18 Times Scary Bikers Were Unlikely Heroes

Hells Angels don’t always enjoy the best public image. Part of the problem is the name itself, but these motorcycle gangs have been involved in organized and violent crimes for decades, as well as intimidating communities where they ride or hang out.

However, many people have started to label all motorcycle gangs with the name “Hells Angels” when many of them have no connection with the disreputable organization. And there are also some Hells Angels chapters which have decided that they want to change the public perception of their group – and have decided to use charitable donations and activities in order to make themselves more palatable to the general public.

Check out the list below to discover some of the times that Hells Angels and other bikers were unlikely heroes to their communities.

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18 Fresno Gang Buy Bicycles For Children's Charity

Via twitter.com

When the queues were gathering for the Black Friday sales in 2014, regular shoppers were surprised to be joined by a group of bikers in the line for the toy shop. The Fresno bikers waited for five days to ensure they got to the front of the queue and promptly bought all the store’s bicycles to donate to a local children’s charity.

17 Bikers Against Child Abuse Established In Utah

Via newtonbee.com

Bikers Against Child Abuse is one of the most heartening and the most successful biker charities ever created. Established in Utah in 1995, Bikers Against Child Abuse now has chapters all over the world that work to help abused kids in their local communities feel safer and more confident.

16 Hells Angels Support Kids Who Have To Go To Court

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Hells Angels and bikers that sign up to help Bikers Against Child Abuse will carry out a number of activities; everything from simply accompanying a child on their journey to school to attending court hearings where the victim may benefit from a little extra support and encouragement if they have to give evidence or face their abuser.

15 And Even Provide Them With Their Own Angels' Wings

Via syvnews.com

Perhaps the most important thing that members of Bikers Against Child Abuse chapters achieve is to give the children they care for a real sense of belonging – and a sense that they are protected by their biker pals no matter what happens. Children are even given their own Hells Angels wings so that they feel part of the club.

14 Bikers Against Bullies Protect Targeted Kids

Via visordown.com

What is the best way for bullied kids to scare off their bullies? Well, turning up at school in the company of a massive group of tough-looking bikers is probably a good way to start! Bikers Against Bullies do just that, keeping bullied kids company on their walk to and from school.

13 Chapters In The US And The UK Which Support Bullying Victims

Via saobserver.net

There are Bikers Against Bullies chapters in the US and the UK who have helped hundreds of kids to stay safe, as well as boosting their self-esteem so they feel more confident about reporting bullying if it happens again. Anyone whose child is being bullied can contact the group and ask for their help.

12 Hells Angels Donate Cash To Charities Around The World

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It isn’t just about setting up groups that provide practical help to those in need, whether children or animals. Hells Angels chapters also raise a lot of money for charity, with bikers taking part in various events which aim to boost the coffers of good causes all around the world.

11 Including Annual Christmas Toy Drives For Local Kids

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One of the most popular ways for biker groups to give something back to their local community is to hold toy drives, to gather together Christmas presents for kids who might usually have to go without. Chapters across the States regularly hold these charitable events as the festive season approaches.

10 Bikers Have Even Volunteered With Habitat For Humanity

Via Winnipeg.ctvnews.com

Bikers have given up their time – which they would much rather be spending riding their motorcycle – to volunteer with charities like Habitat for Humanity, which builds houses for local homeless families. All that extra manpower is a real asset for Habitat for Humanity who want to try and ensure as many families as possible have good homes.

9 An Indian Chapter Is Even Being Used To Empower Women

Via wheelstreet.com

Hells Angels chapters are usually male-dominated organizations, but there is one group of bikers which are empowering women to take control of their lives. Groups of female bikers join together to ride their motorcycles in India, a country where men are still very much in control in society, and women a5re supposed to be seen and not heard!

8 Bikers For Books Promote Literacy Among Children

Via scbhwimithemitten.blogspot.com

Bikers don’t just protect children from threats – they also want to ensure that young people get the education they need to become a success in the future. The Bikers for Books initiative promotes literacy among children and raises money to buy new books for schools that are strapped for cash.

7 Hells Angels Members Also Advocate For Motorcycle Safety

Via mylondon.news

As you might expect from such a tight-knit group, bikers are also interested in ensuring that they keep each other safe. A number of groups have been established which advocate for motorcycle safety, educating both riders and drivers to try and reduce the number of bikers who end up killed or injured after road accidents.

6 New York Bikers Take Part In An Annual Suicide Prevention Ride

Via thestar.com

Given that most bikers and men, and that men are most at risk of committing suicide, bikers raising money for suicide prevention seems like a natural fit. In fact, a group of New York bikers has even established an annual suicide prevention ride which raises money for and awareness of local charities.

5 Several Hells Angels Chapters Have Supported Ronald Mcdonald House

Via stuff.co.nz

As well as helping out building houses for Habitat for Humanity, several groups of bikers have also given their time to support the Ronald McDonald House charity, which builds accommodation for families who have children in hospital away from home. As well as raising money, groups have also donated presents to children affected.

4 Bikers Are Also Involved In Raising Funds For Cancer Research

Via bikerringshop.com

Another charity which is close to the heart of a number of biker groups is cancer prevention and research, and every year there are dozens of motorcycle-related events which raise money for this important cause, including motorcycle shows and demonstrations and even a mass ride of Evil Knievals through the UK!

3 UK Hells Angels Riders Donate Food To Poor Families

Via wirralglobe.co.uk

Another group of charitable UK Hells Angels makes regular donations to their local foodbank, a facility set up to provide support for families who are so poor they are even struggling to keep themselves well fed. These facilities rely on public donations, and the bikers are always made very welcome when they visit.

2 Hells Angels Have Formed Honour Guards For Veterans' Funerals

Via gazettelive.co.uk

The organization of a Hells Angels chapter has a militaristic feel, so it is hardly surprising that bikers have a lot of respect for veterans. The Patriot Guard Riders see it as their responsibility to turn up for the funerals of veterans, especially those who didn’t have any family and who might otherwise be buried without any pomp or ceremony.

1 Bikers Have Even Protected Funeral Processions From Protesters

Via nicolen.wordpress.com

Kind-hearted bikers have even offered their services to protect funeral processions from protestors, like those at the Westboro Baptist Church, who picket the funerals of veterans and even children in a bid to make their voices heard. Bikers simply stand by their vehicles, shielding the mourners from anything the protesters may be saying.

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