This Toy Story Plane Will Have You Reaching For The Sky

Going on a plane can get pretty boring after a while. It's the same old same old, packed in tightly like sardines next to someone that you don't know, with only some ear phones and an in-flight movie to keep you entertained. If you're lucky, then you'll get free booze and lunch, but that's about the extent of the highlights. China Eastern Airline's has decided to switch things up, revealing an incredible Toy Story themed aircraft.


The plane is the product of a partnership between Shanghai Disney Resort and the airline, and will give its passengers a bright and colorful in-flight experience. According to CNN, the plane will be used on domestic routes and is sure to delight passengers with its completely Pixar interior. The ceiling is decked out in blue with white clouds and all of the best characters, while the seat covers and the trays are all covered with Jessie, Lotzo, Buzz, Woody, and much more. There's literally nothing on this plane that isn't 100% Andy's. It's not just the interior that has had a spruce, either. The entire outside has been covered, with one side showing Buzz as he flies.

Those lucky enough to travel on the Disney plane will also get a commemorative boarding pass to take home. It's not the first time that a standard ol' plane has had a little bit of a makeover. EVA has a cute Hello Kitty plane that is full of bows, Kitty characters, and all sorts of bright, entertaining goodness, while Thai Smile Airways has a Cartoon Network-themed plane. There's no doubt that puts our standard flights to shame and makes everything seem a whole lot greyer. Never fear, if you're flying from Beijing or Shanghai, then you can get in on the action.

Don't be shy, we know you've always wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. Who hasn't?


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