Triangle Dancing Replaces Flossing As Crazy New Dance Trend


Move over “Flossing”, there's a new dance in town and it is taking the world by storm.

If you thought flossing was difficult enough, make way for the Triangle challenge - a new dance craze specifically designed to taunt those with poor co-ordination. It looks great when pulled off perfectly but we get the impression it takes plenty of coordination, concentration and practise.

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The bad news for those who never mastered it is that its successor looks just as hard and involves more participants - three people standing in a triangle formation, holding onto each other’s shoulders and taking turns to jump in the middle of one another.

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Since doing the rounds on Twitter back in February of this year, the craze has gone viral, with friends, schoolmates and colleagues trying (and often failing) to master the dance. The earliest known recording of the triangle challenge appeared on video app TikTok in February 2019.

User Matthew Jones posted a video of him and three friends performing the dance to Milkshake by Kelis. Receiving thousands of views within a matter of weeks, it became known as the “Milkshake Challenge.”

By mid-March, the dance had gone viral, attracting mass media attention under the new name of “the Triangle Challenge.”

So, how do you do the triangle dance challenge? First, you have to stand in a triangle formation with two other people and place your hands on each other’s shoulders. One person will jump in the middle of the triangle whilst the other two jump to either side of the person in the middle.

Once you’ve done this, revert back to the original triangle position. The second person in the triangle will then jump in the middle whilst the other two jumps to either side. Then revert back to the original triangle position. Finally, the third person in the triangle will jump in the middle whilst the other two jump either side. Revert back to the original position. Repeat sequence until you’re literally too out of breath to carry on.

Feeling inspired? Here are some of the triangle challenges compilations on the internet:

So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of two friends or family members and start the triangle dance challenge. That's what we are doing here at the TheThings!

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