Translation Error Means Mass Egg Delivery And The Yolks On Them

A translation error ended up meaning a mass egg delivery for Norway’s Olympic team.

Chefs needed eggs to feed the athletes from Norway at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. However, a little translation error caused them to get more than 10 times the amount they wanted.

It was not necessarily the chefs' fault though. Using Google translate, the chefs placed an order for 1,500 eggs with a local supermarket. When their order showed up, they got a lot more than they bargained for.


"When the truck showed up, they started to carry in the eggs. After a while, they [the chefs] thought it lasted so long, it never stopped," Halvor Lea, spokesman for the Norwegian Olympic Committee explained to CNN about the mix-up.

Obviously the Norwegian chefs were very confused by what was happening, as the cartons of eggs just kept coming. Finally, one of them decided to ask the truck driver exactly how many eggs were in the delivery. When the driver answered 15,000, they were all flabbergasted at the amount. It was certainly not what they originally ordered.

"They said themselves that it was a Google translate slip. I don't know,” Lea, who was just as dumbfounded as the chefs, revealed.

There is no doubt a language barrier among the majority of the countries participating in the Olympics in South Korea. Google translate it a great tool to help with the issue, but people must remember technology is not 100% perfect or accurate. There can be a lot of errors, just ask the Norwegian chefs.

As it turns out, the local supermarket had a soft spot for the mix-up. They let the chefs  from Norway return the excess eggs. The supermarket, which is not named in the CNN article, took back 13,500 eggs. This left the chefs with the initial 1,500 eggs they intended to purchase.

There are a lot of great, inspiring, and funny stories coming out of the 2018 Winter Olympics, but none quite as good as the chef's egg mix-up. The look on their faces when they received a delivery for 10 times the amount of eggs they thought they ordered had to be priceless.

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