16 Totally Inappropriate Cutscenes In Popular Games

Video games have come leaps and bounds since their inception in the industry, but an experience that's practically universal across generations is that awkward moment when you're playing an innocent game as a child and then some totally unexpected, mature cut scene pops up right when your parents walk into the room and you're caught explaining yourself.

Cut scenes were often an exciting development in video games during the advent of FMV sequences, but as much as they're a source of joy and wonder, they can also spur embarrassment or totally catch players off guard. Sometimes this is the exact intention of these cut scenes and at other moments they come across as bizarre programming oversights. Regardless of the cause, they're frequently entertaining and always surprising. Accordingly, Here Are 16 Totally Inappropriate Cutscenes In Popular Games.

16 Sonic And Princess Elise’s Kiss In Sonic ‘06

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Sega set very high expectations with the announcement of Sonic ’06. It was supposed to be the reboot for the series and was bold enough to even call itself simply Sonic the Hedgehog. This of course becomes all the more ironic considering the game turned out to be a massive disappointment and low point for the series.

There are all sorts of reasons that this game is a mess, but one is the weird romantic relationship between Sonic and Princes Elise, who’s a woman. This culminates in a cut scene where Elise kisses a recently passed Sonic and it’s very upsetting.

15 “It’s War” In Conker’s Bad Fur Day

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All of Conker’s Bad Fur Day feels like it's eligible to be on this list. The adult-oriented platformer was a major swing for both Rare and the Nintendo 64 when they decided to put the lovable Conker in a Mature game. The sexuality is one thing, but the entire "It's War" level is one big riff on Saving Private Ryan and features Conker's cute friends getting blown to pieces.

14 Angels Rip Off Bayonetta’s Dress In Bayonetta 2

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Sometimes extreme franchises can throw so much at the audience that it just washes over them, but the Bayonetta games are the perfect example of when it all comes together and creates a sublime action experience. Bayonetta 2 begins in a very big way. What initially looks like an innocent sequence featuring Christmas shopping in Bayonetta's Sunday best quickly turns into an unexpectedly lewd showdown. Bayonetta isn't just temporarily naked when the attack on her rips her dress apart, but she seems to moan as the fabric gets shredded. Don't ever change, Bayonetta.

13 Family Loving In Red Dead Redemption 2

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Bray and Tammy Aberdeen from Red Dead Redemption 2 have become very popular on the Internet, but in a game as large as this one, it's entirely possible to not stumble upon this morbid secret shared between the Aberdeens. If you choose to stick around the Aberdeen household and not leave the brother and sister alone, they'll begin to reveal exactly why they want some privacy and it's upsetting to say the least.

12 21 Minigame In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

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Resident Evil 7 garnered a lot of praise for returning to the series' pure horror roots, but the latest game drew a lot of comparisons to Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Saw due to its unrelenting, violent nature. “21” is a piece of DLC released for the game that's a morbid take on Blackjack that would make Jigsaw smile. As graphic as the game is, this feels like it's on a whole other level and comes as a shock.

11 Leblanc's Massage Mini-game In Final Fantasy X-2 HD

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Let's face it: the Final Fantasy games are full of a wealth of ridiculous mini-games. Something like Chocobo Racing was even able to become its own game. That being said, as weird as some Final Fantasy mini-games are, none of them tend to be inappropriate. Except for this one. Final Fantasy X-2 contains a bizarre mini-game where Leblanc gets a massage and you control the person that gives it to him. Leblanc gets strangely comfortable through it all and makes an uncomfortable situation even worse.

10 “Ear Bud Scene” In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Ever since the series' humble origins, Metal Gear Solid is a franchise that doesn't hold back or worry about conventional missions. Solid Snake has seen his fair share of trauma through the many games in the series, but the fifth installment, The Phantom Pain, throws Snake into a particularly disturbing mess. Snake's assessment of Devil's House is disturbing in its own right, but a mission that involves an ear bud inserted into someone's throat is truly enough to make anyone consider retirement.

9 Jack’s Ending In Power Stone

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Capcom's Power Stone brawler fighters for the arcade and Dreamcast never properly got their due and in a perfect world a new entry in the series will get released. Like any good fighter, the game is full of eclectic fighters, but one of the most unusual combatants is Jack, who's essentially a bandaged up, psychotic take on Jack the Ripper. Jack's ending sequence in the first game involves him using the Power Stone to wish for a duplicate of himself, so that version of him can be arrested. The papers print the news, so Jack can continue to hunt more women without anyone on his case.

8 Any Ending In The Dead Or Alive Series

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Plenty of fighting games have rosters that are full of attractive characters, but they tend to incorporate some subtlety into the presentation. Tecmo's Dead or Alive series decides to go the opposite route and feature as much fan service and eye candy as humanly possible. Typical gameplay is racy enough, but basically any ending from any Dead or Alive game features your designated character in next to nothing.

7 Love Scenes In The Fable Series

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Arguably the dominant feature in the Fable games is that the decisions your character makes will have a lasting impact on whether they'll become good or evil. Much freedom was given to players in a way that some had never seen before and one aspect of this included the ability to pick your romantic partners and engage in relationships.

While the first two games actually showed you doing the deed, the third game took an interesting approach where the screen cuts to black, but instead noises and sound bites run rampant, making it even more embarrassing in some cases

6 “I Don’t Want A Weiner” In Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

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It's not terribly surprising that the bawdy Leisure Suit Larry games would end up on this list in some capacity. The series combines the style of clever adventure games with a lewd sense of humor that celebrates sexuality. Wherever you turn in these titles, there's some kind of innuendo or double entendre.

One of the later games in the series, Magna Cum Laude, features what's apparently the first transgender character in a video game, yet it handles it in an incredibly regrettable, embarrassing capacity.

5 The Torture Scenes In Grand Theft Auto 5

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The Grand Theft Auto series have made a name for themselves, specifically in regards to how mature and over the top they are. The whole premise revolves around committing crimes. Grand Theft Auto 5 tries to top itself and the result is the hyper aggressive protagonist, Trevor. Trevor is an all around dangerous character, but GTA 5 really makes that point with the excessive torture scene that he commits. Right from Trevor's introduction it's clear he's bad news, but this really goes overboard.

4 Tricking Paco And The Undercover Stripping Scene In Heavy Rain

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Heavy Rain was heavily lauded for the intense decisions and attention to detail that it put players through. It's a highly immersive title, but it goes a little too far when Madison has to infiltrate the Blue Lagoon and fool the owner, Paco. This involves flirting and leading Paco on with all sorts of sexual subterfuge.

This escalates to a striptease at gunpoint where quick-time events dictate your actions. It's all very problematic, but it's at least in the service of the plot. It also does effectively put players in Madison's head during that situation.

3 Clement’s A “Very Good Son” In House Of The Dead: Overkill

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The popular light gun series, The House of the Dead, made a rather brilliant decision to embrace a grindhouse and B-movie aesthetic for its exploitation title, House of the Dead: Overkill. The game is swimming in foul language, extreme violence, and casual sexuality, but what's particularly shocking happens in the game's "Jailhouse Judgment" level. Here, Clement goes all Oedipal with his elderly mother who's on her deathbed. Veiled dialogue is one thing, but did we really need to see them make out?

2 TEC-XX’s Artificial Love For Peach In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

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The Paper Mario series has never been afraid to take risks and try to mix up its formula every now and then. The GameCube sequel, Thousand Year Door, is one of the best in the franchise and goes for broke when it comes to its Princess Peach subplot. Peach gets abducted by aliens and the computer on the ship, TEC-XX, develops emotions and falls for Peach. If this weird romance wasn’t enough to creep you out, TEC-XX’s final words before it gets shut down are, “I love you,” to Peach. Brutal stuff.

1 The Love Scenes In The Mass Effect Series

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The Mass Effect series specifically prides itself on the amount of variety that it presents the player, but the games take these choices into effect to determine your gameplay outcome. One example of this freedom is when it comes to having sex in the games, which is particularly prevalent and you can basically have sex with anyone throughout the whole trilogy (it even incorporates same sex relationships into the mix). Mass Effect is not the only game to do this, but it feels more encompassing here, and it's the only one to involve aliens.

These are a collection of some of the most inappropriate cut scenes from popular video games that we could put together, but it’s hardly the full selection. Sound off over your favorites in the comments below!

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