyes. Luckily, she managed to acquire a Rolls-Royce later on.

10 Sean Kingston: Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

via DUB Magazine

Sean Kingston is a quintessential poster child for the 'One Hit Wonder' phenomenon. Oftentimes, one hit wonders tend to splurge on expensive houses and cars, thinking they're set for life. Despite striking gold with "Beautiful Girls" in 2007, Kingston has clearly struggled and had his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen repoed. The status of his Bentley, above, is unknown.

9 Katy Perry: Volkswagen Jetta

via Carscoops

Katy Perry is currently one of the most successful musicians in the world—but that wasn't always the case. In the mid-2000s, she was struggling to make a name for herself and her Volkswagen Jetta got repossessed. Her fortunes have since changed in a big way and the singer even became the star of the show at a press event for the new Jetta pictured above.

8 Tyga: Ferrari 458 Italia

via People

"Rack City" rapper Tyga is probably most famous for dating Kylie Jenner, who has reached billionaire status thanks to pivoting her career into a line of makeup products. Kylie and Tyga lived large together but the rapper hasn't managed to stay as big as his ex and her finances. He fell behind on payments on a Ferrari 458 Italia; if only Kylie could help.

7 Tyga: Maybach 62 S Landaulet

via Hollywood Street King

Not only did Tyga get his Ferrari taken away but he also managed to lose his 2014 Maybach 62 S Landaulet. TMZ claims the car's note was about $6,000 per month, so it's no surprise that a rapper with a seriously up-and-down career wouldn't be able to stay on top of payments that big. The episode resulted in some drama at Floyd Mayweather's 42nd birthday party, as well.

6 Jermaine Dupri: Lamborghini Murcielago

via Twitter

Rolling Stone reports that Jermaine Dupri, rapper and the mogul behind So So Def record label, had his Lamborghini Murcielago repossessed in 2011. He was taken to court and then the IRS came after him, as well. However, like many of the celebs who lost their cars on this list, Dupri has since been seen with some stellar cars like the Benz above.

5 Jennifer Williams: Bentley Continental GT

via theGrio

Jennifer Williams became famous for being on the first season of Basketball Wives, being married to Eric Williams. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last and during the proceedings that followed, Eric Williams stopped paying for her car, so the repo man came and took her Bentley Continental GT. Luckily, she's got a net worth around $25 million now.

4 Tito Ortiz: Rolls-Royce Phantom

via Auto Trader

Tito Ortiz enjoyed great success in Mixed Martial Arts but less success at managing his finances. Despite a net worth estimated at around $15 million, in 2016, Chael Sonnen claimed Ortiz had gotten his Rolls-Royce Phantom repossessed. Ortiz also damaged his Phantom in an accident, so maybe he should never have had it anyway.

3 Bow Wow: Lamborghini Murcielago

via Twitter

Bow Wow's real name is Shad Moss. He might seem like he should be a gearhead because he showed up in Tokyo Drift but he's spent most of the ensuing years as a TV host and actor. Bow Wow had to give up his Lamborghini and TMZ also reported that he owed $283,000 to a collection agency for missed payments on his Ferrari.

2 Terrell Owens: Jeep Wrangler

via Twitter

Terrell Owens is one of the best wide receivers to ever have played professional football. But just like an athletic career can't last forever, neither can car ownership. After retiring from the NFL, TO signed up for minor league football, playing for the Allen Wranglers. It makes sense they would give him a Jeep Wrangler—though they took it back after he was fired, so maybe that's why he's working with DirecTV in the pic above.

1 Young Buck: BMW X5

via HiphopHotwire

Young Buck might have posed with the Rolls-Royce above for his "Too Rich" music video, but the former G-Unit member has struggled with car ownership in real life. Despite rapping since the age of 12, he struggled after going solo post a 2008 breakup with 50 Cent. Young Buck filed for Chapter 11 and his 2002 BMW X5 got repossessed.

Sources: People, TMZ, Complex, and Rolling Stone.

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