Tony Stank: 19 Gross Facts About Iron Man's Suit

Tony Stark. Iron Man. Most people's favorite Avenger. It's kind of amazing that a character once considered a B-lister has basically become Marvel's new mascot thanks to the MCU and Robert Downey Jr.'s charm. Something about his super intelligence and high-tech robot suit captured people's imaginations. Even real-life militaries across the world have tried their hand at building real Iron Man Suits. But it's not as glamorous as it sounds.

Yeah, while Tony Stark's life looks pretty whiz-bang from the outside, it's kind of disgusting when you look at it. Putting aside how much he must sweat while wearing it, the Iron Man suit has a lot of gross and unpleasant functions. Some of those function have gotten down right weird at times.

Here are 19 Gross Things About Iron Man's Suit.

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19 It's Stored In His Bones

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The Extremis suit was a major upgrade for Stark. Based on nanotech, it's controlled directly by his brain and heals his body. But it also transformed him in weird ways. The suit is now stored in the hollows of his bones, and oozes out of his pores when he activates it. Before the armor forms, he looks like he's naked and covered in gold paint.

18 It Recycles His Pee

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Iron Man can't exactly sneak off to the men's room in the middle of a battle. So can he pee in that suit? Does he have an astronaut diaper? Well, Iron Man 2 gave us an answer. While sloshed at a party, Stark remarks to his guest that his Iron Man suit actually recycles his urine into something drinkable. Handy in an emergency, but still. Eww.

17 He Used To Operate It With His Tongue

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Back when he first appeared in the 1960s, there were no computers to operate all of Iron Man's tech. He couldn't push buttons while wearing the suit, so how did he work it? Simple, he pulled the switches in his helmet with his tongue. No wonder Tony Stark is such a good kisser. Seriously though, how does he exchange fight banter while doing that?

16 In Some Futures, He Never Takes It Off


Marvel has a bad record with possible futures. Most of them seem to be apocalyptic dystopias. And in most, Tony Stark always finds a reason to never take off his Iron Man Suit. In Age of X, it got fused to his skin. In Earth X, he stays in it to keep from getting mutated. In Marvel Zombies, it's literally all that's keeping him together.

15 He Used To Recharge It In The Bathroom

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Stark didn't have an arc reactor originally. He used to have to wear his Iron Man breastplate to keep the shrapnel out of his heart, hiding it out of embarrassment. It needed recharging too, like plugged into an outlet like your smartphone recharging. For some reason, Stark chose to do this in most often his bathroom. Maybe he thought nobody would see him in there?

14 He's Thrown Up In The Helmet

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Tony Stark is not squeamish. It takes a lot to upset him. Like seeing all of Paris turned into stone during the Fear Itself storyline. Even for an Avenger, that'll make you lose your lunch. Yeah, he barfed in his helmet. But given that Stark is an avid drinker who flies around at supersonic speeds, we're surprised it's only happened once.

13 He's Flown The Armor While Drunk

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It's no secret that Tony Stark has had trouble with booze. The character's alcoholism has been around since the 1970s. But that does mean he's operated the Iron Man suit while intoxicated. Most people will know his drunken brawl with Rhodey in Iron Man 2, but it's happened in the comics too. The Iron Monger even took advantage of his addiction to get rid of him.

12 That Time It Fell In Love With Him

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Yes, you read that right. Once one of Iron Man's armors came to life and fell in love with him. This was during the Mask In The Iron Man storyline. After downloading the AI of his robot friend Jocasta into the armor, some of her programming lingered and became sentient. The armor loved Stark and wanted to merge with him, becoming Iron Man permanently.

11 The Ultimate Armor Is Filled With Special Goo

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The Ultimate Universe version of Iron Man differs in some important ways. According to some comics, this Tony Stark's body is entirely made of brain cells. That's why he's so smart, but it also leaves him in constant pain. So his Iron Man suit is filled with a special green goo that insulates him from harm and protects his vulnerable body. Again, it's filled with goo.

10 He's Usually Naked In There

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Tony Stark used to wear clothes under his armor. He used to keep it in his briefcase after all. But that started changing in the early 2000s. With Extremis stored in his body, his clothes just got in the way of suiting up. Heck, sometimes his clothes turned into the suit. On occasion Stark wears a skin-tight undersuit, but usually... totally nude.

9 One Suit Is An Artificial Venom (Like The Spidey Villain)

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After being magically turned evil (long story), Tony Stark must have decided he needed an evil suit to match. He made himself a new armor out of liquid smart-metal based on the Venom symbiote. Yes, the same one as the Spider-Man villain. He even removed its weakness to sonic attacks. Worse, he changed his color scheme from red & gold to white & blue.

8 Controlling Other People In The Armor

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Stark's evil artificial Venom suit didn't just work as armor for him. Oh no, he could use it as an offensive weapon too. Because it was psychically linked to him, he could have it smother other people while he wasn't wearing it. Or he could form his armor around them and puppeteer their bodies. He really got into the spirit of evil there.

7 The Arc Reactor In His Chest


The arc reactor in Stark's chest does more than power his suits and keep shrapnel out of his heart. One version of it gave him outright super powers. Called the "RT Node", this version boosted his brain, body, and senses. It let him manipulate electrical fields, gave him a force field, and let him levitate without a suit. The reactor was so powerful, he almost didn't need the armor anymore.

6 The Immortal Iron Man

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The Extremis technology modified Tony Stark's biology in a lot of ways. The biggest is that it gave him a pretty advanced healing factor. So advanced that Stark felt confident enough to challenge Wolverine to a fight. Extremis seems to back it up too. Though Stark has never needed it to, it can regrow whole limbs if necessary. After modifications, it basically made him immortal.

5 It Used To Have A Nose

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Iron Man's face plate is an iconic part of the character's design. It's changed very little since his introduction, except for a brief period in the 60s when a nose was added. The nose was because of a bad joke. Stan Lee was looking at some Iron Man artwork and joked that he should have a nose. The artists took him seriously. It lasted for twenty issues.

4 Food Pills

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Stark has built a few Iron Man armors for space travel. One even went so far as to include a self-contained life support system, with food pills and an atmosphere to keep him alive. This proved handy when the Avengers were captured by the alien Brood, it prevented their mind control, but we have to wonder. Where do the food pills come from?

3 That Time Ultron Turned Him Into A Woman

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This is a weird one. For all the advantages the Extremis suit brought Iron Man, it had downsides too. Like when the evil robot Ultron hacked into and took it over. But remember, the Extremis is stored in Stark's body. So Ultron possessed Iron Man's body. For some reason, he also transformed Stark into a woman and strutted around in his new naked, silver form.

2 Getting His Brain Deleted

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Extremis turned Tony Stark's brain into a computer. So naturally, his armor makes backups of all his memories and knowledge. That might sound useful, but it turned into a liability when the Green Goblin took over SHIELD (long story.) To keep some sensitive info out of the Goblin's hands, Tony had to delete his own brain. Thankfully, his friends found one last backup and rebooted him.

1 Other People Can Hack Into It Really Easy

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For a genius inventor, Tony Stark could do to invest in a decent firewall. His Iron Man suits get hacked all the gosh darn time. Bad guys do it often to frame him, Justin Hammer and Obadiah Stane both did. Heroes have hacked it too, like Captain America. Heck, Ultron has hacked it twice. And yet he never fixes this when he makes a new suit.

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