20 Times Sophie Turner Stunned Us With Her Beauty

If you have never heard of Sophie Turner, then you've been doing everything wrong. The talented actress plays the incredible Jean Grey in X-Men and Sansa Stark in the Game of Thrones series and has been absolutely crushing anything and everything that is thrown her way.

Sophie Turner also married Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas, earlier this year, making them one of Hollywood's hottest couples. The duo is not only known for being #CoupleGoals, but they always deliver with some of the funniest and unique paparazzi shots out there.

With an incredible repertoire of film work, Sophie Turner has become one of Hollywood's biggest stars, and one of the most beautiful too. The actress always comes prepared when its time for a red-carpet, or a simple post to Instagram. Her beauty is unparalleled, and we are here to share it! Here are the 20 times Sophie Turner has stunned us with her beauty.

20 Bachelorette Party

Sophie Turner celebrated her bachelorette party in Europe this past year with her close friends, including bestie, Maisie Williams. Even though the star sported a rainbow-colored wig, she still looked absolutely stunning in her camo green get up that shows off her legs for days.

19 Sis In Law Selfie

We love nothing more than seeing some family love! Sophia and new sis-in-law Priyanka Chopra took a heartwarming selfie together that not only warms our heart but truly showcases Turner's natural side and how beautiful she really is.

18 Met Gala

Fashions most prestigious night, the Met Gala has many celebs in attendance, Sophia and hubby Joe just so happened to be on the list. The 'X-Men' star showed up in a gorgeous sparkly gown, but it's just hair and makeup that we're obsessed with. The dark shadow and glittered 'do are giving us life.

17 Smokey Eye

When it comes to Sophie, it doesn't take much to accentuate her beauty. The star posted this stunning selfie to Instagram sporting a dark smokey eye, stunning earrings and a half-tucked in and swooped 'do that is one look for the books if you ask us!

16 Wedding Gown

Sophie Turner definitely turned heads when she walked down the aisle in this stunning wedding gown. The vision in white looks absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day, and this shot, which shows off all the details of her gown, had fans going crazy over it!

15 Joe Jonas B-Day Celebrations

When it came time to celebrate Joe Jonas' birthday this past August, Sophie turned up looking like a goddess in black. Her gold accessories and shoes paired extremely well with her black dress that made the actress look like she isn't playing around.

14 Sultry Bangs Selfie

Sophie changes up her hairdo quite often, but we must admit that we are definitely feeling her look with this one. The star paired her sultry black smokey eye makeup with her new bangs. Although the bangs weren't permanent, they are welcome back anytime!

13 Cute In A Track Suit

Adding to the list of sister-in-law shots, this photo of Turner and Danielle Jonas was a fan favorite. The actress is seen sporting a casual coral tracksuit and white slippers that still seem as if she's serving looks, and she definitely is, hand on hip and all!

12 Sleeping Beauty

This photo is full of cuteness, not only is the pup a fluffy ball of adorable but Sophie, who appears to be sleeping, looks like sleeping beauty. If there is someone who can pull off the "sleeping look", it's without a doubt her. The flawless natural makeup look and simple earrings really tie into Turner's essence.

11 Red Carpet Glam

Sophie can look great sleeping and even greater on the red carpet. The star posed for this shot, which was posted onto Instagram, looking like a classic Hollywood star. From the simple hairdo, strapless dress and subtle tattoo, we are definitely feeling this look from Sophie.

10 Skiing Sophie

Winter is a season that makes serving fashion a bit harder, especially when you are bundled up in a ski suit. However, Sophie proves that theory very wrong. The star looks fabulous in this retro-like suit that has her looking at all kinds of snow bunny cute!

9 Double Trouble Beauties

Sometimes all it takes is a 'Dickies' shirt, red leather pants and a glass bottle of Coke to look this good, at least for Sophie it does. The star, who is posing beside bestie Maisie Williams, is looking like the life of the party in a casual yet stylish look that seamlessly makes her a knockout.

8 Animal Lover

We can't help but fall in love with the fact that Sophie is an animal lover. Her and hubby Joe have the cutest husky puppy that she posts to her social media platforms, and this makes her all that more beautiful. In addition to the pup, we love how Sophia can look this great with a simple tee and some sunnies!

7 Game Of Thrones Goddess

Sophie is famously known for her role as Sansa Stark in the epic series 'Game Of Thrones'. The actress, who sports her red hair in the series, looks smashing in each and every episode. Decked out in her outstanding costumes, the show really showcases Sophie's power-role and looks.

6 Morticia Realness

Just as we wrap up this years' Halloween festivities, Sophie is giving us a little treat that should last until next year. The actress looked gorgeous in her Morticia costume. Not only did she come dressed to kill, but her makeup is giving us major "Adams Family" vibes.

5 Vegas Wedding

If you aren't aware, Sophie and husband Joe eloped to Las Vegas this year where Joe's brothers, Nick and Kevin were in attendance. Although the couple had an official wedding afterward, this photo proves just how pretty Sophie looks in a simple white ensemble and candy-pop ring.

4 Red Locks Rock

Although we see Sophie sporting her natural blonde hair most of the time, we just can't get enough of her red hair. The actress sports the red locks in her role as the Dark Phoenix in the 'X-Men' series, and if there is one thing this photo proves, is that red locks rock!

3 X-Men Promo

On her promotion tour for the 'X-Men' series, Sophie looked like a blonde bombshell on the red carpet where she formed an 'X' with her arms in theme with the tour. Her turtleneck dress and simple makeup look truly showcase the actresses' beauty that is simply unparalleled.

2 All Smiles

We couldn't just give you all one red hair shot, so we're giving you yet another one where Sophie is also serving the cutest smile ever! If her red lipstick and red hair weren't enough, the actress is proving that a smile really is the best accessory one can carry.

1 Natural Beauty

The last photo is probably one of our favorites! The actress, who is posing for a closeup car shot in a blue sweater is showing off her most natural sides. The "no makeup, makeup look" has become quite a trend, but Sophie has proven that she is easily one of the only people who can actually pull it off.

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