10 Ways To Transform The Boring Walls In Your Home

Decorating, or even redecorating, your walls is one of the easiest things that you can do to freshen up your living area especially with these DIYs!

Are you tired of staring at the same boring old walls with each passing day? Do you wish that you were more creative, or had better ideas about what to do with all of that blank space? If that’s the case, we’re here to help you out. Decorating, or even redecorating, your walls is one of the easiest things that you can do to freshen up your living area. And there’s actually no need to sit and agonize for hours about whether it would be better to add some color or to keep it minimalistic. Because you could actually do both!

You can try out any of these projects on our list, and they’re affordable enough that if there’s something you don’t like, you can just scrape it and pick another one! So have a look at our list, take your pick and go get all the supplies you need! And don’t worry – this is going to be a breeze.

10 Release Your Inner Child

Have you ever laid your eyes on those gorgeous backdrops in magazines? Or the beautiful wallpapers? If you’ve ever wanted a wall like that in your own house, now it’s easier than ever to achieve the same thing. All you’ll need is a pen in whatever color you prefer, either a stepping stool or a ladder, and some of your time. Feel free to cover the walls with your brilliant idea, and then step back and admire your brilliance. It’s incredibly simple, cheap and, most importantly, fast.

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9 Stencils

If you’ve ever had a particular pattern, or a specific stencil in mind to go on that bare wall that’s been bothering you, then look no further. Especially if the pattern or stencil that you want is really hard to find. Or ridiculously expensive. You can have a DIY replacement instead of the original that’s going to cost you a lot less. Plus, you’ll have something that you’ll be able to show off with to all your future guests. When they ask where you got the wallpaper, you can just say it was custom made for you.

8 Fancy Diamonds

All that you’ll need for this particular wallpaper can easily be found in your home. Yes, really! Because all you really need is a sharpie pen in a color of your choice, and a straight edge. Just make sure that when you’re buying the sharpie, it’s a paint pen, not a regular one, and that it’s water based. It will make it easier to repaint your walls again in the future. Start drawing horizontal lines from the ceiling, mark out the triangle sizes, and connect the dots!

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7 Handwriting

This is a great choice if you’d like a statement wall that really pops–if your handwriting isn’t terrible, of course. If you have a small room, doing this on a light-colored wall is really going to make the entire place feel a lot cozier. But before you get to the writing part, you’ll need to tape up some lines so that the entire thing doesn’t turn out to be too slanted. You can also go over everything with a pencil first, just in case.

6 Washi Tape

Whether you’re too lazy to do this with paint, or you’re still renting a place and aren’t allowed to paint any walls, it doesn’t matter, because this wall is feasible both ways. Although, going for the paint route is going to be significantly faster than with washi tape. Either way, you’ll already have everything you need at home. Put the washi tape on some baking paper, cut out some circles, and when you’re ready to put them up, just peel away the baking paper.

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5 Repurpose An Old Ladder

This is a project that’s going to take a bit more time and effort compared to the last few ones we mentioned. It’s perfect if you have just one blank spot that you’re trying to fill, instead of just doing this with the entire wall, because putting up ladders on the entire wall seems a bit excessive. Put a quote you really like on a long piece of wood, attach that to the ladder and then just put the entire thing up on the wall.

4 Make A Geometric Masterpiece

This piece of DIY wall art is similar to our last one with the ladder, as it’s perfect as a single piece in order to fill a blank space. You could even put it up on an end table, propped up against the wall, as a lovely piece of handcrafted artwork. Get yourself a blank canvas, some painter’s tape, and some paint. Put the tape all over the canvas in the places you’d like to block out. Go over the entire thing with the paint and then peel away the tape. Now you can just put it up wherever you’d like.

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3 Vintage Finds

If you’re into vintage pieces of wall art, then you’re going to love this little project that will bring a sense of authenticity to your walls. Aside from just printing out some of the vintage images or objects you’d like to put up on your wall, you can actually go the extra mile here, and put up an actual piece of history on the wall. You can put up an old clock, or some vintage picture frames that’ll go great around the printed images, and you’re all set!

2 Rugs Aren’t Just For Floors

Apparently, quilts and rugs shouldn’t just be pieces for the bed or the floor. They could actually go up on your wall, and add a lot more coziness to any room you put them in! With a quilt, it’s much easier, as you can just attach it to the wall with a bunch of thumbtacks. And as for the rug itself, you will most likely need a curtain rod, if you want to put one up that’s a bit heavier. We recommend going for a smaller one though, for efficiency’s sake.

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1 3D Mural

This is just the simple process of either folding or rolling a bunch of pages of books that are no longer being used, or useful. And there’s no glue involved when it comes to this project, so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be inhaling any of those fumes for days after you put this up. After you fold and roll up everything that you’d like, then you’ll just have to find a big enough frame to fit everything in it. Put it up on the wall and impress all your guests!

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