Titanic II Set To Trace Original 1912 Route in 2022...Minus The Iceberg

110 years after the original ill-fated voyage, Titanic II is scheduled to take on the Atlantic Ocean once again. The Titanic replica ship will embark on a familiar journey in 2022 and will follow the original route from Southampton to New York. Don't worry though. All precautions have been made to prevent the second from sinking.

Via Blue Star Line

To make things super authentic, Titanic II is being designed and built as an exact replica and will have the same layout and designs throughout the ship. The grand staircase will also be included because it wouldn't be the Titanic without it. Titanic II will also carry 2,400 passengers and 900 staff just like the original ship did in 1912 (but honestly, that's just a little bit creepy).

However, you shouldn't be too worried about history repeating itself. Having learned a lesson the hard way, Titanic II will be equipped with enough lifeboats to accommodate everyone on board just in case. Modern radar technology and other safety systems will also be installed because it's the 21st century. Super fans will have to wait a few years to buy tickets but when they can, they will be able to choose between first, second, or third class ticket levels.

1997's Titanic was a HUGE theatrical hit. It was the highest grossing movie of that year and was also the most talked about.  It made a star out of Leonardo DiCaprio and sparked lots of interest about the massive and elegant ship. At the time of its maiden voyage, no one expected the supposedly unsinkable Titanic to sink. But it did, taking over a 1,000 people with her.

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Construction on Titanic II has just started again after being on hold for three years after a financial dispute was recently resolved. Clive Palmer, an Australian businessman is the man with this dream to build another Titanic just as beautiful as the original.

This ship is being made in China (versus Ireland) and will be sailed to Southhampton so the Atlantic route to New York won't be its maiden voyage but that doesn't take anything anyway from how cool this is. There are plans to use Titanic II as sort of a cruise ship so it won't just be a one-time thing. Blue Star Line is keeping track of all the happenings and status of the ship.

Would you love to travel on Titanic II? Or is Titanic not your thing? Let us know in the comments!


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