Tiny Home Community Is Helping Single Moms Break Addiction And Get Back On Their Feet

A tiny home community in northern California is focused on helping single mothers break the cycles of addiction and homelessness.

Acres of Hope in Auburn, California is a one of a kind recovery center that aims to keep struggling mothers with their children while they make the necessary progress to get their lives back together. They're a non-profit foundation that relies heavily on donations and volunteers for these women to succeed.

Via Acres of Hope

Women can live in one of ten homes on the property while regaining custody of their children all the while receiving the treatment they need.  They're dedicated to offering these tools often results in lifelong transformations.  The homes sit on an idyllic piece of land surrounded by trees. It's bright and cheerful and just what these families need. It's safe and clean as well.

Few recovery places allow children to live with their mothers but it's often a strong motivation to succeed. The center is faith-based and women can live there for up to two years. During that time they can finish their education and also receive access to higher paying jobs. The women will also undergo the appropriate treatment needed to address the causes of their addiction and give them the tools to move beyond their battles and hopefully never find themselves in the situation again.

The children benefit from this as much, if not more so, then the mothers. Many of these kids have lived through foster care and the traumatizing situations of being separated from their parents. Some have also lived with their mothers on the streets and seen their addiction firsthand.

Via Acres of Hope

Children thrive on routine and are often happiest with their biological mothers. They need their mothers to feel safe and loved, and mothers need their children to know they can make these changes for the benefit of their whole family. Acres of Hope offers a certain stability that other programs lack allowing for real change.

Tiny homes and these communities have exploded in recent years. The trend is focused on low-cost living but also surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Acres of Hope uses the small homes to house these women and the close quarters to provide unparalleled support.

Learn more about Acres of Hope here. What do you think of this community? Do you think we need more? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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