Train Operator Rescues 12-Year-Old Boy From Subway Tracks

The New York City subway has seen its fair share of tragedies over the years, but one was narrowly avoided last week thanks to the quick thinking of a train operator. A passenger noticed a 12-year-old boy wandering around on the Brooklyn lines on Thursday morning and immediately alerted staff at the Hoyt Street station. The agent wasted no time in contacting the Rail Control Center, who sent a warning out to all active trains in the area while also notifying the police.


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According to ABC7NY, train operator Hopeton Kiffin spotted the boy lingering between tracks while going about his daily route. He opened the door and helped the wandering youth into his cab so he wouldn't come to any harm. Kiffin didn't notice what was in front of him at first, but was alerted to the child's presence when he saw passengers on the platform pointing. Instinctively, the 17-year train vet slowed down before coming to a complete halt and rescuing the boy.

The child stayed on board until the next station stop, Borough Hall, where Kiffin handed him over to the local authorities who were already waiting. A short while later, the youngster was transported to a hospital to be assessed and reunited with his parents. Thankfully, he didn't sustain any injuries or need any medical treatment.

It isn't clear why the 12-year-old was on the tracks and because of his age, his identity will remain protected. Transit President Andy Byford thanked everyone involved in the process for ensuring the boy didn't come to any harm. Everyone from the member of the public who first alerted staff right down to the train operator who took him from the tracks was instrumental in securing a positive outcome for the boy and his family.

Last year alone, 621 people have found themselves in precarious situations on the NYC tracks across the city. On average, around 150 people a year are struck by trains according to the New York Post. With the figures steadily rising, it's only thanks to the quick reactions of those involved that this lucky child didn't end up as another statistic.


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