Transgender Girl Gets Massive Support From LGBTQ Strangers After Her Story Goes Viral

In 2018, we should be living in a world where people can be themselves without discrimination. Sadly, that is still not the case. While acceptance of the LGBTQ community is more widespread than in the past, individuals are still being singled out. Sadly, 12-year-old Maddie is one of those people.

Her mom, Brandy, explained to NBC News that even though Maddie was born a boy, she showed signs of wanting to identify as a girl from as early as the age of four. Her mom admits to not knowing much about being transgender prior to having her daughter Maddie. Brandy fully embraces who Maddie is and is more than happy for her daughter to live her life as a girl.

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Unfortunately, some people in Achille, Oklahoma, where Maddie goes to school, haven't been as accepting. Maddie has had to endure being bullied by classmates and has received threats from their parents. Most of the parents' threats, with some being violent in nature, were found on the "Achille ISD Parent Group" Facebook page. However, a group of less narrow-minded local residents has banded together to help. Darius Douglas, who is also a member of the LGBTQ community, arranged a silent protest with 20 other supporters of Maddie's cause outside of her school.

via Darius Douglas

The news then spread as far as Oklahoma City where Anne Babb, a local journalist, got wind of Maddie's story. Babb read that Brandy wanted to move her family to Houston, Texas for a fresh start, but simply couldn't afford to do so. That's when the journalist set up a GoFundMe for Maddie and her family. Babb aimed to raise $10,000 in order to help them on their way to Houston.

Clearly, the news had spread much further than Oklahoma City. The GoFundMe reached its $10,000 target just 22 hours after it was set up. In fact, the total reached $49,650 in just six days. You can add to that if you so wish by visiting the page and donating by clicking right here. Maddie's mom has obviously been overwhelmed with the support. She told NBC that she hopes to move Maddie and the rest of her family to Houston as soon as possible.

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