20 Toys From The ‘90s Currently Worth Over $1,000

In the last five years, the 90s have been making a comeback in pop culture. On the big screen, Disney is remaking classic films from the 90s while some of our favorite television shows have also returned to prime time. The fashion is making its way back while the toys have also found a return to the forefront.

That's right! All those ridiculously awesome toys you played with growing up in the 90's have started to become super valuable today thanks to the demand for the 90's growing ever so quickly each and every day.

So that means that all of the stuff you got rid of not that long ago, for practically nothing, has turned into valuable assets that could have yielded you a very nice profit. Some sites might advertise that you could become very rich off it, but let's keep our heads above water and think realistically while reading over this.

20 Littlest Pet Shop Collection ($1,000+)

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Kenner signed an exclusive deal with George Lucas to be the official toy maker of all Star Wars toys back in the late 70s. The deal would turn them into a billion dollar international toy company virtually overnight.

One of their lesser known franchises was Littlest Pet Shop. The cartoon series first came out in 1992 but was shelved by 1995. It made a comeback in 2005 and now, people are selling their collections for at least $1,000. Some have gone for as much as $5,000.

19 Original SNES Console ($1,150)

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Toys that are mint condition in their original packaging used to turn them into priceless heirlooms. Today, although it does help with their value, if you really wanted to cash in on your factory sealed toys, then you need to get them graded.

The original Super Nintendo console, not the new model they recently released, still in its' original factory sealed packaging, and graded with at least a Q80+ rating, is going to go for about $1,150, easily.

18 Pokémon Red Version ($1,200)

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The late 90s were dominated by Pokémon in every type of media. From television shows to video games, Pokémon took off like a rocket and is still soaring brightly.

One of the most valuable Pokémon games belongs to the Game Boy andPokémon Red Version, with Charizard on the cover, comes in as an extremely valuable product.

17 LEGO Airport Shuttle ($1,250)

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Who would have thought that your LEGOs would one day be worth 20 times what it cost your parents to buy in the 90s?

That is the case with the Airport Shuttle box set, which has grown in value recently because of its scarcity. It is selling daily on eBay for about $1,250, on average.

16 LEGO Imperial Trading Post ($1,300)

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Pirates, pirates, pirates! All of the LEGO pirate sets from the 90s have grown in value over the years and are now some of the most valuable LEGO sets you can own from the 90s.

The Imperial Trading Post was nearly 600 pieces and about half the price of the Pirate ship when it originally came out as it was quite popular back then as a smart buy. So it is tough to find them in their original boxes today.

15 JCPenney Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Box Set ($1,400)

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How many Hot Wheels cars did you own as a kid? If you said 100, you would be a normal 90s kid since they were always cheap, cool, and easy to convince your parents to get for you.

But then they were the rare ones that were released by companies like JCPenney, which sold the complete 12 car Treasure Hunt set with a certificate of authenticity to boot.

14 1st Edition Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone ($1,500)

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It is almost shocking to see that the original Harry Potter book, the one that came out long before the films, is only worth $1,500. Based on the popularity of the entire Harry Potter franchise, you would expect these to sell for a lot more, right?

Regardless of what people are willing to pay for the original book, if you own one, keep it for now. It will only go up in value over time.

13 TMNT Scratch The Cat ($1,800)

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Unless you are a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, you are probably confused as to why Scratch the Cat has become a legendary find for collectors.

Well, it had little to do with Scratch the Cat and everything to do with the TMNT toy-line. He was one of the last toys produced from the original toy-line in the series and not many of him were made, leaving the demand for Scratch the Cat close to $1,800.

12 SNES' Hagane The Final Conflict ($2,231)

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When Hagane The Final Conflict hit North American shelves, it was not very popular among Super Nintendo gamers. In fact, it would take years before this game would become the legend it is today.

Since the developers never made a sequel, or even updated it for the newer consoles, it is the only version of the story you can own. Gamers have paid a premium to own it over the years, with the highest prices coming from the rare factory sealed versions.

11 WWF Dusty Rhodes Action Figure ($2,350)

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Before Hasbro dominated the toy game, they were running around buying franchise licenses and stealing business from other companies like LJN. Hasbro began working on the production of the WWF action figures in the 90s, and had issues meeting demand in the beginning.

One of their most demanded product was the 1991 Dusty Rhodes, which became the hardest toy to find in stores since he retired literally when it came out. Hasbro probably assumed low demand and now finding them in their original box is nearly impossible.

10 Original Game Boy & Tetris ($3,600)

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If you took a guess as to what video game has sold the most units ever, how far down the list would Tetris, the Game Boy version, end up?

Stop guessing, it is second best selling game of all time with $170 million copies sold. Most of them were packaged with the original Nintendo Game Boy in a box set that is now worth close to $4,000 in its original packaging.

9 N64 Clay Fighters Sculptor's Cult ($3,900)

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As you might have noticed, the harder it is to find these games in their original packaging, the higher their value becomes. Some games are even considered priceless in original packaging because no one has come out and claimed to own one.

The Nintendo 64 Clay Fighter's Sculptor's Cult game was one of those rare finds that is valued close to $4,000 since no one has yet to try and sell one on the open market.

8 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time ($4,000)

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The Nintendo 64 could have been Nintendo's longest running console had developers not figured out that cartridge games were far more costly than discs, like the PlayStation.

However, in its short-lived dominance, the Nintendo 64 had several amazing games including the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which in its original sealed package, and graded at a 90, can get you at least $4,000.

7 Bandai TamaGotchi White & Red ($4,200)

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The TamaGotchi craze was huge during the 90s. Young girls who grew up playing with dolls slowly began transitioning from baby dolls to the digital era by owning a TamaGotchi.

The virtual pet was quite the toy in 1997 and persisted well into 1998. One of the first released was the White & Red version, but only a few were ever made, making the demand for collector's off the charts.

6 SNES' Aero Fighters ($4,500)

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Not all games that have made this list were popular back when they were originally released. The Super Nintendo's Aero Fighters game is a prime example of this.

Although it was not the most popular, or most in-demand game 20 years ago, it has become quite the find in 2019. Almost no one has come out claiming that they own this game, brand-new, factory sealed, except for whoever sold this one on eBay.

5 NES The Legend Of Zelda ($6,000)

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The Legend of Zelda series began in 1986 when Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda for their NES console. It sold two million copies in its first two years of release in the United States, leading to a franchise that would become one of the greatest in gaming history.

So if you are lucky enough to own the first game in the series, still in its box and in mint condition, then you should go cash in today.

4 1st Edition 1999 Pokémon Base Card Set ($10,000)

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The Pokémon base card set started it all. The set includes the infamous Charizard card, which is probably the most valuable Pokémon card of all time, especially if it gets graded and is a perfect 10.

Since most kids were getting the base card sets for Christmas and then busting them out to play with, most of the cards have been thrown away over time. So finding them in perfect condition will cost you a pretty penny.

3 SNES Super Mario World ($13,000)

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If you could invent a time machine, what would be the first thing you would do? We would go back to the early 90s and buy every single SNES game, off the shelf, brand spanking new, and store it safely away.


Well, because they are making a comeback today and the prices are insane. The SNES Super Mario World game, factory sealed, has sold for $13,500 twice. Several others are selling for $5,000 to $7,000, on average.

2 Princess Diana Beanie Baby w/ Tags ($15,000)

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The infamous Princess Diana Beanie Baby has always been considered one of the most valuable Beanie Babies of all time. At one point, it was rumored to have been sold for $150,000 at an auction. Some places even said that it sold for nearly $500,000.

But that turned out to be untrue after much speculation and debate. The doll is still valuable. If you have the PVC pellet version, that is.

1 WWF Kamala Action Figure ($25,000)

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Of all the famous WWF wrestlers in the 90s, the action figure that ended up becoming the most valuable of them all belongs to Kamala. That's right, the Ugandan beast is the holy grail of wrestling collectors.

This version of the Series 7 figure has a moon tattoo on his belly and was only meant to be a pre-production release— or limited release— where there were only a few ever released. It is so rare that once it hits the market, fans bust open their checkbooks and pay a premium for it.

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