10-Year-Old Boy Sells His Toys To Save His Service Dog

From sweet and tasty handmade treats to lemonade stands luring in thirsty passersby in the summer heat, children have long been known to enter into the business of raking in a few extra bucks here and there just for the fun of it.

But when the sole purpose of one boy’s summer money-making scheme is to save the life of his beloved canine friend, everything really changes. It puts life, love, and other more important things into true perspective by providing the public with its always-needed daily dose of inspiration.

No love has ever been deemed greater than the kinship shared between a child and his pet pal, which became especially apparent to the entire world a couple weeks ago when a ten-year-old boy sold all of his toys in an attempt to save the life of his service dog.


Meet Connor Jayne and his oh-so-incredible emotional support dog, Copper the Doberman. Copper was paired up with the New York-raised youngster since the age of six because of the PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, chronic headache disorder, and nocturnal seizure issues that Jayne had been struggling with since birth.

According to WROC-TV, it was actually the latter issue for which Copper was the most helpful, since the canine was “the first one to alert the family, by barking, that Connor was having seizures at night” and has also been the one who goes above and beyond to lie on top of Connor during anxiety attacks to help calm him down.

"They are best friends and always there for each other," Jennifer Jayne, Connor’s mom, said in an Inside Edition interview.

Via Jennifer Jayne

With all of the emotional support, security, and companionship Copper has given throughout the years, it is now Connor’s turn to give back, and to save the life of his best friend.

And that is exactly what he tried to do when the Jayne family discovered that their Doberman may have Wobbler Disease, an ailment of the cervical spine, after noticing that Copper had developed a limp back in June.

In order to help pay for the expensive tests, treatments, and surgeries his furry friend would likely need, Connor immediately sprang into action by cleaning out his entire playroom full of toys in order to host a garage sale to pay for the medical costs. The youngster even sold lemonade and sweet treats to make a few extra bucks all because he’s just “that type of kid,” as his mother put it.

Via Jennifer Jayne

The money Connor raised will be used to pay off the “4-year-old canine’s medical tests (which have already amounted to over $2,500 in expenses), physical therapy sessions and any additional treatments,” according to People, as well as the ongoing laser therapy sessions that are bettering Copper’s mobility issues to get him fully moving again.

Adding to the “little salesman’s” generous contributions, the family has also started a GoFundMe for the dog’s expenses so that fellow animal lovers can also go out of their way to donate to Copper’s care. Extra funds will even be offered out to other animals in need.

Here’s hoping that Copper gets well soon. And cheers to young Connor for really going out of his way to show the world what true love looks and feels like.


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