These Treat Dispensers Will Help Even The Chunkiest Cats Lose Weight

One of the best things about having a pet is getting the opportunity to spoil them. However, too much loving can be detrimental to your animal’s health. Pet obesity is common in households that don’t really understand the proper diet and amount of exercise they must give their pet, especially in cats, and this can cause a variety of health problems to your feline friend.

While there are a lot of cat foods available at just about any store, feeding your cat a proper, healthy, and high-quality diet doesn’t come naturally and requires a bit of research. Depending on the age of your cat, they require a certain level of taurine—an essential amino acid for the health of their heart and eyes. This is standard for every cat, but every diet will depend on each individual feline’s activity level. A very active cat may require more feeding than one with a normal activity level, and those that just choose to lie around need to be fed 10% below the standard.

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Some cats may be very good at regulating their own diets, so free-choice feeding of dry foods that won’t spoil easily is the most convenient way of feeding; you just leave food out and the cat will eat as it pleases. For more food-loving felines, this may be a bad choice because they will tend to over-eat. Portion-control feeding would be the better way. This entails measuring out a meal and putting your cat on a scheduled eating time. While this is better for ensuring your cat stays healthy, it can be difficult if you have a busy schedule.

Luckily for us, a variety of gadgets have been made available to help us keep our kitty-friends happy and healthy. This automatic feeding dispenser from PetCul will be the best robot nanny for your cat while you’re busy at work or school. You don’t have to worry about them missing a meal or eating too much, as long as they don’t figure out how to reprogram the gadget.

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Depending on your cat and how frequently it likes to eat, the automatic feeding dispenser can be programmed to give out up to four meals a day. You have the flexibility to set different portions to be dispensed depending on your cat’s needs at different times; they could have a bigger breakfast and a lighter lunch, if that’s what’s healthier for them. The gadget will store up to three pounds of food and will keep it fresh, so you also don’t have to worry about your pet eating food that has gone bad when left in the open. The little robot is perfect for cats with busy owners, those who need to lose weight, and kitties with a medical condition.

The automatic feeding dispenser is also a good investment, as it will last quite a while. The alkaline batteries will last over a year, and the gadget will not get jammed, clogged, or get damaged because of the infrared sensors that detect where the food is. Even though it’s an amazing gadget, it’s sure to give you all the credit for your love; you can record your voice calling your pet to eat, and the robot will play the recording each feeding time. With an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon, this gadget is sure to be your life saver.

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Even if you feed your cat properly portioned and healthy meals, treats can still cause your cat to become overweight. Too much is bad for their health, as only 5-10% of their diet should consist of treats. A good way to feed your cat some treats and make sure it still gets exercise is to use a cat treat ball. The Legendog Food Ball Mice Tumbler Cat Ball is a good example of how you can get your cat to play more and work for treats. Some cats may be too lazy to exercise without a yummy incentive, so combining the toy and the treat in one is a good way of ensuring your cat will get off of its butt. The special design allows for a slow leakage of treats, so your cat will not eat them all at once. The plastic is non-toxic, safe to use, and sturdy enough to handle a cat’s rough play. For once, chasing a mouse around will be sanitary and healthy.

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With the help of these two devices, you can get rid of the guilt of not being there for your cat 24/7. While you’re away achieving things so you can buy better things for your cat, they will be fed properly and thoroughly exercised. As with any pet parent, a little help goes a long way.

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