20 Toys That Spoiled Movies Before They Came Out

Many movie fans try to avoid spoilers these days. Although trailers can sometimes reveal a lot, many people want to go into the theater knowing as little as possible about the movie they're about to watch. It’s become increasingly difficult to avoid trailers though, as social media or search engines can ruin it in the blink of an eye.

However, the greatest risk for spoilers may actually be toys and action figures used to hype up the film’s release and form part of the marketing. A significant portion of revenue is generated from this, so these toys are put up for sale before the film is scheduled in cinemas. Pre-orders also play a part, and to add further interest for fans these toys showcase the heroes as they would be seen in the movie. The downside to this is that they end up giving out crucial information about the film.

20 Hey There Killmonger

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Black Panther was a movie fans were looking the most forward to. Its release caused quite a stir. Especially so when a line of Black Panther toys released. The antagonist Erick Killmonger's figure was wearing a Black Panther suit identical to T'challa's. This was a major spoiler that left fan's speculating and playing "guess what happens next?"

19 Phantasm: Behind The Mask

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It's not every day that you face off with an old flame donning a cool mask, but Batman once did when a villain hit the streets of Gotham slaying mob bosses. It was a mystery that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. That didn't last long though, because the Kenner action figure revealed Andrea's face as the Phantasm.


17 A Not So Miniscule Ant-Man

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In Captain America: Civil War, Giant-Man's role was ruined by LEGO when they revealed that Ant-Man would transform into Giant-Man in the movie. Fans were stunned as Giant-Man wasn't in any promotional footage. It would have been super cool to watch Ant-Man transform on-screen for the first time, unaware of what was in store.

16 Heimdall, Where Art Thou?

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As we all know, Heimdall never leaves his Hofund, aka The Bifrost Sword, behind– so when fans noticed that the Infinity War Thor action figure that was released before the movie came out was actually holding the Hofund, they started speculating Heimdall's fate. Turns out they had good reason to worry...

15 Enter… The Shocker

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Spider-Man: Homecoming would have wowed fans with the presence of a new villain - The Shocker. This is a twist that would have kept Spidey fans on the edge of their seats, except the release of The Shocker toy made sure this didn't happen. The packaging announced everything from his name to his costume, but the costume never made it into the film.

14 Banner The Buster

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We wondered who would appear in Avengers: Infinity War: would it be the Hulk or would it be Bruce Banner? Thanks to an Infinity War LEGO playset, fans had the answer to that question. In the LEGO set, Bruce was controlling Tony Stark's Hulkbuster suit which teased the absence of our favorite green giant.

13 Dude, Lose The Eye Patch

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Thor, the god of thunder losing an eye in Ragnarok made us doubt his power just a little bit, but we gotta admit his eyepatch doubled the sex appeal. But when the Infinity War action figure was a two-eyed Thor with no eye patch in sight, we knew the god would return sans eyepatch in the next movie.

12 Wonder No More

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Wonder Woman was widely anticipated, and some fans were excited to have such a strong female lead. LEGO ruined a potentially jaw-dropping movie reveal by releasing a LEGO set of Ares fighting Wonder Woman. This confirmed the rumors and completely revealed the plot to the fans. Someone failed at their job.

11 Defenders Of The Galaxy

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There isn't much to look forward to when the description of a Marvel action figure set is full of spoilers and tells you everything you were looking forward to watching. This was the case with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when a toy revealed that Ego the planet would be the main villain in the movie.

10 Which Wicked Witch Of The West

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OZ the Great and Powerful was centered on three witches and which of the three would ultimately become the Wicked Witch of the West. The end result was revealed on a mug of all things, which had one of the witches on it with a black conical hat, surrounded by monkeys, and the title "Wicked Witch of the West" inside.

9 Not Lotso Love

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Toy Story 3's cute and cuddly Lotso wasn't actually cuddly at all as we got to find out. A LEGO set gave away the entire ending. Called the "Trash Compactor Escape," the set shows the toys trying to escape Lotso as he attempts to drop them in an incinerator. We didn't like Lotso much after that.

8 Age Of Ultron

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Vision making an appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron was well known– what wasn't was the way he would look. However, a month before the movie released, multiple promotional toys and action figures revealed his appearance and exactly what he would wear. Yikes! This was a major spoiler that should have never been leaked.

7 Superman And Steppenwolf (Justice League LEGO)

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LEGO made it known in its “The Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack” set that Superman, who had perished in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, would return during Justice League. The very same LEGO set also confirmed the longstanding rumor that Steppenwolf would be a main villain in the Justice League film, and that a huge Batmobile Airlift would be Batman’s weapon against the villain.

6 Green With Envy

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The Shrek toy spoiler comes courtesy of Burger King! The first Shrek film was promoted by a line of Burger King Kids' Meal toys and those toys also included "Magic Makeover Fiona," a toy in which Princess Fiona transforms into an ogre. We wonder whose decision it was to reveal the film's big twist.

5 Kryptonite Weaponry -Batman Vs Superman (LEGO)

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We are well aware that Superman and Kryptonite don't go together, so learning that Batman was equipped with kryptonite weaponry when fighting the Man of Steel was a huge spoiler that some of us would have rather have just seen in the movie and not found out about from a leaked set of DC toys.

4 The Blank Vigilante

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Dick Tracy had a mystery plot that was meant to keep fans intrigued and in suspense. The big mystery of the film is the identity of the Blank, a faceless vigilante who is slaying gangsters. But when the action figure for the Blank was released, we learned that it had a removable mask. And we found Breathless Mahoney behind it.

3 Let’s Bust Some Ghosts

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In the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters, the team is attacked by a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the identity of the ghost is kept secret in the trailers but the action figure revealed his name - Rowan. It's not that hard to put two and two together when a character named Rowan shows up in the movie.

2 Finally... Silence

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When Deadpool was featured in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the most outrageous part was that he was unable to speak. His mouth was sealed shut - something that wouldn't surprise those who had seen the action figure before seeing the movie. At least someone managed to shut Ryan Reynolds up for once.

1 Doctor Commander?

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The 2010 release of GI Joe: Rise of Cobra was widely anticipated thanks to its cast. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cast as Cobra Commander, whose identity was meant to be a secret. However, the toy for the Doctor identified him as Rex Lewis, blowing the lid off the can and revealing the true nature of the character.

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