10 Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Boho Retreat

A bedroom can be styled in so many different ways, but one of the dreamiest decor trends out there is the boho one. Hippies and free spirits gravitate towards rooms that are filled with ‘70s-inspired items, tapestries, groovy wall art, plants, and wooden accents. But which products, furniture, and knick-knacks really belong in a bohemian bedroom?

If you have been asking yourself this question or if you are looking to add some boho touches to your space, then we recommend the following 10 tips and tricks. Some are just little details that can help create a certain environment, and others are full-on designs that will totally transform your room. But all of them scream boho, meaning each of these rooms are funky, relaxing, retro and just super neat. Enjoy!

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10 Macramé Wall Hanging

Via: Moss Hound Designs

Macramé is a kind of textile that is created using knotting techniques, and the finished product is very boho. This trend was big in the ‘70s, a time of hippies and free spirits, so it makes sense that a wall hanging like this would be our first suggestion since wall art is crucial in a boho room!

Plus, notice all the styling in all of these photos – especially this one: some earth elements, some tone-on-tone action, some funky accessories. It all adds to the boho feel, so try to mimic some of these design trends.

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9 Platform Bed

Via: Pinterest

The focal point of nearly any bedroom is the bed. For a bohemian-inspired room, a platform bed that is low to the ground is key. It is up to you what you hang above it, what you set beside it , and what you put on it. But a room in this style deserves a bed like that.

You could buy a low-sitting bed, or you could even get creative and use wooden pallets to create your own bed that is low to the ground and perfect for a boho room!

8 Numerous Plants

Via: Domino

This bedroom is like a boho oasis. While there are many spot-on elements going on, the main thing we want to point out here is the plants. Short potted succulents, tall leafy greens, vines that wind around the space, and maybe even some fake plants for those of us who don’t have a green thumb. All of this combined forms the perfect earthy hideaway.

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7 Throws & Pillows

Via: Four Cheeky Monkeys

Textiles play an important role in boho bedrooms, and blankets, rugs and throw pillows usually litter these spaces. Prints are big, embellishments are huge, and adding in your own personality is vital – have fun with it! Incorporate as many textiles as you’d like. We think this one, with its bright colors, tassels, and words was done up just right!

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6 Lighted Canopy

Via: Pinterest

Buying different pieces of furniture and adding in different products is great, but it is going to take more to build up this hippy-esque environment. That being said, you are going to need a canopy and twinkle lights. Your canopy can be a twist of tulle like this one. One big strand of lights could provide just enough ambiance, or you may want to go crazy with them. They are pretty neat, and they add just the right touch to a room like this one.

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5 Wood & Fur

Via: Homed It

Two more elements that are usually seen in boho-focused rooms are wood and fur. Your platform bed could have beautiful wooden elements (like the pallet bed we mentioned), or you may want a large structural piece, like this one, that doubles as storage and art. Furthermore, an entire chair could be covered in faux fur, or a few fluffy pillows could be thrown here and there.

4 Music Corner with Hanging Chair

Via: Pinterest

To really take your bohemian bedroom to the next level, you need a chair that hangs from the ceiling. If you are totally serious about the boho lifestyle, you will hang this chair in a designated music corner, of course! You probably have a retro record player and a great collection of music. This will be the ideal spot to take in all those tunes.

Also, you may just want a hanging chair or just a music corner. But why not combine all of these ideas? Go big, or go home!

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3 Tie-Dye

Via: Pinterest

Another trend from the '70s that works well in a space like this is tie-dye! You can embrace this in a big way or incorporate it in a more minimalistic way. The great thing about tie-dye is that you can make it yourself, for yet another DIY project to use in this space! Just remember to make your boho room your own and that wall hangings and textiles are key!

2 Exotic

Via: Pinterest

It seems that boho bedrooms go one of two ways: they are either very colorful or they are neutral, which we will touch on next. If you like color, then you will play up the textiles even more. You will surely want to add some tie-dye. You may use lanterns instead of twinkle lights and your room will look something like this one, with deep colors and exotic vibes!

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1 Neutral

Via: Pinterest

Your room will look like this if you prefer neutrals and a more calming effect. Use creams and browns and whites, and be sure not to shy away from plants, wood, and fur. Both versions are amazing. Both styles are perfect for free spirits. And both examples can work for you, depending on what you are working with and what you want!

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