18 Trailer Parks We Wouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole

An estimated 20 million Americans live in trailer homes, or 5.6% of the population. In states like South Carolina, nearly 20% of the homes in the state are mobile. That’s a lot of trailer parks and mobile homes!

The reason people live in these structures are vast, but here are two: they’re a cheap choice of housing in this high-priced housing market, and you can always get up and go whenever you want.

But not every trailer park is created equal. Many are owned by corporations that don’t give a hoot who lives there or what quality of life they project. These places become dilapidated, decrepit, and even dangerous to live in.

We’re here to basically give you Yelp reviews of 18 such mobile homes that we wouldn’t ever touch with a 10-foot-pole, and we hope you wouldn’t either.

18 This Creepy Façade

via Rogue Highways

This creepy, haunted-looking trailer was used as an image for a horror short story on roguehighways.com, and it definitely fits the bill.

With its haphazard walls and rust, and the weeds growing underneath it, this is definitely a trailer that we wouldn’t want to come into contact with, much less go inside of!

17 Curb Appeal

via Mobile Home University

This sketchy trailer park was used as a “before and after” photo of what can be done to add “curb appeal” to a trailer park, on Mobile Home University’s site.

While the “after” picture has nice looking trailers with green grass lawns and palm trees, this one has dilapidated structures with graffiti and dented walls, and what looks to be a juvenile delinquent roaming around, though that could be argued.

16 Dawn’s Tired Of The Trash

via Boise State Public Radio

This is Dawn Tachell’s front lawn, basically, and it’s definitely seen better days. This image was used to show what happens when corporate park owners fail to take care of their communities.

While the trailer in the background doesn’t seem to be in bad shape, the shadow left behind on this campsite is riddled with trash and plastic, and the very flammable looking weeds in the background aren’t looking too appealing, either.

15 Might As Well Be Abandoned

via Roverpass

It’s hard to imagine that people actually live like this—and live in this trailer park. It’s easy to see why this park got bad reviews on Yelp and RVParkReviews.com.

There’s trash everywhere, the trailers look like they’re from the ‘50s and haven’t been renovated since then, and there’s even an overturned, pink children’s container that adds a bit of ugly color to the scene.

14 Ghetto Park

via Daily Mail

If you were walking by this trailer park, would you want to go inside? Probably not. This is another example of what not to do to attract possible park residents.

The multitude of towels and clothes and socks hanging off the rusty fence is pretty distracting and takes away from the appeal, and the foreground dirt isn’t great either. Plus, the trailer doesn’t even look nice. This one’s a hard pass.

13 Santa Fe Disaster

via Santa Fe New Mexican

This trailer park is in Santa Fe, where they’ve been hit with bad luck for quite some time. Earlier this year, in March, the entire park was left without running water for a week. Also, a white Chevy pickup fleeing deputies plowed into the side of a home, ruining that family’s place of living.

As you can see, the aftermath is not pretty—luckily, even though a family of five was inside, no one was seriously injured.

12 Redneck Mansion

via Santa Fe New Mexican

This stack of trailers looks like something out of a futuristic dystopia—a steampunk fantasy that no one really wants to see. First off, how do you get these trailers off of the fourth or third story, so they can, you know, be mobile?

As it stands, this redneck mansion looks like a stack of shipping containers with staircases. Nothing looks too sturdy here.

11 Repairing Your Mobile Home

via Mobile Home University

This image is used by Mobile Home University to try to show you how you can make repairs to your dilapidated trailer, which this one could definitely use!

Some of the tips include starting by re-filling the lot, looking at the floor plan, getting several opinions on the cost of rehab, things that should be avoided, and the final advice: don’t sell old mobile homes short.

10 It’s All In The Surroundings

via Colorado Independent

What really makes this mobile park look dreary, untenable, and unappealing, are the spooky trees, the gray, colorless weather, and the potholes that are riddling the blacktop.

Every home here looks exactly the same—which is quite common—and the end result is a place that looks like it’s inhabited by zombies. At least the trashcans are different colors.

9 Garage Sale

via All Buffs

This might look like a garage sale, but really it’s a hoarder’s best attempts to get rid of stuff. And how do they do it?

By throwing it all out on the lawn. It doesn’t help that the mobile home looks completely unusable and destroyed, but the stained mattresses, the nicked suitcases and rusty, muddy bike and cases… it’s all a great way to ward off any passersby.

8 Brick House

via 1TV Squad

This is Bushwick Trailer Park, home of the… red brick building. This isn’t much of a trailer park, but rather a mobile home stopping ground, it appears.

The trailers look incredibly small, and if the brick building is anything to go by, then this isn’t a great neighborhood to hang out in, much less live in!

7 Train Wreck

via Miles City

This mobile park looks like a tornado just passed through, and there’s a good chance that’s exactly what happened. Either that or the place is being evacuated for renovation because there isn’t a single standing, intact trailer in this entire picture.

The back of the car on the left looks reasonably untouched, which is odd, but you have to feel for the residents of this place.

6 Maury Come To Life

via School of Fools

This picture is used with the headline, “This Trailer Park Sign is Like a ‘Maury’ Episode Come to Life,” on the School of Fools blog. That’s well said because there isn’t anything classier (sarcasm) than seeing a “I have not cheated” sign with the “not” crossed out.

This dirty place is clearly somewhere that everyone should steer clear from.

5 Man Camp

via Inside Energy

For all intents and purposes, this is actually a pretty sweet getup for a “man cave.” We wonder if that boarded outhouse or shed is well insulated, though, because that snow on the ground and the weather looks quite chilly.

The Legends trailer is pretty nice looking, too, but an odd thing about this picture: all the other structures are similarly boarded up, as if this is a man cave building factory site…

4 The Windy Pan

via Shutterstock

This is actually a GIF picture, showing Windy Pan with strong winds blowing anything and everything loose over this messy trailer park. There’s so much debris and rubbish on the ground, it looks hard to walk anywhere!

With the General Store included, this looks like a place right out of the wild west, or the turn of the 1900s, and we prefer to live in the 21st century.

3 Utah Outhouses

via PodHell

This picture was taken in Utah, showing three lonely, secluded trailers that don’t look like they belong to anyone other than the Charlie Manson family.

These trailers are part of the “Atheists in the Trailer Park” podcast on PodHell Media, which claims these mobile homes belong to “Utah Outcasts.” Nobody has time to hang around that nonsense.

2 Hot And Humid

via BBC

When you live in a trailer park, you probably want to live close to some sort of water source—a lake, pond, stream, anything. This trailer park in the desert looks about as far removed from the water as you can get.

The trees are dying (except for that bushy palm, strangely enough), the ground looks hot, and the mobile homes look decrepit. This isn’t a place we want to visit anytime soon.

1 Rusty Turquoise In A Beautiful Setting

via Nicole Sharp Writes

Finally, we have this gem—a rusty, turquoise trailer that looks like it’s on its last legs. This structure looks like if you got anywhere near it, you’d contract hepatitis or some other fatal disease. This trailer is horrible, unlivable, and it probably needs to be burned down.

What makes it worse is the almost picturesque landscape around it, which makes the trailer stick out like an even sorer thumb!

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