Tinder For Dogs Matches Local Shelters With Furever Homes

Tinder For Dogs Matches Local Shelters With Furever Homes

Tinder for dogs now exists and will match local shelters with people looking for their very own fur babies.

We all know Tinder, the dating app used to dehumanize the dating process and turn every match into a computer-controlled algorithm. There are plenty of stories about Tinder dates going horribly wrong, so we’ll stop the Tinder comparisons right here because we’re about to talk about a similar app, only used to get dogs out of shelters and into their furever homes. And there’s nothing funny about a dog failing to find a furever home.

The app is called GetPet, and it exists thanks to a team of animal lovers situated in Vilnius, Lithuania. According to the Associated Press, the developers got the idea after seeing a homeless dog wandering the street just outside of one of their computer conferences. Since then, it’s been their mission to create an app that will help homeless dogs get the loving family they so richly deserve.


The app launched last month and has so far gained hundreds of new users each day. It works very similarly to Tinder in that you swipe right if you like the dog, swipe left if you don’t. Each dog has their own profile that you can scroll through to see if you think you’re a match. If you are, swipe right and book an appointment at the local shelter to see if you and your dog-to-be get along.

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It’s similar to other apps such as PawsLikeMe, BarkBuddy, or Get Your Pet. However, GetPet is the only app that has a Tinder-like swiping experience, which makes it a lot more fun to search through profiles to find that perfect pooch. Or cat, or other animals--GetPet plans to expand their offering to include other pets in the near future.

Also, GetPet isn’t in English, so for that app-like pet-finding experience, you’ll need to use one of the three services above. However, with the success that GetPet is having, we might see them expand into English speaking countries sooner rather than later.


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