20 Truckers Who Tried To Mod Their Rig But Seriously Failed

Unless you're living amongst the rural peaks of the Himalayas, it's fair to say that you've been your fair share of trucks chug past from time to time. Generally, the Class 8-style trucks blend into the background, however, sometimes they're so large, so outlandish, and so unnecessarily hotted-up that they catch our attention in an instant.

Just as many of us regular drivers like to add in a bass-heavy stereo, drop the suspension, slap on a couple of racing stripes or replace the rims on our cars with something a little more shimmery and shiny, so do the truckers of the world. And sometimes they take it to another whole level entirely.

Maks sure your seatbelt is buckled and you've loaded up on road trip snacks, because we're diving straight into the world of questionable big rig mods.

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20 And the trucks line up

via Pinterest

What's better than one funky-colored Kenworth? That's right, four funky-colored Kenworths all stacked on top of each other, doing their best impression to recreate the double rainbow. We're not entirely sure what's actually going on here but it's all to resemblant of an automotive human centipede to be anything more than questionable.

19 Bro, your truck's backward

via legendarycarvideos.com

If at first glance you're thinking that there's something odd about this truck, it's because there is. It's pretty much backwards - most big rigs feature their cabs and sleepers at the front with the rest of the build trailing behind. This - let's call it a 'thing' - came from Walt Moss of Walt Moss Trucking.

18 This is just getting ridiculous now

via Pinterest

We know, we know - this isn't really a truck and it's more of a van, but still, it's a stupid enough mod that it had to somehow found a way to squeeze into this list. We're gonna take a stab in the dark and say it's a lion, although none of cat, squirrel or chipmunk would come as a major shock.

17 Someone's judgment was clouded...

via truckdriverjobsinamerica

Some would say this is a perfect representation of heaven, stacked with pillow-y leather cloud vibes and a serene sky environment. The rest of us, on the other hand, would say that this cab is not only distracting and overwhelming but also seriously confusing. Where does the sky start? Can we turn left into that cloud?

16 My, what big eyes you have

via eastcostpullersllc.com

Granted, this rig has clearly been purposely constructed for some sort of competition, however, that doesn't take anything away from the fact that it comes paired with a rather ghastly aesthetic. We hope that it won the race because there's no way it was going to be winning any beauty pageants.

15 Jurassic truck

via Daily Mail

There's so much going on with this truck that we don't even know where to start. The 5-foot 3D t-rex slapped on the side, or how about the dizzying array of lights of all kinds of unmatching shapes and sizes? Are anyone else's eyes starting to hurt from looking at this rig for too long? Let's move on then...

14 We gon' touch the sky

via youtube

If there was ever such a thing as too much stainless steel on a truck then the message to this owner clearly got lost in the mail. Apparently, according to this guy, the best way to install stacks is horizontally, although we're not sure if that's the best idea. The truck also seems incredibly front-heavy, as if it could flip at any given moment.

13 Squeeze for juice

via pinterest

Feel like actually looking at the road while behind the wheel of this 2007 Peterbilt 379? Well, too bad, because BAM, you're blinded by powerful neon oranges in every direction you look. This one was built by the father-son team Matthew and Dallas McCord, and while we can appreciate the effort, orange was not a good choice.

12 You call that a dump truck? *THIS* is a dump truck

via Custom Trucks

We're heading back over to Japan where clearly they've got a little bit of an affinity for the outlandish and the obscure when it comes to setting up their custom rigs. This bad boy is fitted with more stainless steel than a greased-up public BBQ table, which makes it nothing more than a vibrant eyesore.

11 When truck and RV become one

via pinterest

Folks, if you've ever wondered what would happen if a Class 8 Volvo and an RV met and procreated, here you have it. While space-wise this seems like an awesome idea for a road trip, the amount of fuel it would burn through is astronomical. Oh, and good luck squeezing that thing into literally any parking spot.

10 Something smells like lavender

via BuySellSearch

While this rig's customisation might not be nearly as farfetched as some of the others that we've come across thus far, we still need to put a big question mark next to the colour choice. Not only did the owner decide to go with this particular shade of dreary purple, but they also would have forked out a fair chunk of cash for it.

9 An example of how not to decorate...

via pinterest

Look, we're all for a flame decal running down the side of the cab from time to time. This unique piece of art, however, brings up far too many questions. Without a doubt, it grabs people's attention, but it's not exactly for the right reasons. How old are those anime girls anyway? It all just seems a little creepy.

8 Someone lost their color chart...

via BuySellSearch

Thankfully we're not faced with any confusing cab decals on this rig, however, its appearance is still well and truly in need of a re-customisation. Whoever decided it was a good idea to combine a lemony yellow with a grassy green was either a big fan of the Australian or Brazilian sports uniforms, or was colorblind.

7 If you look close enough, it's still not a truck

via StupidPhotoContest.com

You can slap the fanciest of lipsticks on a pig but at the end of the day, it's still a pig. That's exactly the case here with this RAM - an owner who'd clearly always hoped for bigger and better things but never had the opportunity to actualise it. Not only is this set-up unusual but it's also inconvenient, a waste of cash, and judging by those train horns, WAY too loud.

6 Two uglies don't make a pretty

via Flickr

Remember that overused saying about how two wrongs don't make a right? Well, take one look at this pair of dull haulers and that saying becomes all too familiar. We can appreciate the fact that they tried to add in a splash of colour and a touch of vibrancy, but it just looks dirty, neglected and dull. Surely a few extra LEDs could have helped?

5 The lemonade truck

via Pinterest

There's a reason why you don't see too many yellow cars on the road these days and it's not because they're slower. Yellow vehicles are eyesores, plain and simple. This truck would have so much more potential with a different coat of paint. If we were ever going to see a hotted-up truck that was actually a lemon on the inside, this would be the one.

4 Anyone hearing sleigh bells?

via About Truck Driving

As you can tell by the two fragile-looking candy canes and a soon-to-be burned-up holy, it's the most wonderful time of the year. If we didn't know better, we'd say that Santa's elves themselves constructed this masterpiece from pure happiness and smile-power. We're kidding, of course. It's a poor excuse and decorating and the driver should be filthy with themselves.

3 Get lit

via Youtube

We've all been in this situation: you're at the store, looking at all the fancy-pants LED lights and stainless accessories, completely bewildered and unsure what to buy. Well, apparently the owner of this Japanese rig decided to take the lot. If not anything else, it's definitely a head-turner.

2 Optimus prime, is that you?

via Barcroft Cars - Barcroft TV

If you took a stab in the dark and guessed that this Optimus Prime-esque rig came from the tech-obsessed, LED-reliant land of Japan, well, you'd be absolutely correct. The Asian nation's truckers take their customs rigs to another whole level but let's be honest here, it's overkill and an unnecessary waste of money.

1 Pigs don't fly, they drive

via sheknows

While this truck might not be a fuel-guzzling 18-wheeler or anything like that, the fact that its ower went and transformed it into a common farm animal makes it impossible to ignore. It looks like a combination of a prison transport bus and a post-apocalyptic swine sanctuary. Either way, it's just not right.

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