17 Times Pikachu Was Kind Of A Bad Person

You have got to love the adorable yellow ball of fur. He is cute as a button and we just want to squeeze his cheeks, but we probably shouldn't! Here’s the thing, Pikachu and his trainer Ash Ketchum have become world-famous superstars and while they may have become darlings of both the TV and gaming world, Pikachu clearly has some primadonna tendencies.

His superstar behavior could stem from him being referred to as the Japanese Mickey Mouse because there’s no denying that he’s one of the biggest stars in the world - Even those who’ve never played a Pokémon game or watched a single episode of the long-running anime series know who Pikachu is.

Let’s take a closer look at the worst things Pikachu ever did.

17 The Time He Totaled Misty's Bike

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Misty's concern for Pikachu resulted in her bike getting stolen by Ash and later destroyed by one of Pikachu's electric attacks. No good deed goes unpunished. Poor Misty started following Ash around in the hopes of him replacing her bike. Unfortunately, Ash never did give Misty another bike...

16 Destroying Professor Oaks Lab

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The Latin American version of Cartoon Network created a story concerning the origins of Pikachu. We learned that Pikachu was created by Professor Oak in an experiment gone wrong, which resulted in the destruction of the professor's lab. It sure sounds like something the Pikachu we have come to know and love would do.

15 The Lost Episode

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Ever heard of Electric Soldier Porygon? It is a banned episode from the first season of the TV show. His electric attacks collided with missiles, the resulting explosion caused this effect, and had dire real-life consequences in the process...it sent over 600 children to the hospital with epileptic shocks. However, Porygon ended up taking the blame, not Pikachu. It hasn’t shown up in a Pokémon episode ever since.

14 The Crush

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The last thing you want to hear your crush tell you is, "take it easy." Dawn's Buneary is all too familiar with this. It was evident that she had a crush on a clueless Pikachu. While it was easy to see that the feeling was not mutual, Pika was tactless and snubbed Buneary.

13 Shocking To The Touch

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Pikachu is quite an unstable character. In the show's earliest episodes, we see Pikachu getting furious and electrocuting people, usually Ash, for the slightest indiscretions. Remember when he gets blasted off and lands in the arms of a kid and then accidentally zaps him? He even goes out of his way to zap innocent Pokémon in the early episodes.

12 Pikachu The Cheat

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This one is not all on our little yellow terror alone, Ash had a hand in it. Remember when Pika was up against Onyx? He was losing until one of his electric attacks set off the sprinklers subsequently drenching his opponent. Or the time Pikachu battled Rhydon?FYI, Pikachu’s electric attacks should have zero effect on a ground/rock type like Rhydon.

11 He Used Illegal Moves

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His Thunderbolt tends to cause explosions when it hits something. This is usually used to blast off Team Rocket, but occasionally he and Ash find other uses for it, such as re-shaping a battlefield to their advantage. He has done a lot of questionable stuff like grabbing Lance's Dragonite by its antennae and tossing it to the ground as well, something that would be seen as strictly illegal (and impossible) in an actual battle.

10 Shocks Meowth’s Socks Off

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While we can all agree that Team Rocket's Pokémon is downright horrible at times, Pikachu and Meowth have a complicated relationship. One would think they are friends when away from the influence of their trainers, so why Pika decides to electrocute his frenemy after calling a truce is beyond us. We have instances where they decided that working together was a better strategy.

9 Irresponsible And Incapable Of Taking Care Of Himself

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The electric yellow mouse wouldn’t get taken so much he would just stay in his Poké Ball. His refusal to do so is irresponsible and makes him an easy target. It is evident that he is incapable of taking care of himself. Case in point, he once tried to eat an entire apple whole, resulting in him choking and requiring Ash to take him to a hospital.

8 Pikachu’s Many Selfish Actions

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When it comes to Pikachu’s selfish actions, the list is endless. Take how quick he was to abandon his wild Pikachu friends who had bonded with him and accepted him as one of theirs. He did not even give it a thought. After finding a community all of his own, Pikachu opts to leave his brethren behind to fulfill his selfish desire to travel with Ash.

7 Nobody Likes A Needy And Attention Seeking Pikachu

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It is unclear as to what Pikachu's age is as it's hard to determine whether he is considered a child or an adult. While he may have evolved from a Pichu, sometimes his needy and attention-seeking behavior might be an indication of him never really evolving past adolescence. At least he’ll stay forever young.

6 Lazy Piece Of Fluff

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We have watched episode after episode with Pikachu perched on either Ash’s shoulder or head. If this isn’t an indication of his laziness, we don’t know what is. And despite Pikachu originally being hailed as uncommonly powerful, his actual strength is wildly inconsistent, giving the impression that he's just being lazy in any battles he ends up losing.

5 An Inconsiderate Yellow Mouse

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He always does whatever he wants, running off and just following his instincts. Perhaps if he wasn't so inconsiderate and actually behaved like a well-trained Pokémon, life would be easier - both for him and Ash. Then again, it would perhaps get a bit too boring to watch the show!

4 Refusing To Evolve

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Pikachu is adamant that he will never evolve into a Raichu. He also hates traveling in his Poké Ball and insists on staying out of it at all times. Pikachu is weaker than his evolved form Raichu, so apparently, he wants to prove his strength as a Pikachu... because that makes so much sense.

3 Constantly Hurting Ash

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Ash and his Pikachu clearly have a special bond. Well until the next time Pika is taken, brainwashed, and attacks his friends. Remember when Colress blasted Pika with his Pokémon Controlling Machine, turning him into a monster? Ash steps directly in the path of Pika's attacks to try and stop him, but it isn't enough to override the mind control, and Ash takes the full force of a Thunderbolt.

2 Beware His Brainwashed Rage

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Whenever Pikachu gets brainwashed, his behavior differs depending on the quality of brainwashing and which villain did it. E.g. he can be quite monotone, very aggressive, or even utterly crazy. Most of the time, his bond with Ash will help him break out of the mind control, but there are a few times where it doesn't work right away.

1 Sometimes He Is As Stubborn As A Mule

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Pikachu refuses to get in his Poké Ball even if he is critically injured after a defeat. Nurse Joy has had to use the Magical Defibrillator on him at least twice. It is rather annoying considering the Poké Ball is mostly for his safety, let's just say he is lucky to have an understanding trainer in his corner.

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