15 Times Kelly Kelly Was Too Hot For National TV

Barbie Blank, better known by her ring name Kelly Kelly, had a rocky start in pro wrestling. Brought in for her looks, she had to learn on the job, becoming something of a pupil for Vince McMahon to show the ropes.

“Vince is like ‘it’ll be fine, I’ll teach you the moves.’ I was like ‘well, whatever I have to do get my foot in the door,’” said Kelly Kelly in an interview with WWE Wrestling News.

Appearing first on ECW, she turned off a lot of fans in the early stages of her career. Many still cringe at her stripteases, but even diehard fans can’t deny she stole the limelight and could heat things up.

We’re going to revisit some of her hottest moments we can’t believe aired on TV.

15 Bikini Beach Blast Battle Royal

via YouTube user Womens Division HD

Pro wrestling doesn't have these kinds of matches anymore, which is really just fan service. Back on a Monday night Raw in May 2007, WWE Divas like Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Candice, others and of course—Kelly Kelly—all put on a "Bikini Beach Blast Battle Royal.”

Kelly Kelly didn’t hesitate to give the fans what they wanted, even though she got slapped with a noodle (YouTube channel Womens Division HD).

14 Bull Riding Contest

via WWE.com

If we’re being honest, they made Kelly Kelly—and the Divas in general—do a lot of ridiculous things. The bull riding contest during RAW in 2010 is one such example.

Regardless, Kelly Kelly looked good coming out with a Daisy Duke style and rode the bull for nearly half a minute without falling off.

13 Dancing With Candice Michelle

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Before the PG era, pro wrestling catered more to adult tastes, putting Kelly Kelly front and center. However, it was less her wrestling moves Paul Heyman utilized and more her dance moves.

Kicking off a sultry dance with Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle said, “When you go out there and dance...I’m going to make this rather extreme.” From a certain point of view, especially in the context of pro wrestling, it certainly was.

12 The Sandman Strikes

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Back in July 2006, Mike Knox—Kelly Kelly’s man at the time—had a skirmish with The Sandman. At one point outside of the ring, The Sandman got hold of a cane and wound it back ready to hit Knox.

As he swung the cane down though, Kelly Kelly got in the way. It landed on her head, made a huge smacking sound and she found a way to look sexy despite her injury.

11 Extreme Strip Poker

via wwedivaspictures.com

There was something awkward and sad about the Extreme Strip Poker portions on ECW. The Divas never looked like they wanted to be there and it rubbed some the wrong way.

As expected, Kelly Kelly was part of these segments, which probably should’ve never made it on TV in the first place.

10 Dance Off

via Gfycat

Diehard wrestling fans can say all they want about Kelly Kelly’s lack of skills in the ring. One thing they can’t deny though was her ability to heighten the spectacle of an event.

This snap is from 2008 when Divas like Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Eve Torres, and others had a dance-off in the ring (Gfycat).

9 Maryse Pinning Kelly Kelly

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It certainly wasn’t the only time Maryse would ever pin Kelly Kelly, but it was arguably the most provocative one to happen on TV.

Sadly, Kelly Kelly didn’t come out with the victory after this scuffle. Maryse ended up coming out on top and ultimately called out Melina after the match (WWE.com).

8 Getting Cheeky

via WrestleTalk

Not that long ago, Kelly Kelly was still making RAW appearances and going toe-to-toe with Eve Torres in the ring. Back in 2012, she gave fans a little more than a matchup though, as she often did.

At one point she stuck out her fanny and smacked it, which incited cheers amongst the crowd.

7 Dirty Dancing

via WhatCulture

Known more recently for taking up broadcasting duties, Tazz made a name for himself wrestling on ECW. Fans will lambast Kelly Kelly for her frequent dance routines, but they can’t fault her for having an open mind about who she danced with.

Tazz certainly embraced it and went along with it as best he could.

6 Food Fight

via WWE.com

Layla may be front and center in this photo, but Kelly Kelly was the one to slam a pie into her face—and down her front side. As far as food fights go in pro wrestling, it ranked up there.

It also resulted in Kelly Kelly getting a lot of food on herself, which didn’t make for family-friendly TV.

5 Secretary

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School girl costumes and secretary outfits are nothing new, especially in pro wrestling. Other Divas have pulled off the look, such as Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler.

Arguably, Kelly Kelly wore it best and left fans with a wardrobe they wouldn’t soon forget—although it was probably too much for TV.

4 Dancing with Melina and Mick Foley

via YouTube user Womens Division HD

There’s no shortage of times Kelly Kelly danced. A top WWE Diva at the time, Melina, once made an unexpected entrance on ECW, got inside the ring and the music got going. That’s when she and Kelly Kelly broke into a dance with Mick Foley.

That is until Ric Flair came running in and broke up the dance to beat up Foley.

3 Nat Pinning Kelly Kelly

via Nat by Nature The Ultimate Nat Fan Site

Maryse wasn’t the only one to pin Kelly Kelly and make it look good. Natalya managed to pull it off during Smackdown on September 2011.

Using the submission move “pin-up strong,” Natalya not only put Kelly Kelly in a bind but made the other look good in defeat (Nat By Nature).

2 American Apparel

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Kelly Kelly has showcased plenty of eye-catching outfits over the years, but there’s something extra attractive about patriotic women. There’s no doubt about it, Layla destroyed Kelly Kelly in the ring during this SmackDown.

Though at least fans got a treat seeing Kelly Kelly in one of her best outfits.

1 Pink Outfit

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Did Kelly Kelly wear racy outfits? Sure. Did she often look like an exotic dancer? Perhaps. Did fans eat it up? Without question.

It was costumes like this pink one that has several fans putting her at the top of their lists when it comes to the hottest Divas ever to step into the ring.

Sources: WWE Wrestling News, YouTube, Gfycat, WWE.com, Nat By Nature

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