10 Useful Tips For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners

Starting a business is risky. Managing a company is hard. Being your own boss is not always as glamorous as it sounds, and neither is working from home. In fact, 80 percent of entrepreneurs used their own money to fund their business, and more employees are urging their companies to change up structures and policies - and if not, they leave, with more people working remotely than ever before.

What can lead to success for entrepreneurs? How can small business owners stay sane? Why do some remote workers struggle with balance? There is no magical recipe that leads to an easy work day and a full bank account, but the 10 tips below can help out those who work from home and/or work for themselves.

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10 Plan

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The first step - no matter what industry, location, goal or brand is being dealt with - is to plan. Plan out every day, every week, every quarter and every year, getting detailed and real about what will be done, spent, accomplished and so on. Organization is key and to-do lists are vital! Invest in a good planner, and some large wall calendars to start planning in the most effective ways possible. 

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9 Prepare For The Worst

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After planning, know that things may go awry. There will be bad days, the printer will jam, someone will refuse to pay, the internet will go out, and rent will go up - all in the same day. Have a backup plan, have a savings account, have a place to go to get stuff done, and have someone to cry to, drink with and/or hug. Above all make sure that you know exactly what you will do if your venture fails, and how you will be able to get back on your feet. 

8 Know When To Say No (And Yes)

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For many entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers, saying no is hard. We want as many clients as possible, as much business as possible, and as much money as possible. However, we are only human, so know when to pass on something. On the other hand, know how to say “yes”, too. Especially if someone qualified and capable is offering to help!

7 Keep Evolving But Stay True


Trends change. New developments arise. Industries grow. Make sure to stay current with what is going on in specific sectors, in order to see more success. In the meantime, stay true to company values, too. As a brand grows, people learn more about its true nature and what to expect, so evolve, but stay true to you!

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6 Get Creative

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Creativity is key. Especially for those who start their own business or do their own thing when it comes to working. Transform a spare bedroom into an office. Hit the streets to spread awareness with guerilla marketing. Pick up a part-time job if/when financial stress hits. Learn to go with the flow and think outside the box. This will be a huge asset in the long-run, and help you to develop into a truly adaptive and unique entrepreneur. 

5 Learn What Works Best

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While planning, evolving and creating, professionals learn what works and what doesn’t. What does your audience respond to? During what hours are you most productive? How can your product/service be enhanced? Ask these questions thoughout your venture and in your everyday life to generate as much knowledge as possible, and find new ways to learn. There will be trial-and-error periods, but strive to be the best, make the best and do the best.

4 Network

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Regardless of what industry is being focused on, networking is another tip to consider. Go to local meetups. Set up a booth at a tradeshow. Speak at a conference. Attend competitors' launch parties and other industry events. Do this in order to learn, meet new people, and spread awareness. You never know who you may meet out in the world, and networking can be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to building a company or finding new opportunities. 

3 Embrace Opportunities.

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Along the same lines of getting creative with marketing and attending networking events, remember to keep your eyes peeled and be ready for anything. Any opportunity could be the one, any person met could be an investor or business partner or customer, and any moment could change everything. So get ready!

2 Rest

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Okay, this tip is a big one. Rest has to happen. Those who start their own brands and decide they can work from home are go-getters. They find themselves working at all hours and striving to make their dream work. Without sleep, food, exercise, wellness, and vacations, though, that could all get miserable real fast. Make time to read a good book, get enough sleep, and find ways to nourish your body and mind. There is no way that you can be at your best to perform as you should if you feel terrible because you are exhausted. 

1 Remember Why You Started.

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Last but not least, remember why you started. Remember what made this all happen. Remember why this risk was taken. Remember the positive. Remember to chase after all of that - even when things get tough. To all entrepreneurs, business owners and remote workers out there: Remember that anything is possible...and it all starts with you.


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