15 Times MTV Cribs Lied To Its Fans

A reality TV show that gave us a glimpse into the lives of celebrities was MTV Cribs. Musicians got the opportunity to welcome MTV cameras into their homes to show their fans the kind of life that they live. The celebrities gave us a tour of their mansions and their exotic car collection.

The show was popular, as many fans tuned in to daydream about owning the same possessions as the celebrities who they looked up to. There was one slight problem with MTV Cribs. Some of the celebrities lied about what they owned. We wanted to see which celebrities weren't honest, so we delved into the history of the program and discovered lies about the cars and homes that some celebrities pretended to own.

Enjoy folks!

15 3LW Rented A House

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MTV wanted to portray the group as three girls who were so close together that they did everything - even live. That wasn't true.

Before the taping of the show, the group rented a house. Natura Naughton, a former member, admitted that the house was a rental and that they didn't live together.

14 50 Cent Cars Were Borrowed

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Before he started making serious money, 50 Cent wanted all of his fans to believe that he was much richer than he was. Before MTV stopped by his house, 50 thought that a nice collection of cars would be the cherry on top.

On the show, 50 showed off what was supposed to be his Ferraris. The only problem is that they weren't.

13 Bow Wow's Cars Were Rentals

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In the early 2000s, Bow Wow was a rising star. His singles were charting, so MTV wanted to capture his lifestyle and decided to pop by.

Wanting to look like he lived the typical rich, rapper lifestyle, Bow Wow got a nice car collection.  Later, it emerged that Bow Wow had rented the cars.

12 Brooke Hogan's Comments About Mom

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One of the most famous wrestlers in history is Hulk Hogan. Producers thought that his family would make good reality television, so they gave them a show.

Viewers struggled to believe when Brooke claimed that her mom studied architecture in Paris for five years and designed the mansion where they lived.

11 Dame Dash Rented Out Mariah Carey's House

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Dash is a music producer and the co-founder of Roc-a-fella Records. He is affiliated to Jay-Z and has done very well for himself.

Reports indicate that he made bad financial decisions, so when MTV popped around, Dash wanted to be in a mansion. He rented out Mariah Carey's place for the shooting of Cribs.

10 Destiny's Child Didn't Live Together

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The same way MTV wanted to portray 3LW as a group that lived together, they wanted to do it with Destiny's Child. During the shooting, the girls used the opportunity to plug the Candie shoe brand.

After the shooting, reports emerged that stated Destiny's Child members didn't live together in that house.

9 Ja Rule Rented A Home

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You've got to give Ja Rule credit. Some of the celebrities on MTV Cribs tried to hide their fake possessions, but Ja Rule came out after the show and said that he didn't own the home that MTV shot.

I can imagine that MTV wasn't thrilled about his confession. The truth is always the best policy.

8 JoJo Used Her Uncle's House

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In the early 2000s, JoJo had a hit single Get Out, Leave. She was a rising star, and MTV wanted to catch her at her prime. They stopped by what they documented as her house, but the truth came out later.

JoJo later stated that she used her uncle's house for the show and spent most of her time in hotels while on tour.

7 Kim Kardashian's Home Was Her Mother's

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Before Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim was up-and-coming and wanted to a breakthrough in the industry.

When MTV stopped by, Kim gave them a tour of a house and showed viewers a dancing pole in the middle of a bedroom. Turns out, Kim showed her mother's house.

6 Mariah Carey Owning Marilyn Monroe's Piano

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Carey's 11,000 square apartment was so fabulous that the producers of MTV Cribs decided to extend the program to an hour.

Carey took viewers on a tour of her magnificent home and claimed that she owned Marilyn Monroe's piano. The only problem was that she refused to show it to the cameras.

5 Birdman Didn't Own The Phantom Donk

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Before owning a Bugatti, Birdman had a 1972 Phantom Donk parked in front of his house.

During the filming of Cribs, Birdman showed off the car and claimed that it was his. Once the truth surfaced, it was clear that Birdman didn't own the Phantom Donk. I'm sure he doesn't mind since he's got a Bugatti.

4 Three 6 Mafia Didn't Live Together

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It seems that MTV wanted to do the same with Three 6 Mafia as they did with other trios - show that they lived together.

MTV cameras showed the three gentlemen in the house during the shooting, but the house belonged to Juicy J, and the other two members were there only for the shooting of the episode.

3 Robbie Williams Used Another Celebrity's Home

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Many people thought that Robbie Williams had a lot of money. It seems that he did. What didn't make sense is why he would fake owning a house on MTV Cribs.

Reports emerged that claimed Williams used Jane Seymour's house for the tapping of the show. I wonder why he did that.

2 Ying Yang Twins Rented A House They Hadn't Seen

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Lying is bad, but not caring about the lies is even worse. Before MTV shot an episode with the Ying Yang twins, the rappers rented a home to make it seem that they owned.

The only issue was that they never saw the home before the shooting, so they got a first tour of the house just like the viewers during the shooting.

1 MTV Wanted Redman To Rent A Home

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This one takes the cake. MTV wanted to portray Redman as a wealthy rapper, so they asked him to rent a home after seeing the condition of his house.

Not wanting to budge, Redman didn't rent out a house and gave viewers a tour of his place. His episode had one of the highest ratings for Cribs.


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