Tiny Terry Loves His Pickles: 20 Tweets Made By The Celebrity That Make Us Love Him More

Everyone knows who Terry Crews is and even if they think they don't know who he is, they definitely know who he is. I'm pretty sure he's been in like almost every movie and TV show at least for a few seconds. He's been everywhere ever since the '90s and it doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon. His most frequent (and/or well known) appearances are on Expendables, Everybody Hates ChrisBrooklyn Nine-Nine, White Chicks, and those hilarious (yet insane) Old Spice commercials. He's literally everywhere and I love it.

While he has a bit of an internet presence, it's a lot less known than his work on television and advertisements. He is a bit of a dad (considering he is a dad) and by that I mean that he tweets like my dad would probably tweet if my dad had a Twitter account (which he would never have, thank the heavens). Even so, he's got quite a few gems placed on the internet which just makes me love him more than watching Drop the Mic when he whipped out the flute. He's a man of many talents--both previously known and also unknown--and many, many words of inspiration.

20 What A Cookout That Must Have Been

Terry Crews without a shirt on is not uncommon, and I'm pretty sure most of us have seen him without a shirt more often than with him wearing one. I mean, that makes a lot of sense when someone is a chiseled man, shaped by the gods (and through a lot of yogurt and exercise of course) like Terry Crews is. Here, he is giving his fans a taste of an image that they may not have associated with him before.

Unfortunately, the picture that goes along with this tweet is now unavailable, and since it disappeared almost two years ago without me being able to find it, I can only conclude that it has forever been erased from the internet. Even though the actual image of this situation has officially been lost in cyberspace for good, I can still make a pretty good picture of this situation in my mind, based off of the other visual information I have about Terry Crews in my brain. I feel like this isn't his first rodeo having no shirt on and being covered in coconut oil. Why coconut oil, specifically? I don't know, but at least unlike other oils, the coconut variety smells quite good.

19 Keeping It Real

Via: Twitter

Even with all of the fame that Terry Crews has after such a fantastic career, he's never one to stop keeping it real, even for a second. He's out in the world, trying to tear down the mystic curtain that separates celebrities from real people. He often proves that even famous people are just normal people at the end of the day. Sure, they're on television but they also have families, go grocery shopping, and even spend a lot of time on the toilet scrolling through Twitter.

This tweet got me thinking a little bit and it is kind of crazy that the common people have such strange preconceived notions about celebrities. This guy, for example, was asking people about the boring encounters they've had with celebrities, like it was something that would never happen because celebrities aren't ordinary. When I think about it a little bit, most of the time, if someone were to run into a famous person on the street, the interaction would be very mundane and boring since everyone is constantly doing mundane and boring things in the world. I feel like the only times when celebrities aren't boring is when they're working. I mean, if someone is always trying to show that razzle dazzle 24 hours a day, they would get very tired real quick.

18 Quite The Artist

Sometimes I feel like there's nothing that Terry Crews can't do, and I'm starting to think I'm right. Not only was this guy a pro NFL player (albeit not the best one, but let's be real, if you're in the NFL you're very good at football) and continues to be one of the funniest actors around, but he's also great with a pencil and paper. You wouldn't think that a beefy man like Terry would also be an artist, but this man is out here to break stereotypes all over the place. Not only does this guy draw, he also designs furniture. How rad is that?

He's not just a hobby artist--he's really good at it. If you check out his Instagram, it's full of really nice, realistic-looking portraits of people. He has a passion and a skill and he's not about to stop now. What's cool about this is that he never felt like he had to choose between art and athletics, often people believe the two can't coexist. In fact, when he was cut from the NFL, some of his former teammates would commission paintings from him while he was trying to make ends meet. He's proof that if you're trying to make it in one way, be sure to have a backup plan for if the original one doesn't work out too well, and make something of it.

17 Sharing His Castmates For Everyone To Enjoy

Let me start this by saying if you haven't watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet then I don't know what you're doing with your life. If you've been living under a rock (or don't have a Twitter account) then you might be unaware of this show, but basically it's the funniest show that's been on air in a long time and while it got canceled by Fox, it was picked up by NBC in only 30 hours. Not only is Terry Crews in it as an officer of his namesake who is a sensitive, yogurt-loving friend, but he's also surrounded by one of the best made casts that television has to offer.

Obviously, if you're a fan of Terry Crews then you've probably also watched this show but I just have to keep telling people to watch it until everyone does. Every moment is a hoot, and they sometimes even talk about serious topics and do it in a very informative and sensitive way. I feel like now this show is going to keep on going while it's still got juice to keep running so if you want to support Terry and his crew, keep watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you won't regret it.

16 Heck Yeah!

In light of all the stuff that has been coming out in the entertainment industry for the past several months, many of us felt a little hopeless at times. There's a great power imbalance in Hollywood and while everyone has known that since the dawn of time, nobody has ever been able to question it until now. Equality is something that people should all want, but it's harder to get than you think, even in this day and age when things have gotten so much better.

Terry Crews has always been a part of the women's movement as one of the kindest and most supportive men out there. I really love the way this guy redefines what it is to be manly so that masculinity can be used for good instead of as a means to hurt other people and bring them down. He may be huge, buff guy, but he's also soft, kind, and compassionate, which can be an uncommon trait for someone so traditionally masculine. What Terry has been saying for so long is that it isn't manly to tear people down, but it is very manly to bring people up and that's a great message and I just love Terry Crews so much in everything he does.

15 Listen To Your Heart

After seeing that post of that guy who puts a picture of Terry Crews looking at you with a judgmental expression to try and avoid spending money on unnecessary things, Terry himself felt inspired to do the same thing. I mean, if it works for one college kid, it's bound to work for yourself. Even though this picture has Terry's face on it, I feel like it's still pretty effective to have a picture of yourself in your wallet so that past-you can always judge you in the future. That Terry is telling current Terry that he really doesn't need whatever it is that he's buying, and that former Terry didn't work his butt off just for future Terry to waste it on useless stuff.

This post is also a perfect example of how Terry Crews is a great sport when it comes to his internet fans. Most celebrities I think would either not even see the original tweet or just ignore it, but Terry is ready to interact with everyone and he's usually ready to get in on the joke, because that's just the kind of guy Terry is. It does seem like a pretty effective way to stop frivolously spending money, though, so I think I might try it myself.

14 Loving That Enthusiasm

It's no secret: Spongebob: The Musical is one of the most lit things that's happening on Broadway at the moment, and while nobody should really be surprised (because everything Spongebob related is usually pretty darn cool), everyone is surprised at how good it is. Of course, I haven't seen it myself because I don't have any money to go to either New York or to get a ticket for a Broadway show, but I'm taking everyone's word on how good it is. Now that Terry Crews has given this glowing review of the show, I feel like I must see this performance before I'm old.

I feel like Terry Crews is a man of good taste and he knows what's up when it comes to quality entertainment--I mean, he's been quality entertainment for his whole acting career. I just love every time he gets excited about anything because you know it's genuine, like he is all about this Spongebob musical and he's getting everyone, including me, excited about it. I want to feel as excited about things as Terry Crews does, so I want to watch Spongebob: The Musical to feel what he feels after he watched the show because it seems to be amazing.

13 Doesn't Take Much To Make Him Happy

You would think that after being a professional athlete and a famous actor, you would say that your life is complete, but that's not the case for Terry Crews. It looks like all of those accomplishments were nothing until this moment, where someone turned him and the rest of the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine into LEGOs. I don't blame him, since you have to be pretty darn cool to have someone take the time to make you into a LEGO. Ordinary people don't become LEGOs. The people in Star Wars and Harry Potter become LEGOs, and they are far from being ordinary. Honestly, Terry Crews has been around longer than Harry Potter has, so he's obviously way more of a legend than ol' Potter could ever be.

Even though this guy is living the high life, he still manages to find enjoyment out of even the smallest things (like this video), and I find that pretty inspiring. He's got it all but he's still enjoying fun little things on the internet. If I ever become famous, which I doubt but also secretly aspire for, then I hope to be just like him and not caring about too many extravagant things, just fun little YouTube parodies.

12 Helping A Friend In Need

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter

It's not just Terry Crews who is starting to follow the trend of using a photo of Terry Crews in one's wallet to prevent spending money--it looks like everyone's doing it. This person took it one step further and tried to get that same picture of a disapproving Terry printed on their credit card. Terry can always be watching them every time they try to purchase something, and they wouldn't be able to avoid it. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo wasn't about to let some young person use Terry Crews’ face on a card without some written approval first. Fortunately, Terry Crews approved this message on Twitter, which hopefully was enough for Wells Fargo to accept and go through with the card making.

Once again, Terry Crews comes in on Twitter and helps out a fan of his. I think he goes through all of his mentions because most of the time his Twitter feed is just him responding to other people's tweets about him. That's a good thing for this person, since if he was one of those celebrities that just mutes the mentions they may never have gotten their credit card with the perfect image to help stop spending. Terry Crews is out here helping people save some money, and that's very important.

11 How To Be Terry Crews

Via: Twitter

Being Terry Crews may not be as hard as it seems--all it takes is being very tall, lifting weights, some Old Spice, and most importantly, knowing when to use all that muscle power. Like the wise Uncle Ben once said: "With great power comes great responsibility," and while most people aren't able to climb up walls and shoot webs out of their arm, people who have a lot of muscle power can still benefit from taking that advice.

These are some pretty wise words, and while it seems kind of obvious that you should use your bodily powers for good, I feel like for some people who are physically strong, that kind of wisdom gets lost sometimes. I don't have any bodily strength myself so I don't know what it feels like to be physically strong (because I am really not), but I do hope that the people who are use their strength to lift heavy bags of groceries for old ladies and not to get into fights with people. There's a lot of work to do, but since the biggest and strongest man for all is on the right side, I hope that other equally strong people follow suit.

10 He's Also A Poet

Via: Twitter

Looking through Terry Crews' social media, you find a lot of inspiration, but I never expected him to lay down a bit of poetry in his Twitter feed, and he did just that. I guess someone was having a bit of a writer's block so they decided to binge watch a bunch of Terry Crews material and they suddenly got out of the funk that they were in. That's just the magic of Terry--just while writing this article, I had to take many breaks to watch the "Thousand Miles" clip, and some various scenes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine with him in it to keep me motivated.

Even though his material may not exactly be what this other person is trying to write, it does say a lot that they found inspiration through his videos anyways. Sometimes, all you really need to do to get out of that creative funk is to laugh a little and enjoy content made by one of the best funny guys in the business. As a side bonus, you might even get your own Terry Crews poem if you give him a shoutout on Twitter. Maybe I'll finally break my code of not tweeting at celebrities and tweet him some nice words to see what he says.

9 And Here's Your Daily Terry Crews Motivation

This man is an inspiration if nothing else. He's had a pretty good career from first being in professional football and then getting into acting, but I know that it wasn't a walk in the park to get there. Sure, it looks like it was effortless when you see his success from an outsider's view, but it definitely wasn't easy because that's showbiz, baby. Nothing in this world comes easy and if you don't give it your all then you won't be able to get everything that you dream of getting. That's what separates the winners from the losers--but, of course, there are other factors such as timing, who you know, where you live, and circumstances, but I'm not here to rain on this parade. With hard work you can get pretty much anything you want, that is, within limits of course.

There really isn't a day when Terry Crews isn't out there entertaining people or trying to lift their spirits. He really is an actor that is for the people and I would like to believe that he just wants to see all of us happy and doing our best. I don't actually know this man and he will probably never meet me, but I still like to think that he's rooting for me at least a little bit.

8 Because You Know I'd Walk 1,000 Miles

Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces passed and I'm homebound...

A post shared by Terry Crews (@terrycrews) on

If you ever needed more of a reason to love Terry Crews then look no further than this post right here. I always love a good reference back to an actor's older, but most well-known bits in their filmography and the "Thousand Miles" scene in White Chicks is probably one of the best comedic bits in a movie ever. Unlike Zac Efron, who is a coward and is trying to wipe the memories of High School Musical away, Terry Crews embraces his role in this classic B-comedy film even now. I mean, that's the thing with Terry Crews--he has always just tried to be himself so there isn't really a reason to be ashamed of his old work when he's been authentic the whole time.

Let's also just talk about the outfit here. Of course, since Terry is in Milan he's got to look at least a little bit fashionable, but he really is looking fly AF here. The color scheme is great and while I don't think I've ever seen Terry Crews wearing a cardigan before, I have to say I love it. Actor, athlete, comedian, artist, and Italian fashion icon, there really isn't anything that this guy can't do!

7 Passionate About Many Things

Via: Imgur

Another thing that Terry's been into lately is gaming, since his son is into it he decided to go all-out and build a PC for them to play games on. Of course, video games seems like something that Terry Crews can get into since he pretty much likes anything that's good and there are a lot of video games that are good out there. I've never played Overwatch myself but I know enough about it to know that it is very popular along a wide audience which just so happens to include famous actors like Crews.

Since he does spend a lot of time surfing the internet and finding any corner of it where his name is mentioned it was inevitable for him to come across this Reddit thread saying that he should play Doomfist. I had to look him up but he's basically the computer-generated version of Terry Crews with a bionic arm, so it makes sense that he could voice act this character. The real Terry, on his own Reddit account, posted that he loves that idea and I think every fan of Overwatch and of Terry Crews also liked that idea. I don't think it actually happened for the event that they were talking about, which is unfortunate, but maybe next time.

6 He Likes Himself

Via: Imgur

If it hasn't been clear to you, even after going through this list, Terry Crews uses the internet like a real dad--and by that I mean that he uses social media in interesting ways that may be a little bit unconventional. Most of his tweets are quoting other people, which is fine, but there aren't a lot of things that aren't links to other pages or responding to his fans and friends. He also has his YouTube account linked to his Twitter which is something that I know maybe two people that I follow choose to do because it's just too much content on your feed otherwise.

Because he's such a dad, he may not realize that when you like your own content, all of your followers are going to see that you like it. It's kind of assumed that you like the stuff that you post on your page, but Terry Crews just wanted to make it very clear that he likes this picture a lot. That's fair because if you have a good joke then you should be able to let people know that you like yourself. I mean, I laugh at my jokes all the time, mostly because I laugh at everything but also because I think I'm the funniest person alive--except for Terry Crews, he definitely beats me on the funny part.

5 This Is Something I Need

Via: Twitter

Now here's a fun little fact about me: I've been playing the flute for over ten years now. I was a total band geek in school and even played in concert band in college like the nerd I am. Now that I'm out of school, I don't pick up my flute as much as I used to and let me say that I have become not so great at it. It's not like I can't pick up a tune but I just don't have the stamina to play through a long piece the way I used to back in the old days. After watching this rap battle I found out that Terry Crews was a fellow flutist and it became an inspiration to me.

I've never been good at improv, and I haven't been able to get into the jazz flute groove since I'm classically trained and scared. But Terry, this guy is something else. He not only knows how to destroy Luis Fonsi in a rap battle but he manages to top off his sick rhymes with an even sicker flute solo. I may not have been too inspired to play my flute more after my obligatory lessons ended at school, but I feel a little more motivated to keep up those flute skills just in case I ever need it to win a rap battle someday.

4 He Knows What He's Worth

It has been a long road for Terry Crews over the decades and he really deserves to be where he is today. While he is physically a giant, he seems to personally be more like a soft (yet wise) teddy bear. He knows what's up in the world and he's got a lot of things to share with the world. He does a lot of speaking gigs around college campuses and the like, since everyone wants to know what it's like to be Terry Crews, and someone mentioned that he gets paid a lot for the speaking fee. I think in general most normal people are pretty outraged at the way celebrities are paid for things because most people in America don't even make $50,000 in a whole year, but the price is justified based on all of the experience that he's had in his life.

Sure, I would love to be paid a year's salary in a night because who wouldn't love to do that, but nobody would ever pay me that much to do anything because I just don't have the life experience to warrant that. Heck, I'm just a girl in her early 20's living with her parents trying to pay off the loans. I can't be called an inspiration to anyone because I still haven't managed to pay those loans off yet. To be an inspiration to people you have to accomplish something first, and man this guy has accomplished a lot.

3 Always Staying On Brand

I'm usually not one to give into corporate branding but I do have to say that Old Spice's marketing has been spot on for years, mostly when they started featuring Terry Crews in it. I don't think there's any other product out there on the market that has as entertaining ads as Old Spice does. It reaches way out there into the absurd but yet the commercials make me want to buy them. In fact, I do buy Old Spice deodorant even though I am a woman because I like the way it smells and it is also way better at doing its job of making you not stink than any of those flowery ones. You could say that it was also their spot-on advertising that convinced me to buy it even though I am way outside of their target demographic, but we won't really know, will we?

What I love about these commercials the most is really how absurd they are. There's the one where Terry's playing a drum with his pecs, and there's always the ones where he bursts through people's houses to start aggressively talking about deodorant. Here, we have the gift that keeps on giving: Terry Crews screaming and popping out of your fireplace.

2 Been Clownin' Since Day 1

There's no question about it, but here's some proof that Terry Crews has always been the funny guy in the room, even back when he was fairly tiny when compared to today. I don't think that Terry has ever actually been tiny but he must have at least been smaller than most adults at some point of his very young life. Even in this picture, you can tell that he's probably the biggest kid in class by a long shot but he still has the face of a little kid just going through school life and making funny faces.

I always like seeing throwback pictures and seeing what celebrities look like when they're younger because there are huge differences between the present and the younger versions. But there are also enough similarities that assure you that they're the same person. I also have to say that everyone looks cooler in old photos because while disposable cameras didn't always produce the best quality image, they pretty much had an automatic filter on them making everything look Instagram-able without any extra retouching. What a life it must have been back then. I say it's better the old way but imagine not being able to see what your pictures look like until after you develop and pay for them.

1 Time To Shine!

I may possibly have thought about getting a cardboard cutout of Terry Crews at one point, but it's hard to pick just one look of his to have immortalized forever in cardboard--that is, until I saw this picture. I don't have a lot of words to describe this picture except that this is quite a Look that he's pulling off here. I don't really know much of the context of this image since Googling "Terry Crews blonde wig" only pulls up this picture and stills from the Benchwarmers, which came out way before 2015 when this picture was posted.

Whatever the context is of this picture, I truly find everything about this tweet to be a big inspiration. From those tights to that wig to that smile, it looks like he's living the best version of himself in this moment. Okay, so that might not be exactly true but he sure is looking happy even though he's stuck in that legging and shorts combination. That's right Terry, I will be all that I can be today and every other day--except I won't be wearing those amazingly patterned pants in the process. They're cool, but only for special occasions.

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