10 Traveling Tips To Make Exploring Easier

Whether you are someone who travels often, or you’re someone who’s planning one of their first trips, there are plenty of things you should be aware of before leaving your home. Especially if you’re a new traveler, you should know ahead of time that you’ll be making plenty of mistakes. This will happen until that incredible day that you’ll be able to go through the entire airport seamlessly. So, in order to help you with some of those mistakes, we created a short list of things you should do, and be aware of before you set out into the world.

10 Remember The Flight Number

If you’re someone that travels abroad often, you’re most likely aware that there are some small and foreign airports that don’t actually put the full names of the destinations on their flight boards. Some of these airports even list the destinations just by their flight number. This might seem like it’s something obvious, but you should make sure that you check your flight number and then make sure to memorize it. Because when you’re rushing to get your flight, you’re going to want to know exactly which way to go.

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9 Park Your Car Nose Out

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to hurry and catch the parking lot bus, and you end up forgetting to turn off the interior lights in your car. Or your headlights. So you go on your trip, and come back a few days later, only to discover that your car’s battery is completely dead. Now you’re stuck at the airport parking lot, with a dead battery in your car and no way to hook up to a tow truck. That’s why it’s better to always park your car nose out, as it will be easier to notice if the lights are still on.

8 Mark All Bags

These days, everyone buys their travel bags from the same old manufacturers, so they all tend to look alike. To avoid wondering whether the bag that just came out is the one that’s yours, or if it was the one that just passed you by, just mark every single bag. But make sure that you do it with something you’ll easily recognize. It could be a large sticker, or maybe a unique patch, or even by tying a very colorful ribbon.

7 Plan To Leave Earlier To Arrive At Economy Lots

Since airports seem to be getting bigger and bigger, they make their parking lots grow along with them. Which means that the economy parking lots are also growing in size, even though they’re slightly further away. But they are also cheaper. If you want to score a spot in one of those lots, make sure that you leave early. That way you’ll have enough time to find a spot and to catch your flight as well. If you’re traveling during the peak travel times, you won’t have to rush.

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6 Get All Seat Assignments Immediately

Each minute that you waste without having your assigned seat, is just another minute where the aisle or window seat (whichever one you prefer) is being given to someone who’s not you. Which means that you will want to get your seat assignment as soon as you possibly can. You can do this by checking online with your airline. Usually, you can do this up to about 24 hours before you’ll need to get on your flight. Make sure that your airline permits a seating arrangement in advance because not all of them do.

5 Pack Essentials In A Carry-on

According to many airlines, on average, about one bag on each flight is either lost or is delayed. Which means that if you have any items that you need on a daily basis, you should pack them all on your carry-on bag. This is especially true for any expensive items, or things that are not that easily replaced. Additionally, you’ll be able to get through the airport security much faster if you’re efficient when packing your carry-on bag. Just be wary of restrictions for liquids and gels.

4 Know When You Need A Skycap – And When You Don’t

There are several perks when it comes to using skycaps. For starters, you get to do all the check-ins at the curb of the airport, and then you don’t have to worry about any of the heavy luggage. Plus, you’re able to go straight to the gate. But the downside is that they come with additional costs. If the line is long or if you’re late at the airport, it would be a great idea to get a skycap. However, if you’re there ahead of time and the line is short, there is no need.

3 Know All Of Your Hotel Information

There are plenty of reasons why you should know all of your hotel information. For example, you’ll want to know where you’re going, if you’ve never visited that place before. If your baggage ends up getting lost or if it’s delayed, you’ll want to know the address where they can deliver your things. So before you leave your house, print out all this necessary information, and make sure you have a copy of everything on your phone. You can also print out a map of the location to show any confused taxi drivers.

2 Don’t Throw Your Boarding Pass Away

Are you one of those people that throw away their boarding pass as soon as you leave the plane? Well, you may want to stop doing that and there’s a good reason for this. If the airline doesn’t give you the frequent flier miles, you still have proof that you were traveling. Another reason why you should save your boarding pass is that you can use it as a receipt. You can add this receipt when you do your taxes, which is a great perk if you’re self-employed.

1 Bring Any Old Foreign Bills

Plenty of travelers have foreign currency just laying around in their home because they either keep forgetting or they’re too lazy to exchange it. If you are someone who often travels abroad and you have leftover foreign bills at home, you should take it with you the next time you decide to travel abroad. This way, when you’re getting some currency from your destination, you’ll also have all of those leftover bills and you can exchange them while you’re there.

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