The MOST Toxic Astro Couples, Followed By The LEAST Toxic

In life, we experience a whole bunch of relationships, unless we’re the type to find love the first time around and settle down for good with our high school sweetheart. In those relationships, we may have incredibly healthy partnerships, where we feel supported, appreciated, respected, and loved. Hopefully, these are the pairings that last. Or, if the romance dissolves, ideally we get a good friendship out of it. Other times, though, we experience toxic relationships. In fact, these may be the more common.

In toxic relationships, we’re manipulated, gaslit, and hurt. We question where we stand every moment we’re not together and agonize over everything they’ve said and done. We may experience jealousy or obsession; we may feel like we’re not good enough. We may even be the perpetrators of this toxicity, using another person for our own selfish gain!

According to astrology, there are signs that we’re most compatible with and those with whom we are the least compatible. In this article, we’re getting a little more specific, and discovering what astrological pairings are the healthiest, and which are the most toxic. Some relationships can be “meh,” but these either do a complete disservice to us and the notion of love in general, or they make us feel better – and more loved – than we ever thought possible.

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20 TOTALLY TOXIC: Aries & Taurus

Via She Knows

According to astrology, couples who are only one sign apart are generally not destined to be together forever, or to even have much of a functioning relationship at all!

Such is the case for Aries and Taurus, who will butt heads throughout their tumultuous courtship.

These two just don’t speak the same love language. Aries, impulsive and immature, will lash out at the quieter Taurus, who will in turn internalize their dissatisfaction and quietly resent them afterwards. In addition to having different love languages, these two don’t even fight the same way, which can lead to blowouts and stalemates that last for ages.

19 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Aries & Sagittarius

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Unlike with Taurus, Aries can be themselves with Sagittarius. This means that all their craziness, impulsiveness, and spontaneity will not only be appreciated by this other Fire sign, but will be some of the many things they love about them!

Together, these two are always searching for the next great adventure. Neither of them gets bored with the other since they both like to change things up, and it never feels like work on their relationship since they see eye to eye on most things. They are both best friends and partners who fuel one another’s drives thanks to their shared passions.

18 TOTALLY TOXIC: Gemini & Pisces

Via Scary Mommy

On the surface, these two are drawn to one another. Pisces loves Gemini’s energy and is curious about them. They imagine big, sweeping romantic gestures. What they get instead is a flighty, flaky sign who preys on their insecurities.

Gemini can be a master manipulator, thanks to their social skills and talents. Pisces, on the other hand, can be a little too naïve in the ways of love, and allow Gemini to walk all over them. They think that they’re being a selfless partner, when in reality they’re actually being a doormat. These two just don’t mesh well enough to be a healthy pairing.

17 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Taurus & Virgo

Via Narcity

Another example of two of the same elements matching well together, Earth signs Taurus and Virgo simply understand how the other ticks. While it may not be a passionate or whirlwind romance, these two know what the other needs and have one of the healthiest and happiest relationships around!

Understanding their mutual need for stability and security is what drives this coupling, because neither sign likes to play games. All that nonsense is thrown away because these two are incredibly straightforward. Plus, they fill in each other’s gaps: messy Taurus gets a dose of organization, while Virgo is allowed to enjoy more sensual pleasures.

16 TOTALLY TOXIC: Leo & Cancer

Via Martha Stewart Weddings

Another two people who may find themselves drawn to one another through sheer natural chemistry, Leo and Cancer’s relationship can turn sour very quickly. Leo wants a partner in crime, a supporting player who won’t compete with them for the spotlight. Cancer prefers the stability and security of a solid relationship in which they feel taken care of for once.

Together, these two become combative, each believing that the other is being selfish. Cancer’s ability to hone in on one’s insecurity, coupled with their own thin skin, makes them a fighter. This relationship will devolve into criticisms and fights that won’t soon fade from memory.

15 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Aquarius & Gemini

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Both intellectuals who view verbal stimulation and connection as the key to a happy relationship, Aquarius and Gemini are drawn to each other’s brains. With other signs, these Air signs can find themselves bored or looking to see if something better will come along. With each other, they’re doing mental gymnastics and enjoying their shared wits, which keeps them entertained for long periods of time!

These two understand that they both need a degree of independence, so flying solo from time to time doesn’t send them into a tailspin of anxiety. Their communication styles match so they simply “get” one another and don’t feel the need to question everything.

14 TOTALLY TOXIC: Sagittarius & Virgo

Via Martha Stewart Weddings

Sagittarius and Virgo just don’t see eye to eye on anything, and this will be the cause of many fights and, ultimately, the collapse of their relationship.

Virgo, as an Earth sign, is fixed and doesn’t take many risks. Sagittarius, a Fire sign, prefers to leap before looking and experience what the world has to offer. Virgo will think that they’re looking out for their Sag partner, but Sagittarius will feel as though they’re being weighed down by this wet blanket.

Resentment is sure to grow between these two, and it’ll be a slow, seething end before they finally call it quits (or Sagittarius ghosts).

13 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Cancer & Scorpio

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To other astrological signs, Cancer and Scorpio can be a bit too intense. They give as good as they get, but they need a lot of reassurance before they can open up and be vulnerable. Both of these signs have issues with trusting one another, which means that their relationship will be a slow burn. However, once they do make that emotional connection, there’s simply no letting go.

Scorpio is able to break down the barriers within Cancer, while Cancer’s vulnerability gives Scorpio enough security to reveal their softer, sillier side. These two are definitely endgame, and can handle whatever life throws at them together.

12 TOTALLY TOXIC: Libra & Cancer

Via The Gottman Institute

A relationship that seems well-balanced at first instead becomes a pairing consumed by jealousy. Libra is a natural peacemaker and a total flirt. They love to get to know others and can’t help it that their lovable nature endears them to almost everyone they meet.

Cancer, on the other hand, is often suspicious, surveying those around them with a heavy dose of side-eye. Their jealous streak will cause them to criticize Libra for their behavior, something Libra will try to explain and excuse away, which will only serve to anger Cancer even more, leading to a very messy (and loud) breakup.

11 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Leo & Libra

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With Libra, Leo finally has a willing partner who understands them and won’t try to dim their shine. Libra, on the other hand, has someone who will reciprocate their feelings and isn’t shy about grand romantic gestures. Together, these two have a relationship that is the envy of many around them. They’re loud and in-your-face, but so passionate and sweet with one another behind closed doors, they’ve become the definition of a power couple.

Leo and Libra know how to safely test one another’s limits and don’t begrudge each other anything. They are mutually selfless, charming, and fiery in a way that keeps things burning for quite some time.

10 TOTALLY TOXIC: Scorpio & Leo

Via Scary Mommy

These two may lock eyes from across the room, and the sparks will be so bright everyone else will have to shield their eyes. On paper, these two look like a dynamic match, fiery and passionate. However, like many things than burn too brightly, these two will go out with a bang!

These two just don’t get along, and their relationship blows hot and cold. Scorpio won’t give Leo the undying devotion they crave, and Leo seems too shallow for Scorpio’s deep waters. While they might look glamorous at first, these two can never get on the same page and will flame out in spectacular fashion.

9 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Virgo & Capricorn

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Virgo and Capricorn don’t put up with much in their relationships, which is part of what makes them so perfect for one another! They don’t pull any punches and both know exactly what they deserve. Their standards may be high, but these two are the only ones who are actually able to meet those seemingly impossible heights!

While other astrological signs may find these Earth signs too uptight or persnickety, these two understand that their quirks make them who they are – and they wouldn’t have it any other way. While it may not be fiery throes of passion, these two understand and appreciate one another on a deep level.

8 TOTALLY TOXIC: Pisces & Sagittarius

Via Woman's Day

In terms of creativity and friendliness, these two are evenly matched. If they just stuck to being friends, everything would be fine! Unfortunately, they decided to make a go of it in the romance department and learned that they are not cut out to be in a relationship together.

Pisces wears their heart on their sleeve, while Sagittarius is more reserved when it comes to love. They approach things rationally, while Pisces likes the whirlwind romance. In a relationship, Pisces will accuse Sagittarius of withholding affection, and Sagittarius will find Pisces too needy. They’ll drift further and further apart, and the misconceptions they have of each other is what makes them toxic.

7 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Libra & Gemini

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These two are fun-loving, positive people, and dislike being brought down by the negativity of others. They’re big on communication, and will even happily discuss their emotions! Because of that, they rarely argue, since they’re usually on the same page.

While other signs might take Libra’s peace-making for granted, Gemini doesn’t, because they don’t put them in a position where peace has to be made! Together, these Air signs find themselves constantly entertained and interested. They’re the life of the party together and neither tries to hold the other down, which is something both have encountered in previous relationships. They are a breath of fresh “Air”!

6 TOTALLY TOXIC: Capricorn & Libra

Via Business Insider

Capricorn is a sign that values hard work and determination. Libra prefers beauty and harmony. While Capricorn enjoys having someone attractive on their arm, they need someone with more substance than perhaps what Libra is willing to offer.

Libra, ever the diplomatic peacemaker, will do everything in their power to please difficult Capricorn, who will take these gestures as a sign of weakness rather than placation. They will look down their nose at their Libra partner and judge them for not being “enough.” It’s a toxic relationship bound up in unbalanced power dynamics and messy ideas of what each sign values more than the other.

5 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Scorpio & Scorpio

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Same signs can often do well together as a couple, because they understand one another at their core. This couldn’t be truer for a match of two Scorpios.

Scorpio needs someone as passionate as they are, as well as someone they can trust. While on the surface they may appear mysterious and prickly, at heart they are total softies. It takes a special person to bring this out in them, and who understands that need better than a fellow Scorpio?

Together, these two can shake off the hard shells they’ve worn for so long and be themselves. They’re compatible in most areas of their relationship and their shared sense of loyalty is what will take them through all kinds of temptation.

4 TOTALLY TOXIC: Gemini & Virgo

Via Sonima

Both intelligent and witty signs, Gemini and Virgo will first find themselves attracted to one another because of their minds. However, that doesn’t last too long for them, because they’re simply too different. Gemini likes to imagine grand things and try everything new, while Virgo prefers to stick to what they know. As a result, Gemini feels stifled creatively and personally by down-to-earth Virgo, who is then put in the position of being a parent rather than a partner.

In a relationship, these two take on a child-parent dynamic, with Virgo crushing Gemini’s dreams and Gemini taking out their stress and resentment on Virgo. Add to that their inability to communicate with one another and it’s a recipe for disaster.

3 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Capricorn & Taurus

Via Pinterest

Capricorn has a bit of a reputation for being uptight and stingy, which is why a sensual sign like Taurus will help them relax a little. As another Earth sign, Taurus still provides Capricorn with the stability they seek, but their pursuit of pleasure encourages Capricorn to take a breather and enjoy life every once in a while.

A lover of the finer things in life, Taurus will never begrudge Capricorn their hard work, which keeps them in high-quality luxury items. Likewise, Capricorn won’t resent Taurus because they aren’t frivolous. These two may be stubborn together, but there is mutual admiration and respect, two things that are rarely found in pairings with other signs.

2 TOTALLY TOXIC: Cancer & Aquarius

Via Good Housekeeping

Cancer is a sensitive sign that requires nurturing. Aquarius has no time for nurturing, and in fact thinks of it as a personal drain on their own emotional wellbeing. They don’t want a partner they have to coddle, and so they will distance themselves. Cancer will feel that difference and reach for them even more, which keeps this toxic cycle going.

Aquarius doesn’t do well with emotions, and Cancer is just a bundle of the messiest, most human feelings. These two will pull away from each other and snap back together constantly, and their breakup will be a long, drawn-out source of pain.

1 HAPPY & HEALTHY: Pisces & Cancer

Via Pinterest

If there were a romance novel written about an astrological couple, it might feature Pisces and Cancer. These two Water signs are in love with love and feel it deeply. While other signs may find them needy or insecure, these two understand one another. Pisces is naturally a selfless sign, and will be the empathy Cancer needs to feel loved. Cancer, in turn, will be a thoughtful and loyal partner who won’t allow Pisces to doubt their affections for a moment.

These two are gentle and sweet with one another, allowing each other to feel safe and beloved. Their relationship is destined to be a healthy one where they each feel as though they have equal footing.

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