20 Times The Cast Of Real Housewives Did Something Shady

Women don't become Housewives because they shun the spotlight. Housewives are all about sharing a lot of different aspects of their personalities with viewers, including the bad stuff. The famous Housewives of reality TV have done a lot of sketchy things, from stealing to tantrums to threats and beyond.

These women know that drama means ratings, but there's some stuff on this list that they may actually regret doing. Sometimes, Housewives go way too far. Whether it's fueled by gossip or too many cocktails or whatever, they sometimes cross the line. When they do, millions of people are watching.

Even though they act out sometimes, these women are laughing all the way to the bank, except for the ones who are greatly exaggerating their wealth.

20 Kim Richards Got Caught Stealing

Via Dailymail.co.uk

In a life marked by childhood success and a slow downward spiral, Kim Richard's arrest for shoplifting was a new low point. The arrest happened in August of 2015, according to the Dailymail.co.uk.

Kim decided to try and take a couple of carts full of stuff out of Target, without paying for the merchandise. That's two carts of stuff, not one.

19 Luann de Lesseps Spiraled Out Of Control

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Luann's downward spiral has the same root cause as Kim Richards. These Housewives came from different cities, but have issues with substances that get them into trouble.

Luann's problem is the bottle and she tries to handle it, but she has been arrested for disorderly conduct while under the influence, according to Bustle.com.

18 Brandi Glanville Slapped Lisa Vanderpump

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Brandi likes to get a rise out of people. It's not her most appealing quality and it played a role in her losing her lucrative RHOBH gig.

She once decided to get physical with Lisa Vanderpump and that didn't end well. In 2015, according to Bravotv.com, the famous slap was delivered and its consequences were far-reaching for Brandi Glanville.

17 Adriana De Moura Made Her Wedding Guests Wait For Hours

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Adriana was on Real Housewives of Miami. That show didn't last, but she made quite a splash while it was on the air.

She was someone who did what she pleased, including making her wedding guests wait for hours while she got dolled up for the ceremony.

The guests were baking in the heat and pretty disgruntled, according to Huffpost.com.

16 NeNe Crashed Sheree’s Party

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NeNe made a sketchy move when she decided that is would be fine to crash Sheree's party. NeNe doesn't exactly get a lot of praise from Sheree, who considers her former RHOA co-star a jealous and bitter person, according to Realityblurb.com.

Sheree went one better by letting the world know that NeNe was supposedly committing crimes, including financial fraud.

15 Denise Spilled The Tea About Charlie Sheen

Via Theblast.com

Charlie Sheen doesn't need ex-wife Denise to get bad press. He gets it just fine on his own, but Denise decided to stir the pot when she shared some juicy details about Charlie's conduct, according to People.com.

Apparently, Charlie thought it was fine to bring an escort to a family Thanksgiving dinner, but Denise gave the lady dinner anyway.

14 Aviva Threw Her Prosthetic Leg

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When Aviva decided to weaponize her prosthetic leg, it was a classic Housewives moment. This RHONY star decided her toss her prosthetic limb to add emphasis during an argument, according to Vimeo.com.

She was very angry when she tossed the artificial limb. Later, she owned up to the fact that the act was premeditated.

13 Kim Accused Kyle Of Stealing Her House

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This was a bad moment on RHOBH. Or, it was a great moment, depending on what you're looking for from this reality TV show.

The fight happened in a limo. Kim wasn't herself and she accused her sister, Kyle, and Kyle's hubby, Mauricio, of stealing her house from her. Kyle denied it all and was very offended, according to Realitytea.com.

12 Camille Dissed Lisa’s Teeth

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When Camille decided to get snarky about Lisa's teeth and oral hygiene, it was brutal. The other women who were sitting at the dinner table while this happened looked freaked out.

Camille had crossed a line and there would be consequences. Camille later apologized for her comments, according to Toofab.com.

11 Phaedra Was In Kenya’s Face

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Things really heated up on RHOA when Phaedra got in Kenya's face. Phaedra found Kenya "trifling", according to Bravotv.com.

The blow-up argument happened in 2017 and it was fueled by Phaedra's belief that Kenya interfered in her marriage, by getting too flirty with her man, who is now an ex.

10 Teresa’s Table Flip Is Iconic

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Teresa has a rep as one of the mean Housewives. She lived up to the type with her iconic table flip. The table flip happened way back in 2009, but Teresa recreated it a decade later, according to People.com.

The original table flip happened when Teresa got testy with a rival, Danielle.

9 What About Dorit And The Whole Dog Shelter Thing?

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Dorit made a mistake when she decided to pass on a dog, Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, to another family, instead of taking it back to Lisa Vanderpump's shelter, where it came from. This triggered some intense drama that seemed to last forever.

The little pooch ended up at the bad type of dog shelter, where pooches are euthanized until it was rescued, according to Allaboutthetea.com.

8 Kim Richards Threatened Rinna’s Husband

Via People.com

Lisa Rinna, who is also known as "Rinna," is a loyal wife. She did not take kindly to Kim Richard's threatening to expose damaging information about her actor hubby, Harry Hamlin.

Rinna went berserk and threw a wine glass. The wine glass was full at the time, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

7 Erika Jayne Did A Racy Dance Move

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Erika's dance move happen when she pat down a private part of her anatomy. She taught some of the other women the same move.

Erika's in the news lately because her lawyer hubby is being sued for a ton of money that he owes, according to Theblast.com. Is this another Housewife who is exaggerating her wealth?

6 Adrienne Put Down Paul Nassif

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Adrienne Maloof grew up rich and sometimes acts entitled. She seemed to go out of her way to emasculate her husband, Paul, who is a respected surgeon. Watching her put him down was cringe-worthy.

I have to say I'm not surprised these two are no longer together. Paul recently remarried, according to People.com. Good for him.

5 NeNe Leakes Bragged About Her Wealth

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NeNe Leaked wants the other Housewives and the general public to know that she has a lot of cash. It's important to her that people understand that she is RICH.

She's worth over ten million bucks, according to Radaronline.com, but Sheree Whitfield says she didn't come by all those bucks honestly. Maybe it's just sour grapes.

4 Dorit Spent Money She May Not Have Had

Via Dailymail.co.uk

Dorit is another Housewife who is draped in Chanel and Dior while being sued by creditors. Her husband, Paul Kemsley, went broke once and, along with his wife, settled a couple of lawsuits in October 2019, according to Bravotv.com.

This couple seem to be putting up a front about their wealth. Camille called Dorit out over it.

3 Bethenny Shared Her Grief For Ratings

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Bethenny was surely very sad when her ex-boyfriend passed away, but she also milked her grief for ratings.

Real grief is usually quiet. It's a private agony that people go through. It's not something that people talk about constantly on camera. Bethenny talked about her "grief diet" openly, according to the Dailymail.co.uk.

2 Lisa’s Bag Of Pills Was A Little Sketchy

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Have you seen Lisa Rinna's bag of pills? It's huge and only she really knows every type of pill that's in there.

Aside from the fact that the other Housewives judge Lisa for never eating, the massive bag of pills doesn't send a healthy message. Lisa blames herself for her daughter's eating disorders, according to People.com.

1 Brandi Told Tales About Adrienne’s Children

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Brandi clearly gets a rush from crossing the line. She's a little too interested in hurting other people, perhaps because she's been hurt so much in the past.

When she spilled the beans about Adrienne's kids, it was reportedly because Adrienne's kids were born by a surrogate. Adrienne and Brandi got into a legal battle over the whole thing, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

Sources: People.com, Bravotv.com, Dailymail.co.uk

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