Disney: 20 Times The Staff Messed Up Big Time

When you think about Disney and its theme parks, your mind automatically gravitates towards the happiest place on Earth. Well, Disney has always worked hard to make sure that its parks stay magical. And to make this possible, it enlists help from a large group of cast members every single day.

Just so you know, cast members are what Disney employees are referred to. And there are more of them than you might have thought. In fact, according to an AMA Reddit, there are approximately 75,000 Disney employees in Florida alone. Combine that with Disney’s workforce around the world and you’ll probably have enough people to populate an entire state.

Generally, Disney employees are seen as happy, welcoming and inviting people. Some theme park visitors even praise cast members for their help and patience. However, there are also cases when Disney employees mess up big time. Just check out what we found:

20 Keeping lost items for themselves

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According to a post on Whisper, “The perks of working at Disney is that you find expensive things everyday [sic]. I own like 6 Ray-Bans and a Prada watch.” We’re pretty sure that Disney has a strict policy when it comes to items that have been found throughout the property. And it doesn’t involve taking it home.

19 Embarrassing guests who were naughty on a ride

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According to a post on Reddit, a couple decided to engage in oral sex while in a Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Unbeknownst to them, cast members were watching. According to user Fored495, “Fast forward 1 minute and the entire ride staff know [sic], so as the couple get [sic] off the ride they make a line and clap for her. No one on the ride has any idea and they all think it's part of the show so they're all giddy and excited, meanwhile the girl in the back is red as a tomato and the guy is beaming with pride.”

18 Drinking while on the job

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According to a post on Whisper, “I work at Disney World. Every day, I have to rely on drinks to make happier for the kids.” For some people who are dealing with loneliness or depression, there seems to be a need to consume alcohol to get through the day. When you’re working at Disney though, there is a strict policy against interacting with guests while under the influence. You're also not allowed to drink while on the job.

17 Horseplaying on the job

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According to another post on Whisper, “I got fired from my job at Disneyland, for horseplaying. Before I got my last paycheck, my boss told me, “This is not a playground”.” Obviously, engaging in any kind of ‘play’ while on the job is strictly forbidden at any Disney theme park. You are expected to present model behavior and be ready to attend to guest needs.

16 Hurling insults at a fellow cast member

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Another post from an anonymous former Disney cast member revealed, “I was fired from Disneyland for calling Ariel a stupid *****.” In just about any type of workplace, co-workers don’t always get along well. However, when you’re doing your job as a cast member in public, you’re expected to play your part impeccably well. And that means being nice to everybody.

15 Scaring Disney guests about a Disney ride

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According to a post on Whisper, "When I worked at Disneyland at the yeti ride, I yelled “it’s alive you’re all going to die!” and got fired." Yelling words like this can certainly cause panic among parkgoers. And so, it does make a lot of sense for Disney to fire this cast member after what happened.

14 Serving alcohol to minors

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As one post on Whisper revealed, “I worked in Disneyland at California adventure. I was fired for accidentally selling alcohol to a minor. Whoops.” In some cases, minors would often try to score drinks even if they know that they are still underage. While it's not exactly sure how this person ended up serving drinks to minors, it’s possible that a fake ID was involved.

13 Pointing with a finger

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A post on the website Whisper revealed, “I worked as a friend of Mulan at Disney World, ‘wanna know why I got fired? Didn’t use Disney point when giving to [sic] directions.” According to several reports, Disney staff are not allowed to point using one finger when giving directions to guests as it may seem offensive. Instead, they are expected to use two fingers or their entire hand.

12 Calling seasoned guests names

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Apparently, there are Disney cast members who are not fond of frequent guests. That’s because in some cases, these guests may be difficult to handle. And in some cases, it results in staff calling these guests names. As one post on Whisper revealed, “At Disney, some cast members refer to Annual Passholders as Pass Holes. Sometimes they are the worst.”

11 Being rude to guests

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According to a post by user disney2005 at the WDWMagic.com forum, “We've made multiple trips to Disney World. However, we noticed a change in attitudes in *some* cast members on our 2001 visit and visits afterwards. I witnessed yelling, rolling eyes and "salty" attitudes. Fortunately, there are more pleasant case members that are not.”

10 Ride attendant yelling at naughty guests for everyone else to hear

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According to a post by user TongaGirl on Reddit, “I have many relatives who work at Disneyland. Apparently, kids can get a little over-the-top on grad night. One couple started having oral sex on Pirates of the Caribbean, not realizing that they were being watched the entire time by a ride attendant through security monitors. When the ride attendant announced over the loudspeakers to "Put it back in your pants" they were so surprised they almost fell off the boat!”

9 Hurting a fellow cast member

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One anonymous post on Whisper revealed, “Well earlier today I kinda got fired from Disney Hollywood studios turns out being in an Olaf suit all day long makes you hate Frozen even more, so you punch Elsa in the face #worthit.” The costumes that some cast members wear can get really hot and uncomfortable inside. Nonetheless, that’s never an excuse to hurt anyone.

8 Handing out free food to friends

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A post on Whisper claimed, “I got fired from Disneyland for giving free churros to my friends. I’m sorry but $4 for a churro is stupid.” Especially when you’re in charge of selling Disney treats at theme parks, you are expected to stay professional throughout your shift. And that definitely means you don’t just get to hand out free food to anyone you know.

7 Belle smoking

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According to a post by BrokeBellHop on Reddit, “Most I ever saw was Belle, in her bloomers, smoking a cigarette and yelling at her boyfriend on the phone.” Typically, cast members are required to stay in character for as long as they have their costumes on. And that means Belle should not be seen smoking at Disneyland at any point in time.

6 Disney princesses trash-talking each other

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According to a post by Redditor erinamin, “I'm waiting for the bus and Cinderella and Snow White are FULL ON S*** TALKING some person who slept with one of their boyfriends... While chain-smoking. Turns out, they were talking about a girl who played Ariel. SERIOUSLY!?” Yes, when you see something like this, you would definitely feel like all the Disney magic is gone.

5 Elsa cursing out loud

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According to a post by user CaptainEightBall on Reddit, “One of the most memorable events was walking backstage at Epcot and seeing Elsa in full gown and wig tripping on a sidewalk, spilling her coffee, and blurting out ‘SON OF A ****!’” We’re not sure if Elsa was reprimanded or terminated after this incident.

4 Disney princess taking substances

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According to a post on Whisper, “I worked at Disneyland and I saw one of the “princesses” take illegal stuff!! #magic #ruined” It is unclear if the said Disney princess was caught and sanction by Disney. Although because Disney is reportedly a very strict employer, we believe this ‘princess’ was most likely terminated.

3 Having an NSFW sideline

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As a former Disney employee from Arizona posted on Whisper, “I was Prince Eric in Disneyland parades for 5 years until I got fired for doing porn on the side.” As a Disney cast member, you are definitely expected to keep a nice and wholesome image. And so, taking on a porn job is a big no-no.

2 Cast members making out while in costume

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According to a post by user whenthereisfire on Reddit, “Not me, but my friend’s dad worked at Disney World when he was a kid and took him down into the tunnels one day. He doesn’t remember much except seeing Aladdin and Peter Pan making out. Apparently, that was a life-changing [sic] moment for him.”

1 Engaging in prostitution in costume

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As a former Disney cast member from Youngstown, Ohio had confessed, “I used to work at Disney Land [sic] as a Princess, I would be hit on by men who would ask for private meetings for $, and I sometimes accepted. It was hot, til [sic] I got caught smuggling my costume and was fired.”

Sources - Reddit,  Whisper & WDWMagic.com

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